WHY?. Accessing Google Drive Online Besides accessing Drive from your computer, you can access it online in Google Apps. Click the GOOGLE APP icon, then.

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>WHY?1</p> <p>Accessing Google Drive OnlineBesides accessing Drive from your computer, you can access it online in Google Apps.Click the GOOGLE APP icon, then select DRIVE. 2Google Drive Login</p> <p>If not, you will log in using your STM Gmail username and password.</p> <p>If you are logged into Gmail, you are logged into Drive. 3</p> <p>Creating a Document</p> <p>You can create a document from within Drive very similar to those created in Microsoft Office applications.</p> <p>DOCS = WordSHEETS = ExcelSLIDES = PowerPoint4Upload FormatsWhen you upload files you can either leave it in its original format or convert it into Google Drive format.Converting a file to Google Drive format allows you to edit, collaborate on, and share something online.</p> <p>5</p> <p>Controlling Upload FormatSelect the SETTINGS gear on the right-side of Drive window and open your settings.Selecting the box will automatically upload Word files into the Google Doc format. Do not check it if you want the option to leave a document in Word format.</p> <p>Explain to the students that the Google Doc format could mess with the format of the original document, but it is great for collaborative work.6</p> <p>Upload CheatsheetGo back to Drive and select the NEW button.Choose FILE UPLOAD to browse your computer for your Cheatsheet.Now your cheatsheet is available anywhere!7</p> <p>File SharingYou can also share a document in Drive. Shared Google docs allow you to collaborate with others in real-time.Just explain sharing to them. They will be able to share with the collaborative webquest.8</p> <p>Lets Collaborate</p> <p>Partner A: Go to Gmail and find an email with the subject: GETTING TO KNOW STM WEBQUEST.Pair up students quickly with someone sitting near them. Have them determine who is Partner A and Partner B.</p> <p>Even though Partner A is doing the work, Partner B should be watching and learning how to upload and share a document.9</p> <p>Download Document</p> <p>DOWNLOAD the document in Microsoft WordPartner A will retrieve the document Getting to Know STM from their Gmail account. They should DOWNLOAD the document.10Save WebquestOn the menu go to: FILE SAVE AS. Save the Webquest on the Desktop of your computer.</p> <p>11</p> <p>Upload into DriveGo back to Drive and select the NEW button.Choose FILE UPLOAD to browse your computer for the file.12Converting to Google Docs</p> <p>When you upload the document, locate it, right click, select Open with and choose Google Docs</p> <p>Be sure they CONVERT the document to a Google.doc format or they will not be able to collaborate properly.13Sharing the WebquestOnce the document opens, SHARE the it with Partner #2.Type the STM GMAIL ADDRESS for Partner #2. Be sure that they CAN EDIT.</p> <p>Partner A should SHARE with Partner B. Partner B may have to provide their email address.14</p> <p>Working Together</p> <p>Search the school website (www.stmcougars.net) as well as other sites to find the answers. Type answers in Google Docs. Partner #1 should type in BLUE. </p> <p>Partner #2 should type in RED.</p> <p> Partners will work together in real time. </p> <p>The first few questions can be found online. The last few questions must be found somewhere on campus. They will take a short field trip to find these answers. BOTH PARTNERS NEED TO TAKE THEIR COMPUTERS. They should also be instructed to carry the tablets very carefully and not to run with it. This is NOT a timed assignment or contest. </p> <p>Be sure students put their tablets in tablet mode before leaving the room. Give them 20-25 minutes for the field trip. Instruct them that during that time they will be able to go to the bathroom and get water. Give them a specific time to return. They should allow someone to hold their tablet for them when they go to the bathroom (not put it on the floor), or they can bring them back to the room before going to the bathroom.</p> <p>15</p> <p>Questions?16</p>


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