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who wants to be millionaire?

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  • 1. La MarinaHigh School Dbora Snchez, Cristina AlonsoY Paula Merayo.

2. A: B: 50 49 C: D: 53 51 #1 How many states has USA got? 3. 4. A: B: Sacramento New York C: D: Washington D.C Boston #2 What is the capital city of the USA? 5. 6. A: B: 49 60 C: D: 50 56 #3 How many stars has the flag of the USA got? 7. 8. A: B: George Washington Barack Obama C: D: Bill Clinton George Bush #4 Who is the first black president in the history of the USA? 9. 10. A: B: New Caledonia Canarian Islands C: D: Tahiti Hawaii #5 Which of these islands belongs to USA? 11. 12. A: B: To celebrate his independence of the German Empire To celebrate his independence of the Turkish Empire C: D: To celebrate his independence of the Russian Empire To celebrate his independence of the British Empire #6 Why do the population of the USA celebrate theIndependence Day? 13. 14. A: B: Colorado Mississippi C: D: Missouri Bravo #7 Which of the followings rivers is the longest in the USA? 15. 16. A: B: McKinley Vancouver C: D: Saint Elias Harvard #8 Which is the highest mountain in the USA? 17. 18. A: B: Justin Timberlake Charles Kapow C: D: Michael Jackson Merce Cunningham #9 Whom do these feet belong to? 19. 20. A: B: Friends Ally McBeal C: D: Two and a Half men House #10Which famous American TV programbelongs this image to? 21. 22. A: B: Harrison Ford Matthew McConaughey C: D: Brad Pitt Tom Cruise #11 Which famous American actor has got a daughter called Suri? 23. 24. A: B: New York Chicago C: D: Los Angeles San Francisco #12 Where does the film Spiderman take place? 25. 26. A: B: Hamburger Sloppy Joe C: D: Hushpuppy Cheese steak #13What is the nameof this American food? 27. 28. A: B: North Carolina Texas C: D: South Dakota Indiana #14 Where am I if I tell you ``Mount Rushmore? 29. 30. A: B: Adidas Puma C: D: Nike Billabong #15 Which of the following brands are American? 31. 32. Great Job!!!! Thank you for playing!