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Who Wants to be a Millionaire

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire. To brush one’s hair -. tocarse. romperse. cepillarse. peinarse. To dress oneself -. vestirse. caerse. sentarse. Lavarse. To say goodbye -. dormirse. quitarse. desayunarse. despedirse. To shave -. cortarse. moverse. casarse. afeitarse. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Who Wants to be a Millionaire

  • Who Wants to be aMillionaire

  • To brush ones hair -


  • To dress oneself - vestirseLavarse sentarsecaerse

  • To say goodbye -dormirsedespedirsedesayunarsequitarse

  • To shave - cortarseafeitarsecasarsemoverse

  • To be confused - olvidarsesentarseenamorarseconfundirse

  • To forget - casarseirseolvidarsellamarse

  • To leave - irsepeinarsedormirseolvidarse

  • To sing to oneself - hablarsedespedirsetocarsecantarse

  • To comb ones hair -ducharsebanarse


  • To fall in love - cantarsecasarseenamorarseconfundirse

  • To touch oneself - hablarsetocarseolvidarsellamarse

  • To go to bed -afeitarseacostarsepeinarsecasarse

  • Llamarse - To call oneselfTo say to oneselfTo carry oneselfTo name

  • Llevarse -To call onselfTo rainTo washTo wear

  • Alimentarse - To get sickTo cookTo feed oneselfTo play

  • I Think the Answer is AA

  • I Think the Answer is BB

  • I Think the Answer is CC

  • I Think the Answer is DD

  • I Think the Answer is Dont KnowIm not too sure

  • A B C DAudience A

  • A B C DAudience B

  • A B C DAudience C

  • A B C DAudience D

  • A B C DAudience Draw

  • You leave with nothing

  • You Leave with $1000

  • You Leave with $32,000

  • Won a Million