“Where Vision Takes Shapeâ€‌ Forrest Machining, Inc. 27756 Avenue Mentry, CA 91355 Office (661)257-0231 Fax (661)2574338

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FMI Presentation 2012-2013

Where Vision Takes Shape

Forrest Machining, Inc. 27756 Avenue Mentry, CA 91355 Office (661)257-0231 Fax (661)2574338 www.forrestmachining.com

Established: 1978 Facility: 250,000 square feet AS9100 Rev. C Employees: 200+ ERP System: JOB BOSS 3, 4, 5, & 6 Axis Vertical and Horizontal Machining of Complex Parts- Structural Airframe Assemblies - Mechanical Assemblies- Flap Track & Link Components/Wing Spars-Ribs-Bulkheads, Fittings & more - Aircraft Windshield Frames - Canopy Assemblies Engine Mount Assemblies- Approved for Fracture, Durability, Maintenance & Flight Critical Components 22 Cincinnati Milacron Multi Spindle Gantries up to 200 feet length High Speed Machining to 20,000 RPM FMI Manufactures a wide range of small to large machined components that vary from simple to complex. FMI machines components from Titanium, Aluminum, Ceramics, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Titanium Honeycomb, Composite Honeycomb and Acrylic Windshield materials - 7050, 7075, 7085, 2024 Aluminum,HP9420, 13-8,15-5 PH & 6AL4VGeneral Information & Machining Capabilities

Business Strategy-Elements for Success Established critical long-term relationships with Key Suppliers and Vendors to remain cost competitive in the changing Global Aerospace Market. Remain active with customers and suppliers for the implementation of Best Practices, Lean Manufacturing and Technology Capitalization. Continue to train our staff in product / process improvement and cycle time reduction so that we remain a strategic long-term supplier for current and future customers. Continually invest in capital equipment in order to remain an industry benchmark for complex machining, value added assembly and kitting; while focusing on integration of capabilities that best serve our customers.

5 Axis Gantrys 19 EA 3 and 4 Spindle Cincinnatis up to 200 feet in length 3 Axis & Gantry 9 EA - 3 Axis Single Spindle Mach, 3 EA - Cincinnatis, 5 EA - Mazaks 8 EA - 3 Axis Multi Spindle Machines Cincinnatis 4 Axis 6 EA - 4 Axis Single Spindle Mach,1EA - Cincinnati, 1 EA - Kuraki & 4 EA - Mazaks 5 Axis 26 EA - 5 Axis Single Spindle Machines 8 EA - Cincinnati, 1 EA - ICAM, 2 EA- JOBS 360 Deg. Knuckle, 7 EA Omnimil, 2 EA - Okumas, 1EA OKK & 7 - SNKs 14 EA - Multi Spindle Machine Cincinnatis 6 Axis 1 EA 6 Axis Bohner & KohlerMachining Equipment

2,3 & 4 Spindle Vertical Gantries Bed Size to 200 Feet

Nesting of Machined Details to Reduce Raw Material and Unit Cost

Complete line of High Torque Horizontal 5 Axis Omni-Mills

(2 EA) 5 Axis Jobs Bridge Mills W/360 Degree Articulating Machining CapabilityMore Commonly used on Monolithic Parts.

RPM: 4,000 up to 20,000+ with attachment. 55A - X= 140 x Y= 95 x Z= 49 inches.55 - X= 180 x Y= 105 x Z= 49 inches 5 Axis Articulating Bridge Machining Capability

Temperature Controlled CMM Inspection Direct Computer Control - DCC- Fully Automated CMM Inspection- Faro Arm-Platinum W / Verisurf PC-DMIS Dimensioning Software PICCIS Inspection Point Mapping Check Master - 150 x 56 x 24 Brown & Sharpe Xcel 12-20-10- 110 x 48 x 40 DEA Gamma 1204- 108 x 45 x 32 DEA Epsilon 2306- 175 x 55 x 48 DEA Delta Gantry- 70 x 125 x 65

Machined/Hot Formed Skins Specialty Panels & Screens

Titanium Side of Body CMM Check

Variable Sized Wing Ribs

7050 Aluminum Machined Bulkhead

Satellite Interface Rocket Cone

Finish Machined Ti Plank Plank Forging

Dreamlifter Frameworks Tool, Holding Supports for - 787 Fuselage Transport System

Manufacturing various sized Spars & Fittings

Value Added Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical Kitting &Assemblies

Value Added Assembly Kits

Main Wing Spar Assembly

Large Machined 5 Axis Aluminum Fuel Floor Assembly

6AL4V Titanium Engine Mount Assemblies

15-5 PH & 7075 Forward Engine Mount Assembly

Machined Hot Formed SPF Titanium Assembly

Machined Fracture Critical Titanium Fitting Assembly

Monolithic Machined Electrical Chassis

Chassis Before & After Assembly

Forward Canopy Assemblies Replacement & Refurbishment Program

2 Pc. Bonded Titanium Flap Track Assembly

Structural Horizontal Stabilizer Fracture Critical - Support Assembly

Pylon Assembly Replacement Hush Kit Program

Thrust Reverser Assembly Hush Kit Program

FMI Monolithic Design & Build ProjectWingtip Assembly

FMI was responsible as the primary design and build company FMIs machining concept was to utilize our single spindle BO-KO 6 axis with a nutating head, along with a 45 degree tool There are 3 set ups for the Monolithic frame design to complete machining, opposed to 60 multiple part set ups for machined and sheet metal details in the original design configuration The FMI Monolithic Design reduced the manufacturing lead time by 4 weeks, approximately a 65% lead-time reduction

Wingtip Assembly FMI Monolithic Machining

There are 2 design configurations, one with a logo light and one without The FMI Monolithic Design reduced the assembly from 60 machined and sheet metal details to 9 machined components Original Assembly time was reduced by 83% from 350 hrs to 60 hrs

Monolithic Assembly Process

Catia Version 5 Rev. 22 Catia Version 4.2.4 Unigraphics NX 7 NCL Mastercam X series ICAM Cam-post Version 18 Vericut Version 7.1.5Engineering, NC Programming & Solid Modeling

NC Programming

3D Tooling Design

3D Solid Modeling of Tools

3D Solid Modeling Machine, Tooling, Cutters & Part

3D Inspection Model for Completed Part

The Boeing Company- Preferred Supplier- The Chairmans AwardBoeing / Rockwell- Exceptional Company Performance Award- 3 Snoopy Awards - Endeavor Space Flight Awareness TeamLockheed Aeronautical Systems- Star Quality Award- Small Business Supplier of the year- C130 / F22 Critical Path Team Award- ADP Outstanding Service AwardNorthrop Grumman- Supplier Advisory Council Award- Small Business Supplier of the year- B2 Industrial Base Team Award

Customer Acknowledgements