What's Beyond Happiness by Adria Martin

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At 17

At 17

I had all I ever wanted:

Family, friends, youth, parties,

Beauty, talents, enthusiasm,

Faith, dreams and tones of curiosity.

More, I had the power to choose

Among the princes

All waiting in excitement

For a gesture, for a smile

Or just a look.

I managed to deceive many of them,

But I managed to love some

Purely and naively,

Too shy and cheap

To offer kisses and hugs.

I had it all!


At 27

I had a family of my own,

A home, everything I needed,

A wonderful job, youth,

Even more beauty,

Tones of love,

And a baby

To gaze at me

All day long.

When I first breastfed him

I said there nothing else

More beautiful

In this world

Than this tiny miracle

In my arms.

I had it all!


At 37

I still had a family

But I already lost one.

Mom and Dad had died;

But then I became wise

And begun to enjoy

Every moment

Every beauty and grace

Every gesture or smile.

I was even more beautiful,

My eyes turned green

From blue,

My body was shaped,

I knew what I want,

How to make it happen,

And above all,

How to enjoy it!

I was loved

I was admired,

I had an even better job,

A better house, a car,

Talent and admiration.

I fall out of loveAnd found love again,

The strongest,

The most delightful of all

The most powerful and

Fulfilling of all.

I had heaven on Earth,

Tangible, at a reach of a breath.

I published my own book

Of poetry,

I went back to school,

To fulfill a late dream,

I moved in a new country

And started a new life.

I had it all!

All I ever wanted!!!

And much more!


Why does it have to beAlways

This yet feeling?

Why all youve ever wantedI never enough?

I am so happy tonight!

I am going to bed happy,

So happy and serene!

If I will never see tomorrow,

I can witness for you:

Happiness is reachable,

Search for it,

I found it!

I live it!