What We Do....And Why We Do It!

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  • 1. WHAT WE DO AND WHY WE DO ITOur Exchange Club, The Exchange Clubof Fort Bend, performs services under fourcategories: The Prevention of Child Abuse Community Service Service to Youth The Promotion of AmericanismYou may ask the question as to each ofour activities, Why do you serve?.Heres why.

2. THE PREVENTION OF CHILD ABUSEService Category & Activity Why We Serve1. The Shaken Baby Syndrome is an To ensure that an unknown number educational program in which we go of infants can develop into healthy into high schools and teach youngadults. adults about the injuries which can result from shaking a baby.2. We make monetary donations to theTo counsel parents so they can ESCAPE Family Resource Center. avoid abusing their children.3. We donate teddy bears to a family court. To give youngsters one more On child adoption day, they are given to happy memory and cuddly symbol the adopted children.of the day they began their new life.4. We celebrate April as National Child To remind citizens of their Abuse Prevention Month, by placing responsibility to fight the war blue ribbon clad stakes on the against child abuse. courthouse lawn. 3. COMMUNITY SERVICEService Category & Activity Why We Serve1. We bring cake and ice cream to a To let those who raised and Seniors Assisted Living Center and mentored our generation know that hold monthly birthday parties. they are not forgotten.2. We join other clubs in holding an annual To show our appreciation to those dinner to honor Fort Bend County policewho each day jeopardize their lives officers.and safety to safeguard ours.3. Santas Exchange: We join with other To bring a smile to a childs face on clubs to provide Christmas gifts toChristmas morning. underprivileged children.4. We help to host a Christmas party forTo bring Christmas cheer to our residents of the Richmond Statebrothers and sisters with Supported Living Center. developmental disabilities. 4. SERVICE TO YOUTHService Category & ActivityWhy We Serve1. We recognize extraordinary To reward and encourage the best scholastic and extracurricular of our youth so that they can serve achievement in high school youth others. with Youth of the Month Awards.2. We recognize good deeds andTo teach our youth that it is more character in our middle school youth important to be a good person than with Young Citizenship Awards. it is to be a smart person.3. We recognize a high school senior whoTo reward the courage of a has overcome severe adversity with our triumphant young adult. Accepting the Challenge of Excellence Award (A.C.E.). 5. AMERICANISMService Category & Activity Why We Serve1. We give children small American flags To instill pride for our country in to wave at local parades. children.2. We celebrate Veterans Day byTo honor those who were willing to assembling with veterans for amake the supreme sacrifice. One Nation Under God breakfast.3. We display in community buildings,To perpetuate the awareness that replicas of 28 great writings which the United States of America is the shaped our society, known asgreatest country on earth. The Freedom Shrine. 6. WHAT WE DO AND WHY WE DO ITIn summary, to answer the question, What isExchange, we Exchangites will tell you that itis Americas Service Club. As to why we serve,we Exchangites will tell you that it is becausewe are called to serve.