What Roles Do Angels Do Angels Play in God

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SCENE : Walking on the street going to the ministryJOY : Its good to see you here dear, I heard you just got unbaptized publisher. Congratulations! How long have u been studying the bible? JINKY : Thanks po ate yeah finally, not that long po, I took the courage to serve Jehovah. This is the best decision that I made in my life. JOY : You know during my times I had also encountered a lot of tests while I go along but then here I am happy serving Jehovah. Every day I look forward to learn techniques to be productive in a field ministry like this. JINKY: I can see thatI am glad to join your group po ate, so where are wego. ( OH MY GOD!!!!!) ( Witnessed an accident ) Theres a car accident near that area. The drivers side were almost crushed. JOY : Whew, every day a real struggle for all of us. We dont know what will happen next. We are not prepared. But we need to be prepared somehow.. Come on, lets have a seat here, to calm ourselves. JINKY : Oh my, that poor little girl, I hope shes ok. I hope her angel will save her!JOY : I want to grab this time to share my knowledge about angels, what are their roles and what do they do, this might help us understand the tasks of Angels in Gods Purpose. Here kindly read this verse.JINKY READ : ( 2 Kings 19:35 On the night the angel of Jehovah went out and struck down 185,000 men in the Camp of the Assyrians. When People rose up early in the morning, they saw all the dead bodies. JOY: You see there are different tasks God Jehovah assigned to these angels. Some angels according to Hebrew mal.akh and the greek aggelos. Both words literally mean Messenger but are rendered angel when referring to spirit messenger. So, our idea about angels during accidents are not like exactly the same as the things that we saw on tvs of telenovelas. JINKY: I see, haha but I know there are times that angels are there for us as a guide.JOY: Of course, here kindly read this verse too. JINKY; READ Psalm 34:7 The angel of Jehovah camps all around those fearing him. And he Rescues them. Hmmm which means? JOY: which means that during our difficult situation if we rely to him and pray to him for guidance and support he will send his angel and rescue us. JINKY : hmm ate look, the little girl is fine. She doesnt even have a trace of trauma, also his dad. But there car doesnt look good.

JOY : Well its a relief to know they are both ok. Before we go to our ministry let me share this information to you our book. You may read here;JINKY : Angels are powerful spirit creatures, created by God long before the creation of Mankind. They are also referred to as Holy Myriads. Sons of god and morning stars. The bible indicates that they have personal names and distinct personalities, yet they humbly refuse to receive worship, and most even avoid disclosing worship. Hmm I see yeah, some people dont have deep understanding about angels roles and purpose, they mistakenly give phrases and upload them in a wrong way.

JOY: Yes, Indeed. Thats why we need to go around and preach the bible teaching to the nations in order for them to know and understand what does the bible teach.


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