What is Usability and How Does it Affect You?

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Learn the elementary elements of usability on the web - what it is and how it affects you.


  • 1. USABILITYWHAT IS USABILITY AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU? STUDIOK&M THE DESIGN & USABILITY EXPERTS . www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 3. FORM VSFUNCTION Sure, both of these tea pots are nice to look at, but which one is more useable? Usability is all about the experience, be it in a tea salon or on the web.www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 4. DONT MAK EME THINK.Steve Krugs first law of usability states thata web page should be obvious and self-explanatory. Be sure the navigation and sitestructure are intuitive. Have visual clues andeasily recognizable links so that users canfind what they are looking for. www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 5. THINGS THATMAKE US THINK Where do I start? What do they do? Clever names/Marketing induced names Links that are not self evident Navigation in non traditional places Wheres the contact info? Where do I sign in? www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 6. WHAT DO USERS LOOK FOR IN A WEBSITE? WEB Ease of use Speed PracticalityUSABILIT Y Credibility Consistency Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? With billions of websites on the internet today, your competitors are only a click away. If you dont help your users accomplish their goals, they are bound to head straight to your competitor. A usable website creates trust in your customers and a sense of satisfaction. www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 7. YOU HAVE LESS THAN T WO MINUTES TO COMMUNICATE THE FIRST TIME A PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER VISITS YOUR WEBSITE. Every page must justify its claim on their time. If a page doesnt do that immediately and clearly, users go elsewhere. Most dont even bother scrolling to see whats further down the page.www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 8. NAVIGATIONYour navigation system should be simple andclear. Your users should not have to ask thefollowing questions: Where am I? Where should I begin? Where did they put ______? What are the most important things on this page? Why did they call it that? www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 9. WHEREDOES THIS IMPROVING NAVIGATIONLINK GO? Users must be able to predict what will happen if a link is clicked and determine whether or not it takes them to their goal. Information should be organized in a logical manner. The language and organization of the navigational path must match the users expectations and needs The use of ambiguous links can cause the user to go to the wrong page. The use of nonstandard links can cause confusion. www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 10. MORE THAN 83%OF INTERNET USERS ARELIKELY TO LEAVE A WEBSITE IF THEY FEEL THEYHAVE TO MAKETOO MANY CLICKSTO FIND WHAT THEYRELOOKING FOR. -Arthur Andersen, 2001 www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 11. USABILIT Y TIPS DO Know your end user Abbreviate your copy-make it scannable Use short & concise phrases Use plain & objective language Use bullet points Let users know why they should use your service Let users know why should they stay on your site Use hierarchy Categorize the content Use spell check Test your site Check for consistency: fonts, styling, formatting, window titles, link colors Be sure your site loads quickly www.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076
  • 12. MOREUSABILITY TIPS DONT Use pop-ups Dont change users window size Dont use too small font size Dont use horizontal scrolling Dont create a site that requires instructions on how to browse Dont make people wait
  • 13. FREE E XPERT USA BILIT Y RE VIE WS STUDIOK&M THE DESIGN & USABILITY EXPERTS . Schedule a 30 minute free telephone review Email: cathline@studiokandm.com Read our blog for usability & design tips: studiokandm.com/blog Follow us on Twitter for usability & design tips: twitter.com/studiokandmwww.studiokandm.com | info@studiokandm.com | 212.987.0076


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