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Text of What Is Maui MAUI NEWS. If News What is Best for Maui MAUI NEWS. If you wish Prosperity Is Best for

  • What is Best for Maui If you wish ProsperityMAUI NEWS.Is Best for the News Advertise in the News VOLUME XIV WAILUKU, MAUI, H. T., SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 23, 1 907 NUMBER 4

    LODGE MAUI, No. 084, A. H. & A. M.

    Stated meetings will bo bold at Masonic Hall, Kahulul, on the first Saturday night of each month at 7.30 P. M.

    Visiting brothrcn are cordially in- vited to attend.


    t. f. Secretary.


    Rogular meetings will bo hold at tho Knights of Pythias Hall Wailuku on Saturday Nov. 9th, and 23rd.

    All visiting members arc cordially invited to attend. '

    W. S. MOUNTOASTLE..C. C. D. H . DAVIS, K. OP R. & S.



    EDMUND H. HART Notary Puhi.ic, Conveyancer and

    Typewriter Agent to Grant Marriage Licenses

    Office, Circuit Court. 2nd Circuit.


    Nor ry Puni.ic. WAILUKU, MAUI.

    XMAS! It is coming. Wake up! It is

    time to select those Hawaiian Curios and Cards you ought to send to all your absent dear ones. You will find our store is tho right place to come to. On Monday, November 25, begins our yearly exhibition of Christmas Goods. Beautiful gifts for Ladies, Gentlemen and Children, and heaps and lots of Children's Toys.


    V. A. VETLESEN; Prop.

    The Bank of Hawaii LIMITED.

    Incorporated Under the Laws of tho Republic of Hawaii.

    CAPITAL $GOO,000.0& SURPLUS S200.000.00 UNDIVIDED PROFITS .$70,000.00

    OFFICERS. Chas. M. Cooke President P. C. Jones Vice-Preside- nt F.V.Macfarlano..2nd Vice-Preside- C. H. Cooke Cashier C. Hustaco Assistant Cashier

    'v DIRECTORS. E.'D. Tenney, J. A. McCandless,

    C. R. Athcrton, E. V. Bishop. Transact a General Commercial

    and Savings Business. Correspondence Solicited.

    RESOURCES Discounts f 126,976.84

    United States Bonds 16,500.00 Premium on U. S. 450.00 Other Bonds (quickly convert) 63,975.00 Cash and Due from Banks 41,053.44 Banking House, Furniture, 7,300.00 Due from U. S. Treasury 825.00

    t $257,oSo.2S

    OF HAWAII, oc OF MAUI, f

    I, D. of that the above is true to tno ocst 01

    and sworn to before



    Attorney Vivas Found Guilty of Contempt by

    District Magistrate McKay and Sentenced to

    Five Days Imprisonment.


    and Other Honolulu People Arc Required to Pay Hunting License or Suffer Arrest. Wife Beater is

    Jailed for Two Offenses.


    M. Vivas, a well known attor- ney of Wailuku, was found guilty of contempt of court and sentenced to imprisonment in the Wailuku Jail for a term of live days by Dis- trict Magistrate McKay on Monday of this week.

    Tho trouble arose as the result of an objection by Vivas to which the court ruled adversely and to which the attorney made further objection. He was told to sit down but not only kept on his feet but kept objecting after he had repeat- edly been told by the court to sit down. The court finally warned the attorney that unless ho down tho court would find him guilty of contempt Those present state that he was told five times to sit down after which the court found him guilty and sentenced him to imprisonment for five days.

    Mr. Vivas has been very ill for the past two weeks and when this fact was called lo the attention of the court the judge stated that if the attorney would apologize he would be willing to let the matter drop. This apparently was not satisfactory to the attorney and he took an appeal to tho Circuit Court by habeas corpus proceedings. Judge Kepoikai dismissed tho peti tion and the application for bail and remanded the prisoner to the custody of the jailor.

    On the certificate of Mr. Vivas' physician, Dr. Dinegar, the jailor sent the prisoner to the Malulani Hospital under guard of an officer.


    A was recently sent to tlo county board of supervisors that persons were hunting on the island of Molokai without a license and when tho police approached tho offenders they would tell the police that they were tho possessors of licenses but had failed to bring tho same with them. Tho Sheriff there asked for instructions as to what he should do in such

    LIABILITIES Capital Slock ;....$ 35,000.00 Surplus and Profits 18,614.53 Circulation 16,500.00 Due to Banks 4,492.75 Dividends Unpaid 28.00 Deposits 4 1S2.445.00


    abovo named bank, do solemnly swear my unowieujjc aim uenei.

    C. D. LUFKIN, Cashiku. mo this 30th day of August, 11)07;


    Ciias. M. Cooke, President W. T. Robinson, Vice President C. D. Lufkin, Cashier

    R. A. Wadsworth, Director D. II. Case, Director

    Report to the Comptroller of the Currency AUGUvST 22, 1907.

    Loans and




    C. Lufkin, Cashier the








    J. GARCIA, Notary Public Sec, Judi Circuit

    .4 i

    cases, 1 ho matter was referred o the county attorney who advised that in all such cases arrests be made and the parlies required to prove that they held a license or be fined for violating tho law.

    On the fifteenth instant Z. Pali a police ollice rounded up nor

    Georgo R. Carter, A. V. Judd, Wm. Kent, S. G. Wilder, 11. Ivors, George Chase, Georgo dish ing, Li. A. aiartwell, and .hum's Munro and requested that they produce their licenses or paj' to him tho required fee or accompany him.

    The gentlemen seemed to know just what was in store for them in case they did not accept his first or second offer and promptly paid five dollars each. They all are now the possessors of licenses and may hunt until next July without being molested.


    A native man by the ')(.. 0f Gilbert plead guilty to r,. .,ui battery on his wifo on Monuay of this week.

    On September 27th he was guilty- - of the same offense and so found by tho court and sentence was sus- pended.

    The court asked the Deputy County Attorney to make' a sta'e- - mont who said that in the past sus- pension of sentence had been ask- ed for by tho prosecution in many eases where it was felt that it was for tho benefit of both the husband and wife and in each case it had proven satisfactory and none of tho parties convicted had cone wrong while under suspension of sentence. This case seemed to be an exception however and the young man seemed to bo of the opinion that ho could dodge sen tence again and requested the court to deal with the case as severely as he thought the case merited.

    Tho Court then sentenced the man to serve a sentence of ten days for tho first offonso and twenty days for tho second offense.

    Tho wifo stated that Gilbert had been away nearly all night at the tinio tho trouble took place and when.ho returned betook his valise and clothing and when sho asked him where ho was going he said ho was going to live with bur cousin. She remonstrated with him at which ho became angered and struck hor and choked her and tore nearly all of her clothinj; off. Sho called for help and another man came to her assistance and a fight .ensued while sho ran to tho Sheriff for protection who took pity on her and furnished her with cloth ing and protection until her bus band could bo urrested. ,


    A Japanese woman by tho name of Ikichi Kuboto was before tho District Court Monday on a charge

    of selling wine and beer at Pun- - neiio Maui on November 17th without a license in violation of section 0 1 of Act 110 of tho Session

    iws of 1907. The defendant had employed .1.

    M. Vivas to defend her and as he was having troubles of his own and could not be in court II. C. Mos- - niiiu asked to have the case set for Monday of next week. The motion was granted.


    D. II. Davis and James Kirk- - land celebrated their birthdays on Thursday evening of this week by giving a dinner lo a number of their friends.

    Plates were Set for ten guests and an cxi client dinner was served.

    Music was furnished by Meyers Orchestra and Kino was played until a late hour.

    The guests were D. T. Carey, W. T. Robinson, E. II. Hart, Dr. .1. II. Raymond, Dr. James Carey, W. II. Field, Dr. J. II. Farrell, I). L. Meyer, II. M. Coke, and 11. A. Wadsworth.

    Many congratulations were show ered on the two hosts on their reaching the ago of discretion.


    Tho November meeting of the Makawao Literary Society took place at Sunhyside, the I'aia resi- dence of Rev. and Mrs.'E. B. Tur- ner, Friday evening the 15th.

    Showery weather prevented a large attendance but those present much enjoyed the following pro gram.

    recctation in the French Cana dian dealect by C. G. White.

    talk 011 bis recent trip abroad, especially concerning his visit to Rome by Rev. K. B. Turner.

    A brief talk upon his visit to Jerusalem, by Row Mr. Erdmnn of Kahului.

    Between events tho Maunaolu irls sang native songs most accept

    ably. Mr. While's recctation was well

    rendered and both Mr. Turner's and Mr. Erdman's remarks were most interesting.

    The cane all over Central Maui is beginning to show purple tassels heralding tho approach of Thanks- giving and the holidays.

    The Maui Agricultural Co. in- tends extending its railroad from Hamakuapoko across Maliho Gulch to Haiku. This will give a boom to pineapple lands at Haiku, Peahi, and Vicinity.

    The Mari Teachers' Association will hold its annua

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