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  • EELLUUNNAA Ex Libris Users of North America

    Newsletter Summer 2012

    ELUNA Newsletter – Summer 2012 page 1

    More about us at http://el-una.org

    This is the Summer ELUNA Newsletter. For those of you who attended ELUNA 2012 in Salt Lake City, we hope this issue brings back some good memories. If you were not able to attend this conference, you will see a little bit of what you missed. Juan Antonio Samaranch was the President of the International Olympic Committee from 1980 to 2001. He started a tradition to describe successive Olympic Games as “the best ever” Games. ELUNA 2012 in Salt Lake City was a wonderful event, and in this tradition, it deserves to be described as the “best ever” ELUNA Conference! We thank the Program Committee, the Local Hosts, the Product Working Groups, and all of the presenters for their work to make ELUNA 2012 successful. Read below the Report from the Chair, a report about the conference, an update about NERS, and reports from the various Product Working Groups.

    Salt Lake City Hilton, site of most ELUNA 2012 sessions

    A Word from the Chair Laura Morse, ELUNA Steering Committee Chair

    I enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect and learn with so many of you at the ELUNA 2012 Meeting in Salt Lake City! I hope to see all of you (and more) at ELUNA 2013, which will be held in late April 2013 in Athens, GA. More information on the 2013 meeting will be available soon -- please keep your eye on the ELUNA 2013 page for updates: (http://el-una.org/meetings/eluna-2013/). Thank you to all who took the post-conference survey. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we appreciate comments for areas we can improve next year. This successful meeting would not have been possible without the efforts of a large number of ELUNA members. I am especially grateful for the work of the Local Arrangements Committee, co-chaired by Shelley Neville and Kenning Arlitsch; the Program Committee, chaired by Ellen Jones; the Liaison to ELUNA 2012, Kristine Hammerstrand; the ELUNA 2011 - 2012 Steering Committee; SIG leaders; RUG leaders; and ELUNA 2012 speakers. I would also like extend immense gratitude to Ex Libris for their participation in the meeting and for their generous sponsorship which enabled us to kick off the meeting with a fabulous reception at the Union Pacific depot. Many thanks as well to our Gold Level sponsors, YBP Library Services and Boopsie, and to our Silver Level sponsors, Backstage Library Works, Bibliotheca, and Marcive, Inc. for their support of the meeting. I wanted to highlight some ELUNA Steering Committee leadership changes for the coming year,

    http://el-una.org/meetings/eluna-2013/ http://www.cvent.com/events/eluna-2012-annual-meeting/staff-ad6ef57171b24925b453cd433e07750b.aspx http://el-una.org/organization/history/eluna-2011-2012-steering-committee/ http://el-una.org/organization/history/eluna-2011-2012-steering-committee/

  • ELUNA Newsletter – Summer 2012 page 2

    More about us at http://el-una.org

    in case you missed the ELUNA Announce list message. After 8 years of service to ELUNA and its predecessor Aleph user group, NAAUG, Gary Johnson is retiring and at the end of June will be resigning from the ELUNA Steering Committee. We wish him well in his next endeavors, and want to acknowledge his contributions to ELUNA as both a committed Product Working Group Liaison and Communications Officer. In addition to recent work with the Primo PWG, Gary edited the ELUNA newsletter and recently coordinated an update of the ELUNA membership brochure. Melissa Wisner, from Yale University Library, will be joining the Steering Committee to serve out the remainder of Gary's term that runs through May, 2013. Melissa was invited to join the Steering Committee as she received the next highest number of votes as a candidate in the recent 2012 ELUNA Steering Committee election. We appreciate her willingness to join the Steering Committee for the next year. Melissa will serve as the Steering Committee Liaison to the SFX Product Working Group. ELUNA Steering Committee roles change each year - please see the ELUNA Website for other role changes for 2012 - 2013 (http://el-una.org/eluna- 2012-2013-steering-committee/). We have an exciting year planned for ELUNA. Further information about ELUNA activities will appear in this column in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

    ELUNA 2012 Conference Recap Kristine Hammerstrand, ELUNA Steering Committee

    If you were among the 494 people who attended ELUNA 2012 in Salt Lake City in May, we hope you found the meeting to be helpful, informative and fun. If you could not attend or would like to review the content of some of this year’s sessions, most of the breakout session

    slides are now available in the ELUNA Document Repository at http://documents.el- una.org/view/divisions/eluna=5Fconf/2012.html. (Reminder: the ELUNA Document Repository, an ELUNA membership benefit, is available to people from ELUNA member institutions and is password

    protected.) Ex Libris also makes their ELUNA product update sessions available in the Documentation Center of the Ex Libris Customer Center. Thanks to the nearly 200 of you who filled out the post-conference survey, we have a pretty good idea of how attendees found ELUNA 2012. Here’s some of what we have learned from your responses: You liked having the meeting agenda available on the new Boopsie mobile app (56% of survey respondents said they used it, when wifi permitted) but you also still like having print programs.

    Boopsie, a Gold level sponsor for ELUNA 2012

    The great majority of you thought there was a good mix of presentations on the various Ex Libris products (except for DigiTool.) Use of the new Power Lounge (room to charge and use your mobile device) was relatively low and the new laptop checkout service was lightly used, but many folks did not know about these new options. People who attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal were delighted to have this unique opportunity, but wished it had not been on Thursday night. (Sorry, but that’s the night the Choir does its weekly rehearsals.) Of the survey respondents answering the question, “Overall, do you think that the ELUNA conference is a good value?” 96.4% responded Yes. Here’s some more comments from the post- conference survey:

    http://el-una.org/eluna-2012-2013-steering-committee/ http://el-una.org/eluna-2012-2013-steering-committee/ http://documents.el-una.org/view/divisions/eluna=5Fconf/2012.html http://documents.el-una.org/view/divisions/eluna=5Fconf/2012.html

  • ELUNA Newsletter – Summer 2012 page 3

    More about us at http://el-una.org

     Primo Polish: User Study Findings and Implementations was really terrific.

     The most informative for me was the Online Aleph Tutorials handled by the folks from Harvard.

     It's a Global Lifestyle by Ellen Kotrba Ellen had some great tips!

     Consortia Systems SIG is always informative

     Making Primo Normalization rules work for our library - before this session I didn't understand normalization rules at all … I am so glad that I attended this session.

     Adam Zimmerman's session on the VIK and UTIL on Friday was especially useful, and informative for me. I found that I don't need certification to use them.

     My best session was the unofficial SIG for Hosted libraries …hosted by Lesli Moore. It was great meeting others having some of the same problems as me and getting suggestions.

     Hosted Customers Meeting. I am glad to see this may become a SIG. Ex Libris product demos, updates, and Oren Beit-Arie session were most helpful.

     The session on "Using Apache toredirect mobile devices" was cool not just for Ex Libris products, but for any web app.

     Patron-Oriented Purchasing of E-books with Ted Schwitzner, since we are just starting a similar project, it was super-useful to compare notes and make the contact.

     Michael Doran's shelflister was awesome!

     I enjoyed the posters, particularly the one put together by PALNI (Private Academic Library Network of Indiana)

     The Voyager product update session is always a winner.

     Heads in the Cloud: an Alma Panel Presentation was hands down the best session of the whole conference;

     SUNY-Binghamton was useful due to the fact that they implemented Rosetta with few customizations, so it was easier to learn more about what Rosetta can do straight "out of the box

     I felt there was a good mix of Voyager stuff throughout the program. Not dead yet!

     ELUNA business meeting was good (brief, informative).

     I learned a lot about what is coming down the road.

     This year there was very little that wasn't of interest. I usually only have one or two sessions

    that are really useful and the rest are not so much -- this year it was the reverse. :-)

     This is our library's first year on Ex Libris products. The conference was a great way to learn more about them.

     ELUNA is very valuable. It allows us to talk with other users, attend sessions on our Ex Libris product, gives us ideas on how to improve what we are doing or do it more effic