What is Art????. Is This Art???? What about this? Art????

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Text of What is Art????. Is This Art???? What about this? Art????

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What is Art???? Slide 2 Is This Art???? Slide 3 What about this? Art???? Slide 4 What about.. The guitarright over there. I know youve been looking at it the whole time. Is that art????????? Slide 5 What is your definition of art? Slide 6 ART!!!! A MIRROR OR REFLECTION OF LIFE!!!! Slide 7 ART!!! HOW IS ART DIFFERENT FROM MATH? HISTORY? SCIENCE? ANYONE? ANYONE? BUELLER? Slide 8 ART!!!! ART = EMOTION Slide 9 THREE CATEGORIES OF ART LITERARY VISUAL PERFORMING Slide 10 LITERARY NOVELS SHORT STORIES POETRY Slide 11 VISUAL PAINTING SCULPTURE FILM PHOTOGRAPHY Slide 12 PERFORMING THEATRE DANCE OPERA MUSIC Slide 13 4 CRITERIA FOR ART WAS IT MADE BY A SELF PROCLAIMED ARTIST? WAS IT MEANT TO BE ART? DO YOU BELIEVE ITS ART? WILL IT STAND THE TEST OF TIME? Slide 14 2 WAYS TO EVALUATE ART FORM CONTENT Slide 15 Necessary Elements for Theatre to Occur S.L.A.P.P. Space Live Audience Purpose Performers Slide 16 How is Theatre Different from a Football Game? Do you need a Space? Is the game live in person? Do you need a purpose? Do you need performers? Do you need an audience? Slide 17 MAIN FOCUS OF THEATRE HUMANITY Slide 18 How is Performing Art different from Literary and Visual????? ITS LIVE!!!!! Slide 19 Difference between a Play and a Novel A novel gives you the subtext A play you have to fill in the gaps and connect the dots Slide 20 Difference between a Play and a Production The play (script) is always the same A production changes based on how the director interprets the play (script) Slide 21 Roles Theatre Plays in Society Entertainer Educator Historian Holds a mirror to society Slide 22 What are the Responsibilities of an Audience Member Dont disturb the performers! Dont disturb the other audience members! Be open minded Rather Than closed minded! Slide 23 What Factors Affect an Audience Members Experience? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!! Slide 24 Reasons We Go to the Theatre Recreation and relaxation Social reasons Intellectual Stimulation Slide 25 Whos Who of Theatre Director Actors Stage manager Playwright Scenic designer Costume designer Lighting designer Choreographer Stage crew Assistants Musicians