What Is an Intranet? ?· What Is an Intranet? An Intranet is like a private Internet that only your…

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  • What Is an Intranet?

    An Intranet is like a private Internet that only your employees can access. Over an Intranet employees can: Communicate via e-mail Share files, online forms, and applications Share databases, schedules, and calendar resources Receive company-wide broadcasts Place orders locally or remotely

    Not only can an Intranet boost employee productivity, but it can also improve employee satisfaction and retentionimportant benefits in an increasingly competitive employment market. An Intranet improves the flow of information within an organization by streamlining internal communications and information sharing.An Extranet is a secure, private network that extends company applications over the Internet. Only selected customers, suppliers, and partners can access these Extranet applications. Another name for an Extranet is Virtual Private Network. An Extranet or Virtual Private Network enables:Extranets can provide a competitive advantage for small businesses by extending the use of key company applications to customers and suppliers and by enabling them to engage in e-commerce.

    Access to company information like forms, product documentation, and training schedulesby selected outside parties Online catalogs with customer-specific pricing levels Online order entry, order status, and shipping schedule look-up Online support and customer service New product and service announcements viaweb pages Secure e-mail exchange with customers, vendors, and business partners In addition, an Extranet's robust security prevents unwanted intrusions.