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What do bulgarians eat at christmas

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  • 1. Panayot Volov PrimarySchool,Varna, Bulgaria

2. What doBulgarians eat atChristmas? 3. The Christmas holiday in Bulgaria starts off from 20December and extends up to the 26th of the month.Celebrating Christs birth, it is also dedicated to thesanctity of Bulgarian family life and homes.We mark Christmas on December 25 after a 40-dayAdvent fast of no animal products, cheese, butter, eggsand milk. 4. Christmas Eve is the last day of the fastand therefore it is celebrated with avegan meal that usually consists of anodd number of dishes, most often sevenor nine. 5. The most important dish is the Christmas bread.Bulgarians would usually prepare a round loaf inwhich they would put a silver coin. It is commonlybelieved that the person who finds the coin will berewarded with good fortune in the coming year.! 6. Here are the ingredients:1 kg of floura cube of yeast, match-box sized1/2 teaspoonful of sugar1 teaspoon of salt Sift the flour twice and make a1 spoonful of sunflower oilsmall well in it. Put there the yeast, dissolved in a small quantity of water and the sugar. Add the salt and make dough. You can form small rolls or put the dough directly in a thinly buttered tin. Bake it till it turns lightly red, then spread sugared water on it and bake for another ten minutes. 7. The Christmas meal also includes beans, stuffedpeppers, rice wrapped in vine or cabbage leaves,boiled corn, leek pastry, honey and walnuts, boiledwheat with sugar, baked pumpkin 8. Our next recipe is for stuffed cabbage leaves. This iswhat you need to make them:10-15 pickled cabbage leaves4 onions salt1 coffee cupful of rice2 red tomatoes - fresh or preserved1 teaspoonful of ground savoury1 teaspoonful of ground pepper1 spoonful of parsley !2 dried red peppers2 fresh red peppers1 carrot1 1/2 coffee cups of sunflower oilChop up the onions, fresh peppers and carrot. Salt to suit your taste andbrown the mixture in the sunflower oil. When the onion grows soft add therice. Peel and grate the tomatoes and then add them to the rice together withthe pepper, savoury and minced parsley. Mix these products thoroughly. Fillthe cabbage leaves with the mixture and wrap them tightly. Insert the driedred peppers, which have to be steeped in advance for 6 hours in cold water . 9. An indispensable dish on our Christmas table is theboiled wheat. To cook it, you need the following:Ingredients: 2 teacupfuls of pounded wheat 3 coffee-cupfuls of sugar 2 coffee-cupfuls of ground walnut kernels Remove any impurities from the wheat and wash it. Pour cold water to cover it and boil till it grows soft. Then cover the pot with a towel and let it swell. Drain the rest of the water. Mix the wheat with the sugar and the walnuts. 10. Finally, were going to offer you a very easy-to-makepumpkin dissert. The pumpkin is a favourite vegetableduring the Christmas holidays and it appears invarious foods. To make the dissert you need just a fewthings a 2-kg. pumpkin 1 1/2 teacupfuls of powdered sugar a handful of walnuts Cut the pumpkin in two halves. Remove the seeds ! and the fibrous tissue and put it in a baking tin. Bake in the oven at moderate temperature and dont open the oven before the pumpkin gets ready. If served warm, sprinkle the pumpkin with granulated sugar; if cool, use soft sugar alone. Sprinkle the walnuts on top. 11. An old Bulgarian tradition at midnightKoledari, or Christmas carolers,go from house to housethrough villages. These groupsof carolers are typically madeup of young men dressed intraditional costumes which varyfrom region to region. Somepreparation goes into thekoledaris performances, whichbegin at midnight on ChristmasEve. This tradition is said toprotect against evil spirits. Thekoledari are rewarded with foodin return for their services. 12. The next day 25th ofDecember is time forthe rich Christmasdinner with lots ofmeat dishes!and presents. 13. Have a lot of happiness andhealth during the New Year

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