What are the biggest misconceptions about real estate agents

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  • What are the biggest misconceptions aboutreal estateagents? There are plenty of misconceptions existing today regarding real estate agents. Many people believe that the job of a real estate agent is easy. This is however a great misconception. In order to do the job of a real estate agent, a person has to possess strong interpersonal skills. They have to travel a lot to meet the various needs of the clients. The agents will also have to take care of all the paper works related to the transfer of ownership in case of a property sale and the lease agreement in case of a rental property. All the jobs require great skills because the minutest details regarding the properties are also of immense importance. .

  • Quite a lot of people believe that real estate agents mislead their clients. This is not true at all. The agents will provide details regarding properties only after considering all the possible parameters. In todays world information related to anything and everything is easily available with the help of few keyboard strokes and mouse clicks if you have a computer. There is a good amount of competition too in field of real estate agents. Hence, in order to do well at work, the information provided to the clients will be verified to be true by every agent. Hence, the agents will never mislead the clients. .

  • Some of the clients think that the agents just blabber about things that they are not fully aware of. In reality, agents become eligible for the job only after going through a series of training sessions and exams. A real estate agent will get the license only upon completion of the real estate sales training. The training is conducted by a CEA approved RES course provider. This course will make sure that the rules and regulations related to the industry are understood by the candidates. After this process an exam for RES in Singapore is conducted by the CEA and only upon passing this will the candidate acquires a license. All this will definitely make an agent knowledgeable about his or her job. All the things that the real estate agents talk regarding the properties to a client are hence not just a blabber. The licensed agents working for reputed real estate agencies will provide you only with factual information. .

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