Wharton Wednesday Weekly March 26, 2014 SCHOOL HOURS 7 ... Wednesday Weekly – March 26, 2014 ... o 2nd Grade field trip to the ... Pre-K – 2nd Grade ♦ Wednesday, April 9

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<ul><li><p>Wharton Wednesday Weekly March 26, 2014 WILLIAM WHARTON PK-8 DUAL LANGUAGE ACADEMY </p><p> 900 W GRAY HOUSTON, TEXAS 77019 </p><p> (713) 535-3771 </p><p> JENNIFER DAY, PRINCIPAL DR. VIRGINIA ELIZONDO, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL </p><p>From the Principals Desk... With the STAAR Exam approaching, please support your child's efforts on these tests in order to promote the highest success. Next Tuesday and Wednesday, HISD will administer STAAR Exams to 4th, 5th, 7th, &amp; 8th Grade. On test days, make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a healthy breakfast at home or at school. Students must arrive to school on time to school 7:45 AM. Gently encourage your child to be mentally prepared and to stay calm. Please note that on STAAR Exam days campus visitors are not allowed. Together we can make your childs test experience positive and successful. </p><p>IB PYP Notes: Please support our Wharton PTOs Spring Gala THIS Friday, March 28th. The money raised through this event is very important for the continuation of our IB PYP Program. These funds are what pay for professional development for our faculty, staff and administration, substitutes to cover teachers classes so that we have time to plan and reflect collaboratively, and the resources our students need to further their inquiry. We have come so far toward becoming an authorized IB World School and now is the time to continue the momentum! </p><p>Report Card Day for Kinder 8th Grade: </p><p>This Friday, March 28th. </p><p>Its finally here! THIS Friday, March 28th, 6-10 PM Wharton 2014Celebracin Carnaval Spring Gala &amp; Auction </p><p>at Sage Events, 300 Milam, Houston, TX, 77002 </p><p>Special thanks to our most recent underwriters: GOLD level Friend of Wharton Dual Language Academy, </p><p>GONZALES DAY CARE CENTER, the BRITTON Family, the PEHLERT Family, and Lamas Landscaping. </p><p>Congratulations to Matt Paulonis, winner of the $40 gift certificate for purchasing gala tickets before Spring Break. For a complete list of underwriters and auction items, visit www.whartonpto.org. </p><p>For more information contact donations@whartonpto.org. </p><p>Wear Blue &amp; Lets Light It Up Blue next Wednesday, </p><p>April 2nd! April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, and to celebrate, hundreds of thousands of people are coming together to Light It Up Blue, by wearing blue. Join Autism Speaks to help shine a light on autism! Autism awareness is more important than ever autism prevalence has increased 78% in 5 years and continues to rise. </p><p> Find out how you can get involved at www.AutismSpeaks.org/LIUB </p><p> 4th Grade Garage Sale: </p><p>Saturday, April 5th ~ 8 AM 1 PM ~ </p><p>Help send our 4th Grade students to the State Capitol in </p><p>Austin, Texas! (trip date: May 14, 2014) Support this fundraiser! </p><p>SCHOOL HOURS 7:45am - 3:00pm </p><p>TARDY BELL 7:50am </p><p>UPCOMING EVENTS: -------------------------------- </p><p> Friday, March 28 o WITS 2nd Grade field trip to the </p><p>Menil Collection Center, 9 AM 12:00 PM </p><p>o REPORT CARDS are sent home with Kinder 8th Grade </p><p> Friday, March 28 o Spring Gala at Sage </p><p>Events, 6 10 PM </p><p> Tuesday, April 1 o STAAR Exams for 4th, 5th, 7th, &amp; </p><p>8th Grade; no campus visitors o SDMC Mtg., 3:30 PM o PTO Mtg., 5:30 PM </p><p> Wednesday, April 2 o STAAR Exams for 4th, 5th, 7th, &amp; </p><p>8th Grade; no campus visitors o 2nd Grade field trip to the </p><p>Museum of Natural Science &amp; Picnic lunch at Miller Park, 9 AM 2 PM </p><p>o Pre-K field trip to the Oil Ranch, 9 AM 3 PM </p><p>o PIZZA WEDNESDAY; pizza slice sales, $2 each; 3 PM (4th Gr. Fundraiser) </p><p> Friday, April 4 o Spring Dance for 5th 8th Grade </p><p> Saturday, April 5 o 4th Grade Garage Sale, </p><p>8 AM 1 PM </p><p> Week of April 7 - 11 o Week of the Young Child o National Volunteer Week o Pictures with the Bunny, 7:30 </p><p>8:30 AM (5th Gr. Fundraiser) </p><p> Tuesday, April 8 o TAMALE TUESDAY; </p><p>homemade tamale sales (pre-ordering available), 7:30 10 AM (5th Gr. Fundraiser) </p><p>o 3rd 9-Weeks Awards Assembly, Pre-K 2nd Grade </p><p> Wednesday, April 9 o Parents Aboard, 8:15 9:15 </p><p>AM (last one) o 1st Grade Parent APTT Mtg., </p><p>5:15 6;30 PM o PIZZA WEDNESDAY; pizza </p><p>slice sales, $2 each; 3 PM (4th Gr. Fundraiser) </p><p> Thursday, April 10 o 3rd 9-Weeks Awards Assembly, </p><p>3rd 8th Grade </p><p>Visit </p><p> Wharton K-8 Dual Language </p><p> Academy Website: http://schools.houstonisd.org/whartondla </p><p> Follow us on Twitter: </p><p> @WhartonDual </p><p> Look for us on Facebook: Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy </p><p> HISD does not discriminate in regard </p><p> to race, color, national origin, </p><p> age, gender or disability. </p><p> Two Languages, One Journey... </p><p>Drop off your donations at Wharton this Friday, March 28th, </p><p>7 8:30 AM </p><p>Drop off your donations at Wharton ALL next week, </p><p>March 31 April 5th, 7 8:30 AM </p>http://www.whartonpto.org/mailto:donations@whartonpto.orghttps://mail.houstonisd.org/owa/redir.aspx?C=a9G0-4Atv0SUWRBtm2HxyEr4rJo8HNFI_TwDxxP9EVgvznRuJRinUcaLKJ561kkXqRRplGSpIsc.&amp;URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.kintera.org%2fTR.asp%3fa%3d8eLMIROmEbKJKMPyB%26s%3dnlL1I9MQJeKUJaMULvG%26m%3dguJQJ9MOJjLYKhKhttp://schools.houstonisd.org/whartondla</li></ul>