WG9 Report ISO/TC211 Plenary Meeting Montreal, Canada 2005-09-15.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>WG9 Report ISO/TC211 Plenary Meeting Montreal, Canada 2005-09-15 Slide 2 WG9 Information Management 6 Work Items (5 finished, 1 active) WI 6709 Standard representation of geographic point location by coordinates WI 19127 Geodetic codes and parameters WI 19131 Data product specification WI 19135 Procedures for registration of geographical information items WI 19138 Data quality measures WI 19113 &amp; 19115 Amendments (Stage 0), `Quality Harmonization Convenor: Hiroshi Imai WG9 Meetings 1 st Bangkok (2002-05), 2 nd Gyeongju (2002-11), 3 rd Thun (2003-05), 4 th Berlin (2003-10), 5 th Kuala Lumpur (2004-05), 6 th Pallanza (2004-10), 7 th Stockholm (2005-06) 8 th Montreal, 2005-09-13, 16:00-17:00 Slide 3 ISO, ISO/TS deliverables ISO/TS 19127:2005 Geodetic codes and parameters Project Leader: Julie Binder Maitra 2005-06-23, published! Call for Registration Authority! To be discussed later in this Plenary ISO 19135:200X Procedures for registration of geographical information items Project Leader: Charles Roswell Text for IS was sent to ISO in 2005-04 (N1788) Slide 4 DIS deliverables ISO/DIS 19131 Data product specification Project Leader: Joo de Matos Editor: Robert Walker Target date for ballot: 2005-10-27 Slide 5 WI19138 Data Quality Measures Project Leader: Gerhard Joos Editor: Erik Stenborg Target: Technical Specification, TS Current status: Result of DTS Vote, N1769 (16 Yes, 2 No (US, UK), 2 Abstain, 2 not voted) Editing Committee Meeting: 2005-06-07/08, Stockholm Almost done; polish up UML diagrams, and, when approved by EC members, send it for 6-week review by MBs, and then issue it as TS Slide 6 WI 6709 Standard representation of geographic point location by coordinates Project Leader: Kevin Kirby Editor: Larry Hothem Target: IS (revision of ISO 6709:1983) Current Status: Result of CD Vote: N1821 (14 Yes, 3 No (Denmark, Japan, Korea)) Editing Committee Meeting 2005-06-06/08, Stockholm Almost done. After getting confirmation by EC members, send it to TC for 6-week review by MBs before issuing it as DIS One possible NWIP related to this project Slide 7 Investigating need for a standardized format for description of coordinate representation Partial List: ISO 6709:1983 GML and other XML flavor Compact text encoding of latitude/longitude coordinates (Microsoft) SHAPE (ESRI) DGN VPF DXF MID/MIF E00 DLG and so on... Each represents geographic point location by coordinates differently Transformation for interoperability Need the format of geographic location The encoding format should be either within the geographic location representation or within a format registry The registry should include: Unique identifier Name Version Data elements and their types Structure of the data (type of separator,...) Compression mechanism Investigate the potential demand for such a format registry with reviewing relevant issues Draft NWIP as a Stage 0 Project will be issued from WG9 Variety of data formats/profiles used to represent/encode geographic point location in character/binary/etc. Slide 8 WI 19113 &amp; 19115 Amendments (Quality Harmonization Project) Project Leader: Erik Stenborg Editor: David Danko Type: Pleliminary Work (Stage 0 Project) NWI ballot result in N1819 (2005-05-13) Revised result of voting on document N 1770 New work item proposal (stage 0): Amendment to ISO 19113:2002 Geographic information - Quality principles and ISO 19115:2003 Geographic information Metadata 19 Yes, 2 No Approved as a Stage 0 Project (Resolution 320) in Stockholm 24 Experts nominated by MBs + 10 more Meetings: Adhoc meeting in Stockholm, 2005-06 1 st meeting in Montreal, 2005-09-12/13 Slide 9 Issues Scope: Concentrate on 19113 &amp; 19115 Consider other quality-related standards where relevant Agreed to making a review summary to clarify what are the problems Made an outline of the report and a schedule Possible NWIP(s) may be submitted when the problems are identified in the report Slide 10 Issues to be covered in the report Data quality issues References: 19104, 19109, 19113, 19114, 19115, 19115:2, 19123, 19124, 19129, 19130, 19131, 19138, 9000, N1770, N1819, JTC 1 SC-24, SC-29 1.Comments to TC 211 quality standards (Erik Stenborg) 2.Data quality elements and data quality subelements (Erik Stenborg) 3.Quality concepts (Erik Stenborg) 4.UML-model harmonisation (Gerhard Joos) 5.Standardisation of semantics, taxonomy and ontology related to data quality (Norm Andersen) 6.Feature and attribute level quality (reporting quality for single instances). Link between quality requirements and 19109 (Dave Wesloh) 7.Temporal accuracy (Charles Roswell) 8.Imagery and sensor quality (Norm Andersen) Slide 11 Schedule for the Quality harmonisation project team Draft report outline and schedule2005-09-13 Extended outline submitted by subgroups2005-11-30 First draft sent to PT2005-12-31 Comments on the extended outlines2006-01-31 Second draft report2006-02-28 Comments by project team2006-03-31 Final draft reportThe Orlando meeting Possible NWIP(s) sent to the TC 211 secretariat 2006-08-10 TC 211 vote on NWIP(s):The Riyadh meeting Slide 12 WG9 Future Issues Currently, one active Work Item Depending on its review summary, possible NWIP(s) may be made related to quality harmonization Other Possible New Work Item Proposal NWIP related to 6709 Registry of coordinate representation as a Stage 0 Project (first make a Draft NWIP) </p>


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