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WFRP v3 GuideBasic Skills Athletics (St) Climbing, Swimming, Jumping, Rowing, Running Lifting Ballistic Skill (Ag) Bow, Crossbow, Thrown, Blackpowder Charm (Fel) Etiquette, Gossip, Diplomacy, Haggling, Seduction Coordination (Ag) Dodge, Balance, Acrobatics, Juggling, Dance, Knots & Ropes Discipline (WP) Resist Charm, Resist Guile, Resist Intimidation, Resist Fear, Resist Terror, Resist Torture First Aid (Int) Combat Surgery, Long Term Care, Tending Critical Wounds, Tending Normal Wounds Folklore (Int) Creature Lore, Reikland lore, Geography, Superstitions, Local customs Guile (Fel) Deception, Blather, Con games, Innuendo, Appear innocent Intimidate (St) Violence, Combat, Interrogation, Politics Intuition (Int) Detect lies, Estimate Sums, Evaluation, Gauge opponent Leadership (Fel) Military leadership, Politician, Logistics, Spiritual Leader Nature Lore (Int) Locate shelter, Locate food, Locate Water, Identify animal, identify plant Observation (Int) Eavesdropping, Tracking, Keen Vision, Minute details Resilience (To) Block, Recover fatigue, Resist disease, Resist poison, Resist starvation Ride (Ag) Horsemanship, Trick riding, Wagons, Mounted combat, Long distance travel Skullduggery (Ag) Pick pockets, Pick locks, Set traps, Disable traps, Palm objects Stealth (Ag) Silent movement: Rural -or- Urban, Hide, Ambush Weapon Skill (St) Hand Weapons, Great Weapons, Polearms, Parry, Parry w/ great weapon

Advanced Skills Animal Handling (Fel) Command, Train, Sense Disposition, Calm Animal Channeling (WP) Below Capacity, Overchanneling, Conservative, Reckless, others Education (Int) History, Geography, Reason, Language skills, Philosophy Invocation (Fel) Per diety, Traditions, Rituals, Tenets Magical Sights (Int) Observe specific Wind, Identify spell, Locate aura, dark magic, gauge strength Medicine (Int) Critical wounds, Poison, Disease, Long term care, surgery Piety (WP) Below capacity, Conservative, Reckless, Urgent need Spellcraft (Int) History of Magick, Colleges, Rank 1-5 spells Tradecraft (Varies) Smithing, Carpentry, Jewelry making, brewing, Engineering, Performance

Universal Effects

Misc:o o o o o o o


## = Gain 1 Stress or Fatigue \\ = Recover 1 Stress or Fatigue

Simple | AC Daunting | 2x AC+1 per level of training in relevant skill Opposition has relevant specialization GM spends Aggression/Cunning

Exhaust Talent = 4 recharge+1 cost per level above rank. Train Basic Skill outside = 2 Acquire Talent outside = 2 Acquire Advanced Skill outside = 4 Train Advanced Skill outside = 4 Increase Characteristic = to new rating Increase outside Characteristic = new rating +1

@=# + = tokens on the Insanity Descend into Madness If Insanities > Willpower

Corruption Resilience (xD) Check: o Chaos stars = 1 corruption o Failed checks: gain corruption = difficulty. GM may convert Corruption into Challenge dice. Corruption > Threshold: o HUMANS: draw Mutations & reduce Corruption by the severity of the Mutation. Continue until Corruption < Threshold. If # of Mutations > Toughness then transform into a Chaos Spawn.

InsanityIf Willpower is Distressed & character suffers 1+ stress to any mental trait: Gain 1 Insanity & compare listed traits. If any apply, keep it. If PC already has Insanity, add a token instead to recent Insanity. When Strained & character suffers 1+ stress or fatigue: Gain 1 Insanity (keep drawing if necessary)

Treatment 1 Discipline check per month (< must > intensity) Must succeed at x checks (x= to intensity) Failure + ## results in removing 1 success.

Condition Durations Brief (3 tokens unless otherwise specified) Dependent (noted on condition) Lingering lasts until the next extended pause or change in scene

NameBlinded Cowed

TypeLingering Brief

EffectAny sight checks gain 1 difficulty Cannot convert to Reckless dice Weapons DR-2, Armour defense -2, all others add 2 misfortune Cancels Inspired, Add 1 misfortune to all checks Cancels Sluggish, +1 manoeuvre (without fatigue) 1 extra fatigue with each manouevre, 2 fatgue on any physical action Attackers gain 1 fortune to target you While engaged, convert 1 fewer stance die, and gain 1 stress

NameIll-Fortuned Inspired

TypeBrief Lingering

EffectSuffer 1 stress each time you suffer 1+ wound Cancels Demoralized, add 1 fortune to all checks Add 2 misfortune + 1 fortune to all checks Remove 1 additional recharge from 1 card Add 1 difficulty to all physical checks

NameSluggish Staggered

TypeBrief Brief

EffectCancels Energised, +1 fatigue to every manoeuvre Stance 1 towards neutral; add 1 recharge to defense Add 1 difficulty to initiative; you cannot use the first init Add 2 misfotune to Strength checks, -2 Damage

Damaged Demoralized Energised

Lingering Lingering Brief

Intoxicated Invigorated Overwhelmed

Lingering Lingering Brief

Traumatized Weakened

Lingering Brief

Entangled Exposed

Lingering Brief

Perplexed Rattled

Brief Brief





Add 1 difficulty to all mental checks Cannot convert to Conservative dice Cannot recover Stress, mental checks gain 1 misfortune

V3.0 - This player aid was developed by Court Dimon and is designed for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.

WFRP v3 GuideHealing & RecoveryEnd of Encounter/Act1. 2. Heal Fatigue = Toughness Heal Stress = WP

Resilience Check Lightly Wounded:

Immediate Care

| ||

Overnight Rest1. 2. 3. 4. Heal Fatigue = Toughness Heal Stress = WP Heal Wounds = Toughness Resilience check (modified by the quality of location & care)

Critically Wounded:

First Aid only: recover 1W/< up to targets Toughness -or- temporarily ignore 1 critical effect for 1 day.

Successful check Recover 1 critical with a severity < # of