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westminster applicaiton low resolution

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    Admission to Master of Architecture MArch 2013, UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTERReference: 1104066789


  • 1:10 (A1) Measure Drawing, wapping 2012 October

  • Johnston Road

    Queens Road East

    Mapping of Wanchai 02/03

  • Queens Road East (South)

    Queens Road East (North)

    Johnston Road (South)

    Hong Kong is a developed city as same as New York, London and Tokyo etc. Vertical high density building become the major solution for releasing the ground floor area and the urban fabric be-comes a complex of commercial and resdidential high rise. This project is a mapping of the skyline of Wanchai district.

    All the pictures were taken by a camera sitting on tripod 60 degree upward, along the Queens East Road which is the most representative road of the complexity of commercial and residential in Hong Kong.

    The arrangement of the photo is reflecting the sequency of streets along the Queens east road.

    The skyline of the buildings create the gap above us. They are another kind of public space owned by us, but we can never touch. The Sky is a public property of the citizen. However , in Hong Kong , we can only share very little of it.

    The charactoristics of each inbetween space is given by the surrounding building. It is rarely to see similar skyline outside Hong Kong.

    Through a series of diagram, I attempted to push one more step to study the spatial quality, propor-tion, texture and language of these gaps.


  • Queens Road East (South)

    Queens Road East (North)

    Johnston Road (South)

    Mapping of Wanchai 04/05

  • 06/07Vertical Street Model - Wan Chai Architecture Centre

  • Following the Mapping Wanchai Project, I tried to go further and to explore wanchai more. Similar mapping methodology is applied and the typolo-gy of staircase, or relationship between different levels in St. Francis Yard is recoded.

    In the proposal, an architecture centre need to be design to reflect the charactoristics of Wan Chai. As St. Francis Yard was a historical site which has a typical Topography of Hong Kong Island, the idea of the design is an extended ground floor landscape, and to be a vertical street.

    St.Fransics Yard is nowaday a hip area because of the gentrification. Different restaurant, cafe and shop works together with the landscape and created a unique context. The streets are always occupied by the shops for extension of business. With the same idea, the staircase in the architec-ture centre penetrate to each floors and walking through the staircase is a transition of different function or events which is similar to St.Francis Yard.


    1:50 (3x A3) Isometric drawing - Wan Chai Architecture Centre

    HKU SPACE 2010 (Yr.3)

  • 08/09Mapping of Wan Chai Part 2, topography of Stfrancis Yard- Wan Chai Architecture Centre 08/09

  • 10/11Below Chelsea - Royal HospitalAbove Belgium, Living Unit - Elderly Care Hme, Bruge

  • Nothing is not inevitable. From a facade (outdoor) to a hallway with wall mount cupboard (indoor).Surfaces are washed away by rain water, dried by the sun and repaint by human being. Its a process of communication ,between human and the nature. And marks were left on the facade and it becomes a media of communication. They are cues of stories underneath, which cannot be read entirely, cannot be erased and cannot be rewritten. But they have occurred. We call these stories experiences which polish human and non-human. This natural process give inconspicu-ous qualities, a subtle and delicate rhythm, which are not difficult to be observed. Stay here and be drawn into trance, touch it, smell it and dont miss out any single traces. Then, they start telling you their stories.

    Thesis of year 3 final project is Revealing and Concealing the Traces. The design program is an elderly care home.

    Historical footprint of the site, Rose Garden in Wapping, is the initial idea of this project. In this project, different layers of spaces are revealed or concealed for different situation, different popula-tion mix in different time.

    Elderly Care Home Traces of Wapping

    Below Rose Garden - Elderly Care Home in WappingAbove Belgium - Elderly Care Hme, Bruge

    Kingston University 2012 (Yr.3)

  • 12/131:100 HIstorical Footprint model - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • 1:100 (A1) Concealing and Reavealing Plan - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • 14/15Concept Sketch, Concealing and Reavealing - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • Strategy Study - Elderly Care Home in WappingAbove, Niall Mclaughlin, Alzheimers Respite Centre, DublinBelow, Royal Hospital, Chelsea

  • Lock, Wharf in Wapping 16/17

  • LocksMore than one door keyholes are on the wharf timber door. Uncountable scratches are on the surface. Peo-ple can re-paint the door and keep using it for years. But the paint can not cover the scratches. The paint cannot fill up the old keyholes. The story of this door can be traced these cue.

    WallBoxes of gloves have been stored in the wall mount cupboard. Different sizes and different styles of gloves are hidden in the boxes. Boxes are stored on the cupboard in a strong order. It is a catalog.Informations are locked. It is an installation presentaing the subject of this space. It is part of the space but gives the impression of this glove shop.

    CorridorAnother series of wall mount cupboard, in a larger scale, which form a corridor. The cupboard is the space itself. Repetition of same language gives a strong order. But the slightly open doors of cupboard gave an excitment to the space, a very subtle change of the rhythm.

    StreetA series of cupboard in a larger scale. They are food kiosks connected to the food market behind. It is part of the building when it is closed. It becomes part of the street when it is opened. And it connect the build-ing,the food market, and the street. The street have an extra function becuase of the food kiosk. At the same time, the the atmosphere of the street penetrates into the market.

    Design IdeaRevealing and Concealing

    Food Kiosks, Ghent

  • 18/19 Glove Shop, Antwerp

  • Corridor, Chelsea

  • Thesis concept model, corridor - Elderly Care Home in Wapping 20/21

  • 22/23Thesis concept model2, revealing - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • Above Development model - Elderly Care Home in WappingBelow 1:100 Model (with site model) - Elderly Care Home in Wapping 24/25

  • 26/271:100(A1) Layout plan - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • 28/29Model, Layout - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • Model, Structure - Elderly Care Home in Wapping 30/31

  • 32/331:100 Model, Structure Gird - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • 1:10 (A1) Facade Detail - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • Below 1:50 (A1) Section of basement bath and ground floor garden - Elderly Care Home in WappingAbove 1:100 Model Garden - Elderly Care Home in Wapping


  • 1:10 Model, semi public space - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • 1:100 Model, Corridor - Elderly Care Home in Wapping 36/37

  • 1:10 Model, Landscape - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • 1.Infirmary2.Elderly Living Unit3.Front Yard4.Reading Room5.Therapy Pool6.Swimming Pool7.Chapel8.Memorial Garden9.Public Access to Chapel


    2. 3.



    38/391:100(A0) Sectional perspective - Elderly Care Home in Wapping

  • 1.Infirmary2.Elderly Living Unit3.Front Yard4.Reading Room5.Therapy Pool6.Swimming Pool7.Chapel8.Memorial Garden9.Public Access to Chapel