Western Nevada College 2010-2011. Institutional Accomplishments Interesting Data Remaining Challenges 2.

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  • Western Nevada College 2010-2011
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  • Institutional Accomplishments Interesting Data Remaining Challenges 2
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  • The college received a clean bill of health from our regional accreditation agency (NWCCU) NWCCU granted full baccalaureate degree granting authority to WNC Thanks to everyones hard work and sacrifice, the college survived budget cuts of nearly 20% without retrenching any staff Despite the budget cuts, because faculty was willing to accept additional enrollment in classes, the college successfully absorbed over a 10% increase in enrollment including a 41% increase in full time degree seekers (census to census) We graduated our largest class ever, 416 students, in 2009-2010 (summer graduate numbers are not in yet) 3
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  • 2009-2010 Successful Course Completion Rate: 71% Retention Rate Fall 2009 to Spring 2010: 63% 2009-2010 Updated IPEDS Graduation Rate: 20% Transfer Rate to 4-year Schools: 30% Diversity: This year, we matched our community demographic for the first time 4
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  • Respond to our current economic environment Respond to state needs Respond to NWCCU recommendations Engage our community with a major gifts campaign 12
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  • Respond to our current economic environment Address state needs/prepare for this years legislature work Address remaining accreditation issues Begin major gifts campaign Begin strategic planning for 2012-2018 13
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  • Respond to Our Environment: Changing enrollment patterns, coupled with an ongoing goal to strengthen student success rates, requires more focus on our student intake processes. Students must be prepared to succeed in the classes in which they register. This will require all our attention. Respond to State Needs: NSHE will offer a variety of actions to the next legislature, under the rubric of efficiency and effectiveness. The goal will be to negotiate the best funding possible under the current budgetary constraints, by demonstrating a willingness to make the changes necessary in the way we do business, to assure that we are effective with the funds the state can afford to provide. 14
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  • Respond to NWCCU Recommendations: As vacancies occur in every area of the college, we will continue to determine whether resources should be reallocated to full-time teaching faculty positions in areas that are uncovered at present. If we cannot assign full-time faculty to every program, we will need to reevaluate whether data supports program continuation. (Recommendation One) Respond to NWCCU Recommendations: Northwest assessment recommendation will require attention by all of us, and in particular by PARC, the senates and SPFIE. (Recommendation Two) Respond to NWCCU Recommendations: One of our major gift campaign initiatives is a project to fund a womens softball field on the Carson City campus (Recommendation Four) 15
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  • STEM initiative: Build an endowment to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics equipment needs STEM initiative: Expand the machine tool technology building STEM initiative: Build an endowment to support scholarships for students who elect to study STEM fields Student life initiative: Womens softball field on Carson campus 16
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  • SPFIE to review with WNCs internal community, the effectiveness of the 2006-2012 plan. What goals are still essential? What goals should be modified? SPFIE engages the college community and begins an environmental scan process with a SWOT analysis as part of spring 2011 start-up activity. 17
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  • Surveys and focus groups of internal and external communities to determine primary goals for the future. Based on preceding data, and in consultation with the president, SPFIE develops a preliminary plan for 2012- 2018 to present to the college community at fall 2011 start-up. Refined plan developed during the fall 2011 semester and presented to the Board of Regents for approval in spring 2012. 18
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  • Connie Capurro, after years of loyal service as a Vice President has chosen to transition back to her home in counseling The following people have retired after loyal service to the college: Mark Dorio Linda Jacks Jim Kolsky Jim Manning Laura Whitelaw 19
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  • Andrea Doran and her staff achieved NAEYC accreditation for the Child Development Center Curtis Sakamoto spearheaded the development and implementation of a new video security system for numerous locations on the Carson campus Mark Ghan successfully defended the college in an eight day jury trial in U.S. Federal District Court in Reno. The jury deliberated for less than an hour to reach a unanimous verdict in support of the college 20
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  • Teri Zutter and her staff graduated the largest GED class in the history of the college this summer (153 students) The nursing class of 09 had a 96% pass rate on the NCLEX exam Bonnie Bertocchi completed her baccalaureate degree in business management 21
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  • Brian Crowe, working with college facilities staff, reduced State Fire Marshal violations to zero at the Douglas campus Song Liu installed a new Blade server and associated software, along with a new wireless radio link, to improve service to all campus locations, including the High Tech Center 22
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  • Marilee Swirczek, Don Carlson, Sharon Tetly and Kevin Burns leadership in making the Always Lost exhibit in demand nationwide. It will open in Wisconsin this fall Carol Lange, Scott Penzel, and David Steiger collaborated with local manufacturers to acquire a $150,000 federal appropriation to train manufacturing workers Ed Martin, Randy Naylor and Laura-Lee Redwine obtained approval from the American Welding Society for the Andy Butti Welding Center to become an accredited welding test facility. WNC is the only certified test facility in the northern part of Nevada 23
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  • During 09-10 we successfully completed 9 academic program reviews and 1 administrative program review Kevin Edwards, Diane Nungary, and Katie Leao completed a thorough Tech Prep program review which identifies and affirms a new image of Tech Prep courses with recognition standards of excellence and brand recognition with all high school students. The video you have just seen is just one example of the links that are being forged with our partner high schools Mike Sady and student, Isabel Sara Flores, developed bilingual learning materials for area science teachers about climate change and the Waterfall Interpretive Trail. 24
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  • Counseling services received commendation by the NWCCU accreditation team for the Peer Mentoring, Early Alert, Peer Advising and Bridge to Success programs Library services received commendation by the NWCCU accreditation team for their efforts to support students and faculty with online resources and services; and dedicated librarians and staff Counseling services greatly enhanced and expanded the new student orientation program to include modules taught by academic faculty as well as student services staff. To date over 600 students have signed-up on-line 25
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  • Campus Connect is now a sanctioned club on campus which supports adult students and helps them connect with other members of the college community The NSHE Board of Regents named Dr. Ursula Carlson as a recipient of the Regents Teaching Award and Joshua Pierce as a Regents Scholar The Board approved WNC awarding Honorary Associate degrees to Betty Kopfhammer and Bryan Samudio for their dedication and commitment to the college Valerie Anderson led the Sustainability Committees development of a new web site for the group - http://www.wnc.edu/green/ http://www.wnc.edu/green/ 26
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  • Dan Neverett worked with the Follett Corporation to expand the companys textbook rental program to students at Western Nevada College Kevin Murphy worked with the Follett Corporation, to make additional textbook information for students available online Anne Hansen and Kevin Murphy recreated an existing college webpage into one that better meets the needs of companies and individuals seeking to do business with the college Doing Business With WNC 27
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  • Led by the efforts of Brian Crowe and Jack Piirainen, the college installed an emergency notification system in Bently Hall on the Douglas campus The financial assistance office disbursed eleven million dollars in financial aid funds in 09-10 compared to six million dollars the previous year. This represents a 43% increase in the number of unduplicated financial aid students and a 56% increase in the numbers of applications processed 28
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  • Western Nevada College received the Bronze Medallion of Merit for the colleges Annual Report, given by the National Council of Marketing and Public Relations, Southwestern Region The Specialty Crop Institute completed its ninth workshop with the second Production and Sales of Lavender held this summer at Lavender Ridge in Reno. The WNC Specialty Crop Institute also recently hosted the annual Nevada Small Farm Conference in Fallon 29
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