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Western civ compared&continuities

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  • 1. The West 600-1500What is the West anyway?

2. The WEST or Western Civilization refers toWestern Europe and then later will include theUnited States. 3. Western EuropeCompared withByzantine, Chinese,and Islamic Empire 4. In Western Europe . . There was less politicalunity and morecompetition betweenregions More militarized Is competition good? 5. In Western Europe . . The political rulers wereweaker The Church and warrior-eliteclass challengedtheir power 6. In Western Europe . . . The cities were more independent andpowerful Merchants had more freedom There was more separation betweenpolitical and religious life There was a strong emphasis onhuman REASON in academics Aristotle and Greek rationality wereemphasized 7. In Western Europe. . . Women hadhigher status Monogamy Female religiousorders No veiling norseclusion 8. CONTINUITIES W Europeancharacteristics that continued past the1400s Crusading element of Europeanexpansion Military conflicts between Europeanterritories Emphasis on reason Split in Christianity Separation of religious and politicalauthority 9. European Technology (borrowed from) Iron horseshoes & horse collar (China) Cross-bow (Arab) Gunpowder (China) Magnetic compass (China & Arab) Lateen sail (Arab) Paper (China) 10. Also . . . Heavy wheeled plow Crop rotation (3 field system) Water mills and engineering power

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