Welcome to the Crowder College Pre-College Orientation

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Welcome to the Crowder College Pre-College Orientation. Fall 2013. *Academic Timetable*. Academic Year. * period from August to July during which a normal school calendar runs . * timeframe for which financial aid is awarded . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Welcometo theCrowder CollegePre-College OrientationFall 2013*Academic Timetable*

* period from August to July during which a normal school calendar runs.* timeframe for which financial aid is awarded.* usually divided into fall, spring, & summer periods called semesters. AcademicYearSemester* separate periods that combine to make up an academic year. * classes usually run during an 8-week or 16-week period within the semester.

* generally, the number of hours per week a class meets each semester. * every class is assigned a specific number of credit hours.* cost is based on the number of credit hours a student is enrolled in per semester.2013 Fall Schedule 12 Credit HoursCreditHour

Day8:00-8:509:00-9:5010:00-10:5011:00-12:1512:30-1:45MondayLifetime Fitness & Wellness -1 hour-Speech -1 hour-College Orientation -1 hour-TuesdayEnglish Composition -1.5 hours-Intermediate Algebra -1.5 hours-WednesdayLifetime Fitness & Wellness -1 hour-Speech -1 hour-ThursdayEnglish Composition -1.5 hours-Intermediate Algebra -1.5 hours-FridaySpeech -1 hour-

Fall 2013 Academic CalendarJuly 1, 2013Financial Aid Priority Deadline for Fall SemesterAugust 19, 20131st 16 week and 1st 8 week classes beginAugust 23, 2013Fall Enrollment EndsAugust 28, 2013Financial Aid Census Date 1st 8 week classes100% Tuition & Fee Refund -1st 8 week classes endsSept. 2, 2013COLLEGE CLOSED- Labor DaySept. 3, 201350% Tuition & Fee Refund 1st 8 weeks classes endsSept. 9, 2013100% Tuition & Fee Refund 16 week classes ends100% Book Refund (on qualifying books) endsSept. 9, 2013Count day for Reports on EnrollmentFinancial Aid Census Date for 16 week classesSept. 17, 201350% Tuition & Fee Refund 16 week classes endsSept. 27, 2013Last Day to withdraw from 1st 8 week classesOct. 11, 20131st 8 week classes finalsOct. 14, 20132nd 8 week classes beginOct. 23, 2013Financial Aid Census Date 2nd 8 week classesOct. 23, 2013100% Tuition & Fee Refund 2nd 8 week ends100% Book refund (on qualifying 2nd 8 week classes) endsOct. 28, 201350% Tuition & Fee Refund 2nd 8 week endsNov. 11, 2013Priority enrollment for Sophomores 28 hours or moreNov. 14, 2013Last Day to withdraw from 16 week classesNov. 14, 2013Priority enrollment for Freshman 27 hours or lessNov. 25, 2013Open enrollment through 1st week of classesNov. 26, 2013Last day to withdraw from 2nd 8 week classesNov. 27-29, 2013COLLEGE CLOSED- Thanksgiving BreakDec. 9-13, 2013Finals for 16 week and 2nd 8 week classesDec. 13, 2013Grades are due online by 1:00pmDec. 14, 2013Graduation commencementDec. 23, 2013 -Jan. 1, 2014COLLEGE CLOSED- Winter Break*Financial Aid*

Student Financial Aid* Financial aid consists of funds provided to students and families to help pay for college expenses.Types of Financial Aid* Scholarships

* Grants

* LoansScholarships* Scholarships are not repaid.

* Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, skill, or a unique characteristic.12Grants* Grants are not repaid.

* Grants are most often awarded on the basis of financial need.

13Loans* Loans must be repaid.* Loans consist of money that students and parents borrow to help pay for college expenses.* Repayment of loans usually begins after the students education is completed.* Loans should be limited to the amount of financial need.* Loans should be considered an investment in the students future.14Key Financial Aid Terms* COA: Cost Of Attendance* EFC: Expected Family Contribution* SAR: Student Aid Report* PIN: Personal Identification Number* FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid* Submission confirmation* Financial Need

Financial Need Cost Of Attendance (COA)- Expected Family Contribution (EFC) _______________________________= Financial Need

16FAFSA* The FAFSA may be filed at any time during an award year.* An award year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year.* The FAFSA may be filed electronically or using paper form (electronic filing preferred).* The application form (FAFSA) is available in English and Spanish.* The deadline for filing a FAFSA in Missouri April 1st to receive MO Access Funds.Major Federal Aid Programs* PELL Grants

* Student Loans

PELL Awards* The Pell is an annual award.* The Pell award is based on the EFC.* The Pell is awarded in two installments most often in the fall and spring semesters. * The amount of the award is based on enrolled credit hours and adjusted accordingly.

(cont.)PELL Awards * 12+ credit hours = full time enrollment Full Pell award = $5,645

* 9-11 credit hours = time

* 6-8 credit hours = time

* 1-5 credit hours = less than time Less than time Pell award = $1,411 Student LoansStudent must be enrolled at least half time.

Entrance counseling must be completed before signing a Student loan promissory note.

* Loan applications found on Crowder website.21Attempted hours vs. Earned hours

Payment Deadlines

Fall 2013 Semester

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sign up for payment plan if needed

Serves as a students college ID card as well as a potential debit card for Crowder College financial aid refunds.

Crowder College OneCard

Financial Aid Assistance* Advisors for Crowder Colleges Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) are available for assistance with accessing federal financial aid.* For assistance call 1-866-822-1362 toll free or 1-417-455-5475. www.trio.crowder.edu/eoc28