WELCOME TO… Pinterest and Polyvore in the Classroom Let's begin with a get to know you!

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WELCOME TO Pinterest and Polyvore in the Classroom Let's begin with a get to know you! Slide 2 FOOD FOR THOUGHT You'll find boredom where these is the absence of a good idea. ~Earl Nightingale Slide 3 TEACHERS MAKE THE WORST STUDENTS. If you cant be nice, be quiet. PARTICIPATE! Take breaks as needed. Feedback is appreciated! Slide 4 Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Think of it as an online bulletin board. It is a way to digitally store ideas, virtually collaborate, and create mood boards. You can create private boards (3) You can create public boards and invite other pinners to pin as well! It has many in class applications and my students LOVE to use it. SO WHATS PINTEREST? Slide 5 SO, WHATS POLYVORE? Polyvore is a virtual closet. It is a little more difficult to use AT FIRST than Pinterest. It only works with Google Chrome at my school. Can be used in conjunction with Pinterest. Slide 6 WHATS IN IT FOR ME? Your students will be... more engaged, interested, having fun, showing and telling, challenged, creative, quicker, researching (without plagiarism), applying, sharing, collaborating, and a whole lot more. It's also less messy than making collages with fashion magazines and it is constantly updating. Best of all, it's easy to grade because it is VISUAL. Bewaregrading is subjective... Slide 7 CLASS IDEAS Apparel Cultural Project See my pinterest board. See my pinterest board. 6.01 - Dressing for different occasions, different body shapes Use Polyvore to create 1 or 3 or 5 outfits representing...fads, classics, uniforms, style, and on and on Slide 8 Adding text is simple! Students can explain why they made the choices they did. HOT because they are APPLYING. Slide 9 CLASS IDEAS 6.02 - Pin examples of quality workmanship, good fit/poor fit OR Use Polyvore to make an outfit you would wear. Print it. Hover over the clothing items and record the costs on a separate sheet. Show the MATH of cost per wear for this outfit if you will wear it 15 times in a year. Don't forget to include dry cleaning costs. Slide 10 CLASS IDEAS 7.01 - Pin the steps you took while doing your own laundry....explain the pictures and the process of each step 9.01 - Pin fibers on two boards - Natural and Manufactured - include the fibers and examples of each fiber being used in clothing/products Slide 11 FEELING DEFLATED? Keep it simple, silly. No Shame. Love the bad kids. When in doubt, wear hats. Worksheets are as fun to grade as they are to do.theyre NOT. Slide 12 KISS Slide 13 LOVE THE BAD KIDS. Slide 14 WHEN IN DOUBT, WEAR HATS. Princess crown & One on one grading Slide 15 WORKSHEETS ARE NOT FUN. Display boards and how they can help you. Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 Slide 19 Slide 20