Welcome to Mrs. Taylor's Class!!!. All About Me  Three children: almost six year old son, four year old daughter, and 3 month old son.  Married for

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Text of Welcome to Mrs. Taylor's Class!!!. All About Me  Three children: almost six year old son, four...

  • Welcome to Mrs. Taylor's Class!!!

  • All About Me

    Three children: almost six year old son, four year old daughter, and 3 month old son.Married for seven years.Love dogs, allergic to cats.Very organized and like things clear of clutter.Love reading, movies, and sweets.Like to play sports every now and then.

  • Landon


  • Classroom RulesI can follow directions the first time they are given.I can raise my hand and wait to be called upon to speak.I can remain in my assigned seat unless given permission to get up.I can keep hands, feet, and all personal objects to myself.I can treat others the way you want to be treated!!

  • Hallway and Restroom RulesHallwayI can walk in a straight line.I can keep hands, feet, and all personal objects to myself.I can travel in complete silence.I can always walk!!RestroomI can do what I need to do and get out as quickly as possible. I can do this without playing.I can clean up any mess even if I did not make it.

  • RewardsVerbal praise.StickerFive minutes of extra play time.A choice from the treasure chest.No Homework Pass

  • Consequences

    5 minutes, 10 minutes, or all free time revoked (Time-Out).Note home to parents/guardians.Call home to parents/guardians.Conference with principal.Corporal Punishment (Paddling).

  • Pet PeevesLying gets you in a lot more trouble. Honesty is always your best policy.Back talking is disrespectful and will not be tolerated.Stealing is illegal, so do not do it.If you do not agree with me, talk to me in a normal tone. I will not listen to you scream your opinion, you might be right but I won't care.People do not like tattle tails.

  • General InformationMy desk and my supplies are off limits unless otherwise given permission.When you hear the bell or whistle, stop what you are doing and give all your attention to me.

  • Class JobsEach week I will assign the class jobs.Messenger (Communications Director)- runs errands for the teacher.Line Leader (Navigator)- takes the class to all destinations.Boy/Girl Restroom Monitor (Potty Police)- maintains cleanliness of restroom and makes sure correct number of students occupy the stalls.Teacher's Assistant (Curriculum Assistant)- helps pass and collect paperwork, grade work, and prepare work.Cleaner (Sanitation and Safety Administrator)- maintains classroom cleanliness and organization.

  • Daily Schedule7:45-8:00 Unpack and begin morning work.8:30-10:00 Reading Block10:00-11:00 Math Block11:00-11:25 Recess11:27-11:52 Lunch 12:00-12:45 Itinerant 1:00-1:30 Math Interventions 1:30-2:00 Reading Interventions 2:00-2:30 Science/Social Studies 2:30-2:45 Pack and dismissal

  • Special Classes ScheduleMusic- MondayLibrary- WednesdayP.E.- FridayComputer Lab- Tuesdays and Thursdays will alternate music, library and computer lab.

  • Morning RoutineWhen you arrive:Make your lunch choiceUnpack your backpackGather materials needed (pencil, paper, folder, notebook, etc.)Quietly begin morning work

  • Turning in WorkAll assignments are to be placed in the blue file crate.If you are absent, please write a note on your work and put it in the file.No late assignments will be accepted.

  • Labeling Your PaperOn the top right corner of every paper, you should write:First and Last NameNumberDateSubjectPage Number (if applicable)Math papers and vocabulary definitions should be folded and numbered appropriately.

  • Daily WorkAll class assignments must be turned in before recess or you must work during play time.Everyone must do their own work unless assignment is group work. If working in groups, everyone must participate.Homework is to be completed and turned in at the beginning of class.No late work will be accepted.

  • Working in Group RulesYou are responsible for your own job and the assignment.If you have a question, ask 3 before me.You must be willing to help if a buddy asks.Any assignments made for the group will result in 1 grade for the group.Evaluate your group honestly based on their participation.Follow all other classroom rulesBe creative and have fun!

  • What do I do IFI need to use the restroom, but Mrs. Taylor or someone is speaking.Cross your fingers and hold hand in the air. If Mrs. Taylor nods her head yes, take the potty police and hall pass. If Mrs. Taylor shakes her head no, remain seated until restroom break. If it is an emergency, cross fingers on both hands and hold both in the air. If you are going to be sick, just go!!!! Or try to make it to a trash can please!!!I need another pencil.Hold your pencil in the air. If Mrs. Taylor nods her head yes, get a new pencil quickly and quietly without disturbing others. If Mrs. Taylor shakes her head no, wait quietly until an appropriate time.I get done with my work before everyone is ready to move on.Remain seated and read a book silently at your desk unless other options are given.

  • What do I do IFcontinuedI need assistance with my work.Raise your hand and wait quietly for help. If Mrs. Taylor is taking awhile, prop a book standing up on your desk and continue working on something else or reading quietly.If we are working and talking to your peers is appropriate (Mrs. Taylor will tell you when this is), you ask three before me.Someone comes in and is speaking with Mrs. Taylor.Continue working on whatever task you may be completing. If we are not working on a task, remain in your seat and read quietly.

  • Working in CentersGather your materials.Find an area to work where distractions are limited.Work until signaled for time to clean, then return all materials to designated area.File completed work in the blue file crate.If you finish before time to clean-up, clean-up materials, file work, and return to your seat for silent reading. You may select a book from the class library as well.

  • Selecting a Book from the Class LibraryOnly three students are permitted at the bookshelf at the same time.Use the place markers when selecting a book to ensure they remain in the correct order.If you select a book that has a check-out card, record your name and the date on the card and place it on my desk.If you select a book that does not have a check-out card, record the title, your name, and the date on a slip of paper.

  • Parent/Guardian and Student AgreementWe have read over the classroom rules, rewards, consequences, and procedures.We understand everything we have read. We agree to uphold this agreement in order to maintain a safe environment for the whole class.We also agree to uphold this agreement in order to provide ourselves with the maximum learning time possible.Parent/Guardian Signature:___________________Student Signature:__________________________