Welcome to Crowder College

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Welcome to Crowder College. We all want you to be successful!. To be successful, you need to understand : Your Responsibilities. Attend Class Campus Closures Drop Dates Maintain Good Academic Standing Accommodations Complete Forms as needed FERPA Respect our Campus Payment Deadlines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to Crowder College

Welcome to Crowder College

1We all want you to be successful!

Heres a recent shot of the Crowder College Nevada staff. Donna is our Campus Director, Im the Student Services Coordinator, and Joleen is our Office Manager. Monte, Russ and Betty are Support Services Staff and Leona is their office manager. We have several workstudy staff on duty as well. All of us are committed to one thing helping you to be successful. 2To be successful, you need to understand: Your ResponsibilitiesAttend ClassCampus ClosuresDrop DatesMaintain Good Academic StandingAccommodationsComplete Forms as neededFERPARespect our CampusPayment DeadlinesCrowder One Student IDFinancial AidA+

Heres an outline of what we will be discussing today. These bullet points are critical to your success here. Ill try to be brief, but its very important that you understand these things. Please if you have a question at any time be sure to ask! Remember if you are not sure of something, most likely you are not alone. By asking questions you are helping everyone.


Attend ClassContact your instructor if you have to miss a class.Dont just stop attending class if you wish to drop it!

Your attendance rates are one of the two leading indicators of whether or not you will be successful. 90% of students who miss less than a week worth of school graduate. However students who miss more than two weeks of school fail on average two classes. Insert graduation picture

Having said that, from time to time you will probably have to miss a class. When this happens, make sure you contact your instructor preferably ahead of time. Dont call the office as we have very little contact with your instructor and probably wont be able to assist you. Your syllabus will have appropriate contact information for your instructors.

4Campus Closures:EventLinkCrowder homepageLocal ChannelsLocal Radio Stations

February 3, 2014 100% tuition and fees refund with 100% Book Buy Back ends

February 11, 2014 50% tuition and fees refund

April 15, 2014 last day to withdraw 0% tuition and fees refund

Spring 2014 Drop Dates

If you decide you dont like a class whatever you do, dont just stop attending! This will have long-term consequences that can be avoided by simply stopping by the office and withdrawing from a class. Make sure you pay attention to our drop dates. In your folder you will find a list of the drop dates. Please pull that out so we can take a look at it. The drop date is important to all students, because of the potential cost involved in dropping a class, but if you have financial aid it is even more critical and we will discuss that later in the presentation. 6Maintain Good Academic StandingAcademic Warning Academic Probation LOC 103Academic Suspension Suspended from attending

Studies show that more than 95% of students with a B average in their freshman year graduate. Freshman with less than a C average are more likely to drop out than graduate. Because of this we have a system in place to help keep you on track.

If your grades fall below a 2.0 you will be placed on warning. This is just to alert you that you need to get your grades up, but there arent any real consequences other than your poor grades at this time.

If at any time you have 2 semesters below a 2.0 or you have a cumulative gpa of less than 2.0 you will go on Academic Probation. When you go on probation you will be required to take LOC 103 in order to enroll again. LOC 103 is a learning class in most cases it wont apply toward your degree, but it will hopefully be helpful in getting you back on track academically.

Finally you can be suspended. Depending on the circumstances, this suspension can be anywhere from one semester, one year or even lifetime suspension from Crowder College.

7Do you need Accommodations for a Disability?Fill out application and bring to Delpha CrainProvide documentation to Christy Manning as needed

Sometimes students have disabilities that may prevent them from reaching their full potential. Please if you have a disability and will need accommodations come see me. I will have you fill out an application and forward it onto Christy Manning who is our Disability Services Coordinator. She may need you to provide documentation, but we will do what we can to assist you. Some common accommodations include note takers, additional test time, and preferential seating. 8What are the two greatest factors of success for you here at Crowder College?Attendance and Grades9

Complete Forms as Needed

Enrollment FormDrop/Add FormWithdrawal from all Classes FormChange of Major FormChange of Name/AddressApplication for Graduation FormTranscript Release

As you can see, we have a form for almost everything! Since you are here, Im going to assume you have enrolled in classes. Which means you have already come across our enrollment form. The rest I am sure you will come across over your time here at Crowder. Most of these forms are self-explanatory however, I really need you to understand is that it is critical for you to come in and see us whenever you need to make changes to your records. Failure to fill out the appropriate forms can cause you difficulties later.

10FERPAConsent to Release RecordsNon-Disclosure of Directory Information

FERPA is the educational equivalent to HIPPA. Weve all heard of HIPPA and know that hospitals, drs etc cant disclose your medical records without your consent. FERPA is a similar law that requires educational institutions to keep your records confidential. This means that if a parent or friend calls in wanting to ask anything about you we are not legally allowed to discuss anything with them. This can sometimes cause problems when new students rely on their parents to help them navigate the educational process, because if your parent calls in wanting to discuss financial aid or your account we arent able to talk with them. The way to solve this problem is to sign a consent to release records. You will find a consent form in your packet. Please take it out now so you can see what Im talking about. You will notice that you can mark exactly what you want to us to be able to disclose to them for instance if you want them to be able to talk to them about your account but not your grades just mark the appropriate boxes. If you dont fill this out, we will assume you do not wish us to disclose any information and when/if they call us we will direct them back to you for information.

Please find the form marked Non-Disclosure of Directory Information in your folders. FERPA does specifically allow us to disclose directory information such as your name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, honors and awards and dates of attendance without your consent. If this is not something you wish to have shared you need to fill out the Non-Disclosure of Directory Records form so we can be sure not to share that information.


Respect our Campus

Smoke only in designated areasPark in designated areasNo food or drinks in the computer labDont download games, music etc on the campus computersDont bring your children to class or to the computer lab

Donna has already discussed this with you However, its important enough I am going to repeat it! 12What is the last day to drop for a full refund?February 3rd13Payment DeadlinesSpring 2014 accounts must have one of the following payment arrangements in place by January 14, or classes will be dropped.

Account paid in fullFinancial aid in order Scholarships or outside funding Nelnet monthly payment option

Account paid in fullFinancial aid in order - you may confirm your Financial Aid status and view document tracking by visiting the Finance tab on the My Crowder portal. Scholarships or outside funding - must be confirmed with the Cashiers Office 417-455-5402 or 417-455-5598Nelnet monthly payment optionTo participate in Nelnet monthly payment option:Login to the My Crowder portal at https://my.crowder.edu/icsSelect the Finances tabIn the Payment Plan Option section, select the e-cashier Monthly Payment Plan icon


So break into that piggy bank folks!

What? You dont think youre piggy bank is quite full enough to pay for college? 16Pell GrantsStudent LoansWork StudyOutside ScholarshipsA+

Or, if you dont have a fat piggy bank stuffed full for your college fund there are other ways to pay for college. Well spend a little time discussing your options.

Well discuss each of the types of financial aid available to students briefly. Remember if anyone has any questions about any of the forms of financial aid, its highly likely you are not alone and I would welcome questions at any point. 17Financial Aid tips:Complete your FAFSA earlyWe can help you on the Nevada CampusBe proactive check in oftenFAFSA covers Fall, Spring and Summer semesters

We dont know when you are getting your aid! Dont ask just be patient!

Free $$$Requires DocumentationMay or may not cover all your bill

While not everyone qualifies for Pell Grants, Pell grants are one of the most popular forms of Financial Aid. You may qualify for Pell Grants based on the information you provide on your FAFSA. Whats important to note is that while this is free money from the government in that you will never have to pay them back, you may need to provide documentation. Sometimes the financial aid office just needs a little bit of additional documentation, however at times they may need quite a bit more. I know it can be frustrating when you have to bring in a lot of different documents, but this is just part of the requirement for receiving thi