Weinland Park Community Civic Association Meeting Notes - September 23, 2015

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Weinland Park Community Civic Association Meeting Notes - September 23, 2015


Weinland Park Community Civic AssociationSummary of Meeting of September 23, 2015

Brandyn McElroy called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m. in the Schoenbaum Family Center.

Mr. McElroy encouraged residents to sign up for automatic reminder calls for the monthly civic association meetings.

ADAMH levy. Dr. Delaney Smith, medical director of the Alcohol, Drug, And Mental Health Board of Franklin County, spoke to the renewal of the levy for substance abuse and mental health services. The renewal will be on the ballot in November as Issue 14. She said about 71 percent of the ADAMH Boards funds come from the levy, and about 92 percent of the ADAMH Boards budget goes to prevent and treatment services.

Susan Jennings of North Central Mental Health Services spoke to the work of her agency, which receives funding support from the ADAMH Board. She said North Central has volunteers who work with her agency and additional volunteers are welcome. ADAMH pays for services at North Central for persons with no insurance or Medicaid.

Rep. Stinziano. Mr. McElroy introduced State Rep. Michael Stinziano, who represents the 18th District which includes Weinland Park. Mr. Stinziano said he that he will be on the ballot for Columbus City Council in November.

Self-defense. Julie A. Leoffler of Mid-Ohio IMB said people must be mentally prepared to keep themselves safe. She asked folks to start thinking about what they have done in the last six months to keep themselves safe. She offers classes on various types of self-defense. She can be reached at (614) 286-3431, www.midohioimb.com and Julie@midohioimb.com.

Newsletter boxes. Jen Mankin asked for residents who will permit a small newsletter distribution box to be affixed to their front fences. She will help volunteers to install the boxes. The civic association purchased 24 boxes to distribute its newsletter.

Housing fair. Terry Althouse said the first Housing Resource Fair was held last January at Godman Guild Association. The turnout was very good. As a result, Godman Guild is hosting a second free Housing Resource Fair on Saturday, October 10, from noon to 3 p.m.

Concert. Godman Guild will hold a free reggae music concert with Mark Hunter on Sunday, October 4, from 2 to 4 p.m. in the guilds garden.

Civic positions. Mr. McElroy recognized Robert Caldwell, former president of the civic association, who was in attendance. Mr. McElroy also noted that the civic association has several vacancies among officers and committee chairs. He urged folks to volunteer for these positions and to attend civic association committee meetings.

Trauma-informed community development. Steve Sterrett announced that representatives of BRIDGE Housing, based in San Francisco, will visit Weinland Park to discuss their model of trauma-informed community development (TICD). Families and individuals who experience trauma in their lives, such as poverty, domestic abuse, violence, and crime, dont necessarily respond to traditional community organizing techniques. BRIDGE Housing, which builds and manages housing for low-income families, uses TICD to more effectively work with these families and individuals. Weinland Park residents are welcome to attend either one of two presentations by BRIDGE Housing on October 13 and 14. Contact Steve Sterrett, consultant with the Weinland Park Collaborative, to obtain an invitation. He is at (614) 262-4586 and sterrett.1@osu.edu.

Memorial. Mr. Sterrett reported First Congregational Church has paid for installation of a bench in Weinland Park to honor Dorothy Cromartie who died in 2007 at age 95. She lived in Weinland Park for many years. As a senior citizen, she was active in the local chapter of AARP, a Sunday School teacher at First Congregational, a volunteer at Faith Mission, and a leader of a Girl Scout troop in Weinland Park. She also served on the University Area Commission and on the board of Godman Guild Association. A dedication ceremony for the bench will be held later in October.

Feral cats. John Grosvenor expressed concern about persons feeding feral cats in Weinland Park. He spoke with Cat Welfare representatives who agree that its not appropriate to feed feral cats. He said folks are driving into Weinland Park on a regular basis to leave food for the cats. He encouraged residents to call the city at 311 to complain when they see food being set out.

Make a Difference Day. Michael Wilkos said Weinland Park will be a site for Make a Difference Day on Saturday, October 24. He invited people to sign up to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs throughout Weinland Park that day beginning at 9 a.m. Lunch will be served at Godman Guild at noon. He said 50 persons have already signed up.

Candidate. Joshua Clark explained that he is running for state representative in the 18th District to succeed Michael Stinziano. He will be on the ballot in the Democratic primary in March 2016.

Neighborhood Pride. Mr. McElroy said Neighborhood Pride was very successful the week of September 14-18. He noted that 75 code enforcement orders were written during the week. He said an energy audit program will be offered for the next 30 days without charge to any Weinland Park resident and $30 will be donated to the civic association for each audit done.

Fourth & Summit. Chris Orban, chair of the civic associations Mobility Committee, explained that he and others are talking with MORPC staff and with the Italian Village Societys Complete Streets Committee about changing the designation of North Fourth and Summit streets as U.S. Route 23. He said they arent sure yet whether to advocate for North Fourth and Summit streets to return to two-way. He asked for volunteers to assist in these conversations.

Mr. McElroy adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.



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