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<ul><li><p>BOYFRIEND </p><p>JEANS EDITION</p></li><li><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 1</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> FA</p><p>SHIO</p><p>NSe</p><p>ptem</p><p>ber</p><p> 06,</p><p> 20</p><p>15 |</p><p> 14</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> FA</p><p>SHIO</p><p>NSe</p><p>ptem</p><p>ber</p><p> 06,</p><p> 20</p><p>15 |</p><p> 15</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> FA</p><p>SHIO</p><p>NSe</p><p>ptem</p><p>ber</p><p> 06,</p><p> 20</p><p>15 |</p><p> 16</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> Fa</p><p>shio</p><p>nSe</p><p>ptem</p><p>ber</p><p> 06,</p><p> 20</p><p>15 |</p><p> 22</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> Fa</p><p>shio</p><p>nSe</p><p>ptem</p><p>ber</p><p> 06,</p><p> 20</p><p>15 |</p><p> 08</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> Fa</p><p>shio</p><p>nSe</p><p>ptem</p><p>ber</p><p> 06,</p><p> 20</p><p>15 |</p><p> 08</p></li><li><p>I always wash my </p><p>face and remove all </p><p>makeup no matter </p><p>how late its gotten </p><p>or how tired I am. </p><p>9-10 hours of sleep </p><p>is very important </p><p>to me. My go to </p><p>moisturiser is </p><p>Kiehls Midnight </p><p>Recovery Concentrate </p><p>and I never skip </p><p>Pharmaceuticals </p><p>sunblock before </p><p>I step out of the </p><p>house.</p><p>I would like to visit Japan. Their gardens and meditation retreats are very intriguing. There is so much to explore, from the Sakura tunnel tothe Kawachi Fuji garden. I would definitely consider it for my next vacation. </p><p>Q: Whats your beauty secret/beauty es-sential? </p><p>I still havent been able to learn my way</p><p> around </p><p>Karachi (I moved from Lahore, after ge</p><p>tting </p><p>married) so my answer for everything i</p><p>s pretty much Aghas.</p><p>Best way for me to de-stress is to run t</p><p>o the gym; its </p><p>probably the best way to release tensio</p><p>n and gives me a new </p><p>perspective on things.</p><p>Q: How do you de-stress?</p><p>I love beach and spa resorts away from hectic city life and the Maldives by far is my favourite.</p><p>Q: Your favourite getaway?</p><p>Q: Your go to shop/supermarket for anything and everything in the city?</p><p>Q: Favourite city in the world?The city of London</p><p>; home away from home.</p><p>the Perks of</p><p>Sasha Barket</p><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> lif</p><p>est</p><p>yle</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 3</p><p>6M</p><p>y pr</p><p>oude</p><p>st m</p><p>omen</p><p>t has</p><p> bee</p><p>n gi</p><p>ving</p><p> birt</p><p>h to</p><p> my </p><p>daug</p><p>hter</p><p> Nat</p><p>alia</p><p>. She</p><p>s a</p><p>maz</p><p>ing!</p><p>Q: Proud</p><p>est mom</p><p>ent in yo</p><p>ur career/</p><p>life thus</p><p> far?M</p><p>y pr</p><p>oude</p><p>st m</p><p>omen</p><p>t has</p><p> bee</p><p>n gi</p><p>ving</p><p> birt</p><p>h to</p><p> my </p><p>daug</p><p>hter</p><p> Nat</p><p>alia</p><p>. She</p><p>s a</p><p>maz</p><p>ing!</p><p>Q: What is your dream vacation destination?</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> FO</p><p>OD</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 3</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> FO</p><p>OD</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 3</p><p>9</p><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> FO</p><p>OD</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 3</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> tr</p><p>avel</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 4</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> tr</p><p>avel</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 4</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> tr</p><p>avel</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 4</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> LIF</p><p>EST</p><p>YLE</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 4</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> Hau</p><p>te </p><p>soci</p><p>ete</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 4</p><p>8</p><p>Kamran Faiq &amp; Khizer SyalFahad HussaynQYT &amp; Resham</p><p>Fareshteh &amp; Maheen Karim</p><p>Abbas Jafri</p><p>Anusheh Shahid</p><p>Hasnain, Ali Xeeshan, </p><p>Omar Farooq &amp; Nomi Ansari</p><p>Omar Farooq</p><p>Sana Ansari</p><p>Samra Muslim</p><p>Salima &amp; Amin Feerasta</p><p>Ainy Jaffri</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> Hau</p><p>te </p><p>soci</p><p>ete</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 5</p><p>0</p></li><li><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> Hau</p><p>te </p><p>soci</p><p>ete</p><p>Sept</p><p>embe</p><p>r 0</p><p>6, 2</p><p>015</p><p> | 5</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>HOROSCOPEAries.</p><p> (21st March 20 April)This week will be very peaceful and will bring positive </p><p>changes in your personality. You will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere at home and will spend most of your time </p><p>with family. If your result is due this week than there are great chances of success for you. Office troubles will </p><p>also resolve. Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 9</p><p>Lucky Colors: White, Red, Yellow. </p><p>Leo.(24th July 23rd August)</p><p>This week will bring joy to your life and good health as well. You will be more inclined towards </p><p>religion. Be charitable. Your family will extend their support. This week will be goodfor making new friends. You should control your anger from </p><p>getting the best of you. Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 5</p><p>Lucky Colors: Yellow, Orange, Golden</p><p>Sagittarius.(23rd November 21st December) Travel is on the calendar for you this week and will prove beneficial. Be charitable for mental </p><p>peace. You will meet religious peoplewho influence your spirituality. You will defeat your enemies easily. Donate as much as possible.</p><p>Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 6Lucky Colors: Orange, Green, Yellow.</p><p>Taurus. (21st April - 21st May)</p><p>This week will be a great time to make purchases like vehicle and property plus making investment </p><p>as well. You will earn some extra money this week. Relationshipswith your siblings will improve. Your </p><p>health will also take a turn for the better. Keep an eye on your friends and colleagues as they will try to harm </p><p>you this week.Lucky Numbers: 6, 5, 8</p><p>Lucky Colors: Green, Pink</p><p>Virgo. (24th august 23rd September)</p><p>This week will not be as good for you as your ex-penses will increase and you will spend more money on useless things. Try to control your expenditures. </p><p>This week there are forces at play against you so control your anger and avoiding confrontations. Your marital relation will face some disturbance so try to </p><p>sort it out with kindness and compassion.Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 6</p><p>Lucky Colors: Green.</p><p>Capricorn.(22nd December 20th January) </p><p>Drive safely this week and take care of your health. Try to avoid confrontations. This is not a good time </p><p>to make an investment. Your friends will extend their support. Relations with in-laws can turn sour so be </p><p>careful. Control your emotions. Your love life will also face some issues.</p><p>Lucky Numbers: 6, 7, 8Lucky Colors: Black.</p><p>Gemini.(22nd May 21st June)</p><p>Geminis will make most of this week as the moon will be in their favour for the first two days. If you are </p><p>unemployed then chances of finding a job during these days will increase. Finances will also stablise. A short </p><p>trip is also on the cards. Take a good care of your health this week. </p><p>Lucky Numbers: 5, 3Lucky Colors: Green, Light Yellow</p><p>Libra. (24th September 23rd October)</p><p>This week will be excellent for you as you will receive extra money. Starting a business venture now will increase chances of success.You will a good week </p><p>with your friends. Winning a lottery or price bond is also possible. This is a good time to meet new people </p><p>as they will prove beneficial in the future. Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 2</p><p>Lucky Colors: White, Blue</p><p>Aquarius. (21st January 19th February) </p><p>This week is the perfect time to start a partnership and import export business. If you are currently doing one </p><p>of them your business will flourish and you will find new customers as well. You will take exceptional decisions </p><p>this week which will help you in future. Love life and mar-ried life will be smooth. A long distance journey can also </p><p>happen. Good time to file your immigration case. Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 2Lucky Colors: Blue, violet </p><p>Cancer.(22nd June 23rd July) </p><p>This week will prove to be very good for your career. Your bosses will appreciate your hard work and dedication. </p><p>There is also a chance for promotion. Travel will not ben-efit you. Try to control your extra expenses this week. </p><p>Your love life will be good and relationships will improve. Donate red things on Sunday.</p><p>Lucky Numbers: 9, 7Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow.</p><p>Scorpio.(24th October 22nd November)</p><p>You will earn respect and benefits from the government. Relationship with father will be good. If you are thinking </p><p>of setting up your own business then its the right time to do so. Good time to get married. Marital relations will also </p><p>be smooth.Lucky Numbers: 9</p><p>Lucky Colors: Orange, Brown</p><p>Pisces.(20th February 20th March)</p><p>Health wise this week will not be good. Your pending work will be further delayed. Your relatives will try to harm your image in the family. Keep yourself in com-</p><p>pany of good people. Your enemies will grow in number. Keeping quiet and calm will be your best strategy this </p><p>week. Donate red things on Sunday.Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 9</p><p>Lucky Colors: Pink, yellow. </p><p>by Liaquat Sibtain</p><p>Birthdays This Week</p><p>Omar Jamil Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi Shoaib Khan</p><p>wee</p><p>ken</p><p>d |</p><p> ast</p><p>ro</p><p>log</p><p>ySe</p><p>ptem</p><p>ber</p><p> 06,</p><p> 20</p><p>15 |</p><p> 62</p></li><li><p>Back Page-Inside Back PageInside Front Pagep-10-11p-12p-1-2-3p-13p-14-15-16p-17p-18p-19p-20p-21p-22p-23p-24-25p-26-27-28-29-30p-31-32-33p-34p-35p-36p-37p-38-39p-4p-40-41p-42-43-44p-45p-46p-47p-48p-49p-5p-50-52p-51p-53-54-55-56p-57p-58-59-60-61p-6p-62p-63-64p-7p-8-9Title</p></li></ul>