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http://netstrategies.com This week, our internet marketing staff offers five alternative methods for producing video content for the Web. Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/InternetMktgTV and http://twitter.com/NetStrategies

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  • 1.
    • 5 Alternatives
  • To Video Cameras

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  • You don't need to buy expensive video equipment to produce quality web video content.


  • Here are some easy alternatives to using a video camera!

4. 1.Camera Phones

  • Most likely, your cell phone contains a small video camera.You can use
  • it to record short videos which you can upload to your computer and distribute across the Web.

5. 1.Camera Phones

  • Be sure to make sure you have your camera set on a steady surface for the best picture quality.

6. 2.Screen Capture

  • Programs like Jing, CmStudio,
  • and Debut Video Capture allow you to record screencasts as you work.

7. 2.Screen Capture

  • If you have a microphone, you will be able to record the
  • audio as well.

8. 3.PowerPoint Presentations

  • Sites like Slideshare
  • allow you to upload PowerPoint
  • presentations and turn them into slidecasts.

9. 3.PowerPoint Presentations

  • You can control how long each slide is displayed for the viewers and add links back to your site.

10. 4.Built-in Webcams

  • Sites like Youtube and Facebook allow you to upload and distribute
  • videos recorded directly from your computer's built in camera/mic.

11. 5.Conference Recording

  • Call recording programs such as wetoku and skype allow you to
  • record two way video conversations through your computer's webcam and save them for web
  • distribution.


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