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Weather Accident Accident Prevention

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Weather Accident Accident Prevention. Aviation Safety Program. Objectives Provide the Flight Deck, ATM & AOC with Higher Fidelity, More Timely Intuitive Graphical Information Detect and Mitigate Weather Hazards. Tethered Weather Display in a Honeywell Cessna Citation Cockpit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Weather Accident Accident Prevention

  • Weather Accident Accident PreventionObjectivesProvide the Flight Deck, ATM & AOC with Higher Fidelity, More Timely Intuitive Graphical InformationDetect and Mitigate Weather HazardsElementsAviation Weather Information (AWIN)Weather Information Communications (WINCOMM)Turbulence Detection and Mitigation (TDAM)

    Aviation Safety ProgramContactsWxAP Project Manager: Ron Colantonio (216) 433-6370; [email protected] Element Lead: Paul Stough (757) 864-3860; [email protected] Element Lead: Gus Martzaklis(216) 433-8966; [email protected] Element Lead: Rod Bogue (661) 258-3193; [email protected] Weather Display in a Honeywell Cessna Citation Cockpitshowing convective activity over the continental United States

  • Aviation System Monitoring and ModelingObjectivesProvide decision-makers within air carriers, air traffic management, and other government & industry groups with regular, accurate, & insightful measures of health, performance, & safety of National Aviation System (NAS)ASMM products will provide technology & procedure developers with reliable predictions of system-wide effects arising from changes introduced into the aviation system

    ElementsData Analysis Tools & Intramural Monitoring (DATIM)--Develop tools for carriers to continuously monitor internal performance & safetyExtramural Monitoring (EM)--System-wide survey mechanism for monitoring overall safety of NAS & evaluating effects of changesModeling and Simulations (MS)--Predictions and risk assessments using data collected by monitoring elementsInformation Sharing (IS)--Develop reliable and secure infrastructure for exchange of dataAviation Safety ProgramContactsASMM Project Manager: Yuri Gawdiak(650) 604-4765; [email protected] Element Lead: Irv Statler (650) 604-6654; [email protected] Element Lead: Linda Connell(650) 604-6654; [email protected] Element Lead: Mary Connors(650) 604-6114: [email protected] Element Lead: Yuri Gawdiak

    PDARSPerformance Data

    Analysis &Recording System

  • System-Wide Accident PreventionObjectivesAddress aviation safety issues associated withHuman errorProcedural non-complianceReduce aviation accident rates byReducing or mitigating human error Understanding key man/machine interface issues

    ElementsHuman-Error Modeling (HEM)--Development of predictive models for human error in human/system operationsMaintenance Human Factors (MHF)--Develop products to support improved maintenance operations Training--Develop more effective training procedures, aids, curricula, simulations, and crew performance measurement techniques Aviation Safety ProgramContactsSWAP Project Manager: Tina Beard (650) 604-1327; [email protected] Element Lead: Jay Shively (650) 604-6249; [email protected] Element Lead: Barb Kanki (650) 604-5785; [email protected] Element Lead: Key Dismukes(650) 604- 0150: [email protected]

    Web site--

  • Accident MitigationObjectivesIncrease human survivability in accidentsIncrease human survivability in post-crash firesPrevent in-flight fires & explosionsElementsSystems Approach to Crashworthiness (SAC)Fire Prevention (FP)

    Aviation Safety ProgramContactsAM Project Manager: Doug Rohn (216) 433-3325; [email protected] Element Lead: Lisa Jones (757) 864-4148; [email protected] Element Lead: Bryan Palaszewski (216) 977-7493; [email protected] crash tests to validate dynamic crash analysis and to evaluate structural concepts