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  • 1.Need of wearable biosensors What is a biosensor ? Types Of Wearable Biosensors Applications Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion

2. remote monitoring of patients. training support for athlete. monitoring of individuals who work with hazardous elements. tracking of professional truck drivers vital signs to alert them of fatigue. 3. Biosensor is an analytical device,which converts a biological Response into electrical signal 4. Biosensor Consists of 3 parts: 1. Biological component 2. Physiochemical component. 3. Signal processor. 5. RING SENSOR. SMART SHIRT. 6. DEVELOPMENTS Smart Shirt Ring Sensor 7. LEDs and Photodiodes. First stage amplifier. Sample and Hold circuit. Signal Conditioner. CPU. RF Transmitter. 8. Continous monitoring. Easy to use. Reducing hospitalization fee. 9. Initial cost is high. Limited number of physiological parameters can be monitored. 10. SMART SHIRT SYSTEM 11. Medical monitoring Combat casualty care Sports/Performance monitoring Space experiments Mission Critical/hazardous application APPLICATIONS OF SMART SHIRT 12. o Easy to wear and take off. o Continous monitoring 13. Initial cost is high. Battery life is less. 14. Smart shirt technology opens up existing opportunities to develop adaptive & responsive systems that can think & act based on the user conditions stimuli & environment. Certain individuals are susceptible to anaphylaxis reaction (an allergic reaction) when stung by a bee or spider and need a shot of adrenaline immediately to prevent further fatalities. by applying advancements in MEMS(Micro-Electrochemical systems) technology we can achieve that. The Smarts shirts delta acquisition capabilities can be used to detect the condition when an individual is lapsing into a diabetic shock and this integrated feedback mechanism can provide the appropriate response to prevent a fatality. 15. It is anticipated that the smart shirt will bring personalized and affordable healthcare monitoring to the population at large. Limitations:sensitivity and battery life. Advanced technologies such as the smart shirt have at partial to dramatically alter its landscape of healthcare deleivery and at practice of medicine as we know them today.it is leading to the realization of Affordable healthcare, anyplace,anytime,anyone.