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WE WILL WALK, RUN, SWIM, CYCLE… · Now we want to go further, faster. Within 20 years we want to see three quarters of people surviving all cancers. We fund over 4,000 scientists,

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Text of WE WILL WALK, RUN, SWIM, CYCLE… · Now we want to go further, faster. Within 20 years we want to...

  • LET’S BEAT CANCER SOONER.cruk.org/sportchallenges



  • I tell all of my patients that having surgery to remove oesophageal cancer is like running a marathon, because it takes its toll on even the fittest people.

    Saying that to one patient triggered an idea to enlist a team of my medic colleagues to run a marathon to boost awareness of oesophageal cancer, and to raise funds for life-saving research. We raised a massive £29,000 from the New York Marathon, and we now plan to cycle between all the major cancer treatment centres in the UK.

    Our journey, as a team, is a marathon, and it won’t finish until we’ve beaten cancer.


    ‘For me, Cancer Research UK means possibilities –

    because research will make a massive

    difference to people’s lives.‘


    Taking on a challenge as a team makes raising money


  • LET’S BEAT CANCER SOONERThank you for joining us in our fight to beat cancer sooner. We are thrilled to have you on our team.

    Incredible people like you are our most powerful weapon against cancer. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have funded research which helped double survival rates in the UK over the last 40 years. But we can’t stop there, we know that we’ve got a lot of work still to do – every step we make towards beating cancer relies on every pound raised.

    You’re helping to make the extraordinary possible. Let’s beat cancer sooner.


    PROTECT OUR SCIENTISTS£100 helps to ensure that five of our scientists are as safe as possible as they carry out their life-saving research. Thanks to you, they’ll each get kitted out with a lab coat, box of gloves and goggles. The lab can be a hazardous place; this will keep them well protected.

    KEEP US CHATTING£400 is the cost of running Cancer Chat, our moderated discussion forum, for a day. Cancer Chat helps thousands of people through very difficult times each year. It is a safe online space open for anyone to discuss the disease, from symptoms and treatment, to living with cancer.

    KEEP THINGS BALANCED£2,000 is what it costs to ensure that our scientists are being as precise as possible. Breakthroughs will only happen if we’re spot-on with our measurements, so £2,000 buys a balance to weigh out exact amounts of chemicals, important for the success of crucial cancer research experiments.



  • FUND BRAIN CANCER TRIALS £5,500 covers the cost of a clinical trial to improve surgery for brain tumours for a month. Our pioneering research, to make brain tumour cells ‘glow’ during surgery, is helping doctors to remove as much of the tumour as possible, whilst leaving healthy tissue undamaged.

    WORLD CLASS KNOWLEDGE£6,000 will allow us to send our brightest and best scientific sparks across the globe to engage with the best researchers in the world. Academic conferences act as an accelerator for new ideas and discoveries, and global collaborations are the key to beating cancer sooner.

    FUND RESEARCH INSTITUTESIn 2015 our incredible Paris Marathon team raised £75,000. This amount will support a research group at the Beatson Institute in Glasgow for a month. Our institutes are hubs of groundbreaking research, where scientists work tirelessly to understand how and why cancer develops.



  • OUR GREAT PROGRESS We’ve seen incredible progress in our life-saving research over the last 40 years in the UK, but we can’t stop there. Every step we make towards beating cancer relies on you.

    1970sIn the 1970s less than a quarter of people with cancer survived their disease for 10 years or more.

    TODAY Today around half of people diagnosed with cancer will survive.

    TOMORROWNow we want to go further, faster. Within 20 years we want to see three quarters of people surviving all cancers.

    We fund over 4,000 scientists,

    doctors and nurses across

    the UK.


    Significant challenges lie ahead. The risk of being diagnosed with cancer

    is rising. By working together we will beat more cancers sooner. Our work is only possible because of your generosity.

    Thank you for your support.

    Ten-year survival for breast, skin and testicular

    cancer is now above 75%, but we want to make it 75% across

    all cancers.

  • Each year we spend over £300 million on world-class research. We receive no government funding for our research, so our life-saving work relies on the money you raise. From understanding what causes cancer and how it develops, to developing new treatments, diagnostic tests and screening techniques; it wouldn’t be possible without you.


  • Online Fundraising websites, like JustGiving.com, are brilliant. They make it quick, safe and easy for your supporters to sponsor you, and can be set up in seconds.

    Have a look at our online fundraising boosters further in this booklet.


  • FUNDRAISINGWhen it comes to hitting your fundraising target, it isn’t just down to sponsorship. Hosting an event, or setting up a bake sale at work are perfect ways to get those pounds rolling in too.

    We know that people on our team who start their fundraising early are the ones who raise the most. So what are you waiting for? Whip up some cakes, and get going today!



    News travels fast these days – once you tellpeople, they pass it on, and suddenly everyoneseems to know! Tweeting, posting photos or

    blogging about your training keeps everyone up to date and involved, and shows how much you

    deserve their support. It’s easy to set up an event page on Facebook. Invite people to

    support you on the day, and ask for donations at the same time.

    SHARE A TARGETSetting a goal could help you raise up to 46% more. Hit your target? It’s time to push it up again!

    POST YOUR PROGRESSSharing updates about how your training and fundraising is going could help you raise an extra 6%.

    #SELFIEPeople love seeing what you’re up to – each photo can help raise 14% more.

    Once you’ve set up your fundraising page, you’re halfway there. But, with a few tiny tweaks, you can get even more pennies pouring in. Here are JustGiving’s top ways to improve your page.


    GIFT AIDMake sure you ask your sponsors to include Gift Aid if they are UK taxpayers. It adds 25%

    to the amount they give you – that’s an extra £1 for every £4 donated, which makes a

    massive difference.

    EXPERT HELPWe couldn’t squeeze all of our top tips in here. You’ll find more tools and advice on our website, just go to cruk.org/fundraising

    DOUBLE UPLots of companies run a matched giving scheme – if yours doesn’t, you could always suggest it.

    USE YOUR DISTANCEA handy way to encourage your mates to sponsor you is to ask them to sponsor you a pound for every mile.

    FANCY DRESSTaking part in fancy dress is a great way to get everyone interested in your challenge, and will hopefully encourage them to give a little more sponsorship.

    BUDDY UPThere is strength in numbers! People in teams regularly raise 10% more.



    CHOOSE A DATE FOR YOUR EVENTChoose a date and allow time to organise your activity. Weekends are usually best, but Fridays are good if you’re fundraising at work.

    SET YOURSELF A BUDGETList all expenses and think about how much you need to charge for tickets to reach your target. Ask local businesses if they would like to support you.

    PICK A VENUEThink about the kind of space and facilities you’ll need to suit the number of people. Book your venue in plenty of time and mention that your event is for charity. Often you’ll be able to pay less or get it for free.

    SET A TARGET FOR THE DAYIt’s a great way to motivate people to give generously and generate a sense of excitement for the day. Decide on the amount after taking off expenses.

    PROMOTIONPromote what you have planned by word of mouth, email, social networks and local press. Tell them about your online fundraising page, how they can help and keep them updated on your fundraising progress.

    KICK-START YOUR FUNDRAISING A fundraising event is a great way to gather everyone behind you and get the donations rolling in. For more information, go to cruk.org/fundraising


  • Fundraising for your big sporting challenge needn’t be directly related. What about a sweepstake? Or hosting a film night, or dinner party? Bake sales, a sponsored car wash, sports parties, a charity head-shave, or baked bean bath – whatever you like. They’re all great ways to involve people from day one of your training and boost your total.

    Organising a venue isn’t as difficult as it might sound either. Just talk to local clubs and businesses – you’ll be amazed how generous and helpful people are! It’s good publicity for them too, after all.


  • Being prepared is the best way to enjoy your event. Take a look at our website for expert information on how to get yourself race ready, no matter what your experience.


    FOR EXPERT TRAINING PLANS VISITcruk.org/training-tips


  • Training allows your body to get used to what you will be asking of it both physically and mentally, giving you the chance to perform your best and really enjoy your event. To get yourself ready for your challenge, you should aim to follow a training plan that suits your needs and fits around your lifestyle.

    A plan will help keep you motivated and give you goals to aim for, so you won’t be tempted to give up on all your hard work. If you are setting out on a new training regime, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor first.



    REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE DOING ITWhatever your reason for supporting Cancer Research UK, we are a collective force in the fight against cancer. Use this as motivation when the going gets tough.

    GOALSSet yourself daily and weekly goals and every time you think, ‘I’m too tired or busy today,’ imagine you achieving those goals and the sense of achievement you’ll feel.

    MIX IT UPHelp prevent boredom by training with different routes, locations or distances.

    STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULETo avoid boredom and injury, try to stick to a training schedule. Find the right schedule for your event and your level at cruk.org/training-tips

    TRAIN WITH OTHER PEOPLEJoin a running club or ask friends along, it is a fun and sociable way of improving your technique.

    GET SMART WITH APPSHave a look online for apps that can help you to plan and track your training. They can be a game changer!

    GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY INVOLVEDTell your family or friends your goals for the week and ask them to question you on them, this way they can keep involved with your event and you can keep motivated to achieve your goals.


  • Proper nutrition is essential if you’re going to perform at your best throughout your training and on race day. A few little tweaks will make sure that you’re fuelled properly, and recover well.


    BEFOREBefore training, and before a race, it’s time to crank up the carbs. Foods like bread and pasta should sit well on your stomach, and provide you with the energy that you need to go the distance. Just before the race, try to avoid foods that are high in fibre, and stick to the meals that you’ve used in your preparations; you don’t want to risk upsetting your stomach during your event.

    DURING Depending on the distance that you’re covering, you might want to think about how you fuel yourself throughout your event. Take a look at energy gels and energy chews, which have been scientifically designed with sport in mind. Jelly babies are great at providing a hit of energy too.

    AFTERHard workouts can put a lot of stress on your body, so now is the time to help your muscles to recover. Get your recovery kick-started by eating within the first 30 minutes of finishing, and try to include a little bit more protein in your meal, to help your muscles to grow stronger.


    WARM UPThe oldest trick in the book – the warm up. Take the first 5–10 minutes slowly and easily, allow your muscles to warm up and wake up before you start pushing yourself.

    REST DAYSYou will be pleased to hear that rest days are as important as training days; make sure you have at least one day off a week to let your body recuperate and recover.

    WARM DOWNDon’t skip your warm down! At the end of your session take 5 minutes to stretch and cool down.

    STAY HYDRATEDStay well hydrated; a decrease in hydration causes a decrease in performance. Take on plenty of water and isotonic drinks to replace the salt you lose through sweating.

    BE SAFEWear high visibility clothing if you’re in the dark, don’t wear headphones to stay alert to potential dangers and take your phone with you in case you run into any trouble.

  • The experience of completing a race after months of training is an incredible feeling. The crowd were amazing all the way around, especially at the Cancer Research UK cheer points. Honestly, I hit the wall at 19 miles, and cramped up pretty badly, but I found my motivation in what I was running for. Knowing that the money I had raised would be saving lives, and will help put an end to cancer, got me through.

    Together, my friend Lee and I raised £11K for Cancer Research UK’s incredible work, and I couldn’t be happier.


    ‘I know I set off too fast. I should’ve paced

    myself at the start. The last 7 miles

    could’ve been a lot more enjoyable!’


    Don’t skip your long training runs!


    FURTHER INFORMATIONCheck out our website for further information:

    Fundraising: cruk.org/fundraising-toolsTraining: cruk.org/training-tips or call 0300 123 5461

    CHEERING PACKSTo request a cheering pack for your fans to support you on your big day, call 0300 123 5461

    ONLINE DONATIONSTo set up a safe, registered online fundraising page, visit justgiving.com/cancerresearchuk


    We’ll put your money straight to work. Online fundraising comes straight through to us, but if

    you have any cash, you can pay in the money you raised by phone on 0300 123 5461, or you can

    send us a cheque made payable to ‘Cancer Research UK’ to:

    Sports TeamCancer Research UK

    PO Box 1561Oxford

    OX4 9GZ

    Don’t forget to

    include your sponsorship




    Cancer Research UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1089464), Scotland (Sc041666) and the Isle of Man (1103) SPFB