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    WCSPANTANALBernardo Penido

    12th Grade

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    Wild Life Conservation Society is non-governmental, science-based

    conservation organization.

    Founded in 1896 as the New YorkZoological Society.

    WCS has had a long and strong presence

    in Brazil with the studying of jaguars in the1970s

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    Mrcio Ayres WCS-Brazil expanded in the 1980s and 90s

    under his leadership.

    His work helped provide recognition for ahuge mosaic of protected areas inthe Pantanal

    Helped establishing the first SustainableDevelopment Reserve in the Mamirau.

    Beginning in 2000, conservation efforts in the

    Pantanal expanded with long-term studies ofjaguar, giant otters, and impacts of extensivecattle ranching.

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    Mrcio Ayres

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    Its mission is to conserve wildlife andecosystems by generating and applying

    innovative scientific and field-basedsolutions to critical problems.

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    Current Projects The launching of the first edition of the

    "Cincia Pantanal" journal which was hosted

    by a television program. WCS Brazil in partnership with Instituto Quinta

    do Sol gives an Agroforestry Course to familyfarmers in the highlands bordering thePantanal. The idea is to promote sustainable

    land-use, improving the farmers livelihoodsand protecting and recuperating regionalstreams and forests.

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    Current Projects

    The Pantanal team justrecently conducted the 6th capacity-

    building course that teaches the movablefencing technique to owners and workersof regional dairy farms and small-scalelivestock operations. The main idea is

    that cows in a rotational grazing systemwill cause less damage to streams,aquatic habitats, and forest.

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    Vission and Main Goal WCS envisions a world where wildlife thrives in

    healthy lands and seas, valued by societies

    that embrace and benefit from the diversityand integrity of life on earth.

    The conservation of more than 50 percent ofthe worlds biological diversity while ensuringa positive impact on millions of people


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    Birds of Brazil

    -to arouse interest and love for the birds andtheir environments;

    to stimulate bird watching tourism as aneconomic activity, targeting not only foreigntourists but also national ones;to stimulate community participation inactions of bird and environmental protection;

    to support private and governmentalinitiatives in environmental education andbird protection.

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    Other actions

    development of other materials forenvironmental education

    (posters,magazine articles);talks and short courses;

    organization of workshops for thetraining of bird watching guides.

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    The orginazation has affected millionsbrazilians all over the country and helps

    everyone realize the importance and howrich we are.

    There main goal clearly demonstrateshow well balanced is the organization.

    Even though they want to preserve partof the world it still focus on benefitingpeople economically and socially.

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    Who can Help

    Anyone can help. There is a really bignumber of people who are actually really

    involved in helping the environment. Iwould say more specialaized ones.

    -Alexine Keuroghlian is theCoordi Coornator of WCS Pantanal/Cerrado

    [email protected] https://secure3.convio.net/wcs/site/Donation2?df_id=7423&7423.donation=form1

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    Importance of Helping I would definitly take my time to help the organization however

    i would only do it the summer vaccations. The world today isextremely competitive so my study comes first.

    In the money side I would mostly help in the birds project. Birdsare the animal group most used in environmental education

    They are always close to people, even in the heart of big cities.

    Brazil is considered the second richest country in the world interms of bird variety

    Its potential is not explored as in other countriesin Costa

    Rica and in Peru, bird watching tourism constitutes a significantportion of the national income.

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    Changing Peoples Lives

    upport win-win activities that providelong-term, sustainable benefits to both

    local livelihoods and biodiversity Strengthen the incentives for people to

    conserve natural resources

    Increase capacity of rural communities to

    sustainable manage and use naturalresources.

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