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WCS - Multinlingual Creative Services

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This catalog has been printed on 100% recycled paper

Weltanschauung Creative Services

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Weltanschauung: (velt-ansh-owng); German term. Refers to an outlook on the world, consists of a whole system of ideas

associated together in organic unity.


or any inquiries or questions please visit our website:


We also have our social media package ready for those of you who want to connect through our extensive social media pack.


Give Us Call Ahmad - 0097150 4747443 Hisham - 0097150 5307051 Azim - 0097150 1042797 Maha - 00971507886240

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Payment & Billing


Whenever time is of the essence, or convenience is more essential.

Our Secure Online Payment System allows you the convenience of pay-ing for any of our products and services through three convenient stages. We accept all major credit cards, and do not accept payment until we are authorized to do so by you, the client.

Everything Else

Money Orders, Cheques, or Cash.

We do accept other methods of payment, though the client must keep in mind that these formats take time to process depending on the format.

Money Orders/Cheques: 1 to 3 Business Days

Cash Transfer: 3 to 4 Business Days


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About Us

Weltanschauung Creative Services (WCS) is a creative agency head-quartered in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 2005, the agency employs 58 dedicated creative individuals, with a portfo-

lio of 600+ happy customers. WCS employees are armed with the latest tools money can buy, to assure our clients that they are receiving the best multilingual service product in the region.


Stock Imagery

Looking for that picture that makes everything just fit together? but, let us guess, you just can't find it.

Well, were here for ya.

ONE MILLION AND COUNTING!!!, yes....1,000,000 stock images at your disposal.

We took it upon ourselves to halt the practice of having a hundreds of subscriptions to stock imaging websites that seem to have the same thing some how.

So we decided to think of every possible permutation of images, categories, and se-quences to build our stock imaging library.

Our library is updated monthly, with AT LEAST 50 additions per month.

The Challenge: If you cannot find what you are looking for in our stock images library, we will create that image and give it to you free of charge! - good luck!

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As of today our world is the internet - at least for the most part; and in order for entities to distinguish themselves in this ocean of information they resort to e-design: the creative designing of websites.

A website can be a powerful tool. There is no limit to the negativity a bad website can give. A good website can be the hook/selling point or the best touch point you can offer your audiences or customers.

Don't let your website be your weakness - it can be the most costly mistake you make in this realm.

Thus, this is where our web designers come in. They can help you bring your website into the new century, making it more fresh, and relevant.


What We Do . . . Offer businesses or individuals the best multi-lingual creative services.

Deliver a socially updated and relevant outlook to the right service product.

Provide a collaboration-based product, that utilizes client input by building on it, to differentiate the client.

How We Do It . . .

Through the use of the best tools for the job creatively, and technologi-cally.




In What Languages . . . Every single service or product offering we have can come in four lan-guages: English (with distinction between UK & US English) Arabic (formal, or dialect specific) Urdu Chinese (doing both Mandarin and Cantonese)

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Satisfied Customers

From the excess of 600 satisfied customers, here are some of them:


Whether it's :

Advertisements Logos Brochures Magazines Newspapers Product packaging Graphics Signage Banners Film and Video Graphics Exhibits Newsletters Computer graphics Book covers Graphic Templates Turning you into a comic-book hero!

Our designers can make it for you!

When it comes to Graphic Design, the only limit is the limit of your imagination. . . if you can think of it, we can make it a reality. Our top-notch designers have championed all possible tools available for the job, and will do everything in their power to help your intangible thought, turn into tangible reality.

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Animation Workshop

When Static is just not good enough . . .

A picture is worth a thousand words. An animated picture is worth two.

Animated imagery can greatly benefit & accent any presen-tation, email, or otherwise by allowing the audience better visualize the idea.

If you had a design in mind for an animated picture or se-quence, of any language (if text is a factor) we can custom- make it for you! OR You can browse our library of unique & exclusive animations or sequences.


How We Do Business

Agency monthly retainer fees and/or

hourly fees – can be US$1000-6000/

month; 150-300/hour for senior people.

Junior people bill for less.

Mark-up on all subcontracted services –

the industry standard 17.65% (equals 15%

coming down)

Other than that, you can pay per quota-

tion on specific or custom orders (Check

Payment & Billing Page).

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What we can do for you The following list comprises the services we offer :

Professional Presentations

Executive Dashboards

Animation Workshop

Graphic Design


Stock Imagery


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Executive Dashboards

The must-have tool for the modern executive . . . What is an Executive Dashboard? Think of it as the dashboard in your car - one gauge tells you speed, one for RPM's, one for oil temperature, and another tells you the fuel level. This the beauty of a dashboard; it doesn't complicate things by showing you how it calculates the velocity, acceleration, and account for gravity, it just tells you how fast you're going in real time - which is exactly what an executive dashboard is: One gauge is for revenue, one for sales, and another for cost, the only limit to what gauges you want is your imagination.

We can do basically anything you want provided your input. (look at next page for exam-ple)

Our programmers utilize state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms to display and update your executive in real-time, which can extrapolate & calculate data at astronomical speeds, even with a basic machine.

An executive dashboard is definitely a tool for the best executives.


Professional Presentations

Don't let the details bother you . . .

When it comes to presentations and reports, a great deal is placed on aesthetic; so much so, that people forget the content.

This is the reason why we offer Professional Presentations, so YOU can focus on your content, and let US dazzle your audience with an aesthetically pleasing presen-tation that emphasizes your content rather than take away from it.

Our Tools:

The tools we use are common, but we bring creative skills and deep dedicated multi-lingual knowledge to the table; something we do with flying colors.

Some of the software that we use as our tools include: Prezi Interactive Presentations


Java Environment Productions

Open Office .OGG Extensions