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  • 8/8/2019 ways to get a job


    THIS SUMMER SOME 6000design students will graduatefrom universities, all hoping tosecure one of the 20 0 jobsavailable in the industry. Withthese figures in mind, surelygetting a job in a design agencyis Mission Impossible? It couldbe easier than many think.

    Most graduates fill at the firsthurdle simply because nobody, itseems, has ever told them whatto do . So, ifyou are a graduatewaiting to unleash your geniusonto an unsuspecting world,pay attention, the followingmay help:

    FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL...5f Interviews are difficult to come byso once you've got one, don't blow it.I've lost count of the times I've askedsomeone, "where would you like towork?" only to be greeted with utterbewilderment. I once told a studentthat I got my first job after college

    with Michael Peters. "Didn't he playfor Spurs?' was the retort. Next!Do your homework. Know at leastone famous piece of work the designcompany has created. Have anopinion on them. Use the web, it was

    made for research.2 REMEMBER WHAT THEY SAY

    ABOUT FIRST IMPRESSIONS...Work placement is a greatenvironment for a student to shine,but you've got to shine like a bigshiny thing or nobody will rememberyou. Out of the scores of studentswho have had a placement in mystudio, I can only remember aboutsix - and not all of them for the rightreasons (such as the guy who fellasleep at his desk or the girl whocomplained about the weight ofour books).


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    p DON'T JUST SPRAY AND PRAY...10 You don't need to be MiltonGlaser to know that firing off 20 banalletters, spelt wrongly, with more thanthree paragraphs rambling on abouthow you want to find a position at -

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  • 8/8/2019 ways to get a job


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  • 8/8/2019 ways to get a job






    4 a company is going to be filedunder "F". For forget it.I remember a graduate who sent amailer to my old company everymonth to update us on hismovements (including a car horn toannounce his move to Tooting). Notsurprisingly, he got the job he craved.Likewise, the guy who sent the BrandUnion a full.size sledgehammer(inspired by their identity) with hisphone number. I believe to this dayGlenn Tutssel still has the hammer inhis shed. Thinking up ideas - it'swhat you have to do./ KISS - KEEP IT IMPLE, STUPID` When putting together yourportfolio, include no more than tenpieces of great work (and open andclose with your best pieces). You willbe judged on your worst piece, so if indoubt, leave it out. And remember,good ideas don't need explaining.In your CV , don't write aboutSaturdayjobs and hobbies likecooking and reading. As a topadvertising creative once said whenasked of his hobbies: "none,

    advertising is my life". Better to bededicated than dull.E IT'S ATTITUDE, NOT

    APTITUDE THAT DEFINESYOUR ALTITUDE...Ifyou do get through the door on aplacement, make yourselfindispensable. How can they possiblycarry on without you? Ge t in early,leave late. Ask if anybody needsanything doing before you leave. Thechances are they won't and you canstill meet your mate down the boozer.but you look keen. Whatever you do,don't moan (moaning is for muchlater in your career).

    ONE LUMP OR TWO...(t3 Make tea, lots of it. Learn to sayhello to everybody twice a day, withthe simple words, "would you like acup of tea". At WMH, we once had aguy who drew up a studio plan of whosat where and how they took theirtea. Ingenious. I ca n still rememberhim, I'm even writing about him now.

    IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW...Use placement as a "networkingopportunity" - a horrid expression,but the design world is a tiny place.Take the designers down the pub toextract names and numbers. Thequickest and most effective way ofgetting to see somebody is througha recommendation.


    Don't worry, if a design brief drops inyour lap, you won't be expected towin a Pencil, bu t it would probablyincrease your chances of getting ajob. Just be eager and ask questions.Talk to the other designers aboutyour thoughts.

    Be happy. Be eager. Be busy. Youhaven't got a care in the world, noideas to dream up for a reviewtomorrow, no boring train ride toPeterborough... Even if you haven'tgot anything to do, find something.In my book, a good placementstudent should be helping on aproject by the end of the first week;not necessarily designing but lending

    a valuable hand. If you're stillre-organising the paper drawerssecond week, I'm afraid you hamade your mark.

    n REACH FOR THE STARS ANSJ YOU WON'T END UP WITHPOCKETFUL OF DUST...Confidence is everything in life:need that extra boost now andYou can do anything you want,note, I said WANT, not "would lThere is a huge difference. AreHenman or a McEnroe? Rememwho actually won Wimbledon.c X AND REMEMBER,

    TALENT ALWAYS RISESTO THE SURFACE...Don't pin all your hopes on thesweaty crowded Degree Show.Creative directors usually leavenone the wiser and always endringing the college for the top fifew days later anyway.Whatever you do, don't finishFinal Show and go home to paindad's fence and wait for the phring. It probably won't. M

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  • 8/8/2019 ways to get a job



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