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Page 1: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical

Miniature Figures

for the Gamer and Collector

Page 2: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive



trade orders welcome Tel: 0636 77495

Unless otherwise stated all ranges in this catalogue are 25mm scale. Each figure is individually price coded. The prices relating to the codes are:

PRICE CODES A = 20p N = £1.00 B = 25p O = £1.10

C = 30p P = £1.20

D = 35p Q = £1.30

E = 40p R = £1.40

F = 45p S = £1.50

G = 50p T = £1.75

H = 55p U = £2.00

I = 60p V = £2.50

k J = 70p W = £2.95 Sf K = 80p X = £3.95 L| L = 90p Y = £4.95 HI M = 95p Z = £5.95

Should there be any price changes in the future, these will be announced in our advertisements. To keep your catalogue up

' to dale' *us! send a S.S.A.E. to us asking for a new adhesive Price List.

Please note that the photographs in this catalogue are not all to the same scale.

Hit, MA,L ORDER CHARGES: UK: Please add 10% p&p (min. 12p)

|Vft^|fl OVERSEAS: Please add 33% p&p.

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A range of intrepid heroes available for fearsome adventures.

FA1 Fighter in Plate Mail with Sword B FA2 Wizard with Staff.B FA3 Cleric with Cross and Mace B FA4 Sneak Thief with Dagger. . . .B FA5 Druid with Sickle ..B FA6 Bard with Sword and Lute. . .B FA7 Monk with Staff.B FA8 Ranger with Sword and Bow .B FA9 Barbarian with Two Handed

Sword.B FA 10 Paladin with Sword.B FA11 Illusionist.B FA12 Ninja (Assassin) with Sword . .B FA13 Man Beast . . B FA 14 Elven Hero with Sword.B FA15 Dwarf with Two Handed

Hammer.B FA16 Female Wizard with Dagger

and Staff.B FA17 Female Thief with Dagger

and Sack.B FA18 Female Cleric with Mace . . .B FA19 Female Fighter with Breast¬

plate and Sword.B FA20 Houri with Dagger.B FA21 Evil Wizard.8 FA23 Evil Priestess. B FA24 Anti-Hero.B FA25 Necromancer.B

FA26 Fighter in Chainmail.B FA27 Amazon with Sword.B FA28 Amazon Priestess.B FA29 Dworf Champion.B FA30 Female Ranger.B FA31 Paladin in Full Chainmail . . B


FA12 FA14 FA15

This range is statable fur use with all

fantasy role-playing games. FA31 FA16

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A superb range of mythological and fictitious beasts for the discerning fantasy gamer.

FF1 The Fiend. H FF2 Siimt Beast with Sword. E FF3 Hook Horror. H FF4 Crabman.H FF5 Phantom Stalker.. F FF6 Giant Blood Worm.N

FF7 Death Worm.D FF8 Volt (2 pcs).D FF9 Carbuncle. F FF10 Devil Dog. B FF11 Grell . E FF12 Assassin Bug. C FF13 Bonesnapper. D FF14 Cyclops. D

FF15 Hill Giant Swinging Club . F FF16 Giant Troll Attacking with

Spiked Club.N FF17 Minotaur.. . H FF18 Wraith. 3

FF19 Werewolf. B FF20 Goblins Charging with Swords

and Shields <3 figs). H FF21 Goblins Attacking with Axes

(3 figs).H

FF22 Goblins Firing 8ows (3 figs)... H FF23 Goblins Advancing with

Spears (3 figs) .H FF24 Red Ores in Chainmail with

Swords (3 figs).H FF25 Red Ores Attacking with

Swords (3 figs).H FF26 Red Ores m Plate Armour

with Swords (3 figs).H

FF27 Red Ore with Spear Mounted on Giant Tusker .N

FF28 Red Ore in Chainmail Mounted on Giant Tusker .N

F F29 Red Ore in Plate Armour

Mounted on Giant Tusker . N FF30 Zombie. B FF31 Satanic Angel. F FF32 Golem .. 8

FF33 Great Fire Dragon (4 pcs) . .V FF34 Chimaera 13 ocs) . J

FF35 Manticore (3 pcs). J FF36 Medusa. B FF37 Warrior of the Stone. B

FF38 Giant Rats (3 figs). F FF39 Amazon Berserker with

Oagger .B

FF40 Berserker with Sword .. B FF41 Centaur Chiof with Sword. J FF42 Salaman Warrior Advancing

with Pike. B

FF11 FF13 FF14

Page 5: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


This range is suitable for use wth all

/A Fantasy role playing games f A

Salaman Warrior Aitacking with Pike.B Salaman Warrior ax Ready with Pike..B

i Salaman Warrior Advancing

with Sword.B i Salaman Trooper with Lance

Mounted on Giant Strider (3 pcs).N Elite Salaman Trooper with Lance and Axe Mounted on Giant Strider (3 pcs).

1 Desert Raider with Sword . . i Giant Spider. i Giant Scorpion.

Tentacled Crawler. 1 Skeleton Warrior. Ogre. Wyvern.

' Young Dragon. I Giant Frog.

Giant Snakes (2 figs) .... ! Vampire. I Wight. I Mummy.

Giant Wyvern. ! Female Red Ore. I Red Ore Children (2 figs) . . l Female Goblin. ..

i Goblin Children (2 figs) . . i Skeleton Rider on Horseof Hell. J 1 Giant Boar.E FF51

m a

m in

C to

to to

b T

O 2

£ V

m b

X m

to *Z

Page 6: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


Dungeon inmates and artifacts both for games and dioramas.

FS1 Dungeon Doorway. J FS2 Magic Mouth Doorway.N FS3 Demon Floor Trap. F FS4 Living Wall. K FS5 Old Wi;ard on Throne Reading

Book Lectern (3 pcs).N FS6 Dungeon Torturcss with Whip. B FS7 Naked Girl Bound Hand and

Foot . 8 FS8 Naked Girls Bound to Post,

Cross and Yoke (3 figs) .N FS9 Naked Girl Hanging from

Wooden Trestle (3 pcs) . F FS10 Naked Girl Roasing on Spit

over Bra/ier (4 pcs).N FS11 Hunchback Beggar on

Crutch....B FS12 Ornate Sarcophogus

(2 pcs). F FS13 Trapdoor and Floor Grill

(2 pcs) .D FS14 Dungeon Debris. Equipment

and Treasure (3 figs) .D FSI5 Robin Hood .B FS16 Wandering Minstrel . .. B FS17 The White Dwarf. B FS18 Rasputin the Mad Monk B FSt9 FS20 FS21


FS17 FS18

Naked Girl in Stocks. Naked Girl in Pillory. Victim in Iron Cage. Hanging

from Gibbet . Tavern, Table and Bench. Large Tavern Bed. Unmade .. Tavern Accessories (Chest. Sacks. Barrel, etc. (6 pcs). A Hero's Armour Hanging on Post . Large Treasure Chest. Slain Adventurers (2 figs). Expedition Mule . Naked Girl in Restraining Device .

Lion's Head Fountain. . . . Magic Items. Witch's Items. Treasure Items.

Page 7: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

FS29 FS30


FS42 Urge Bugs.S FS43 Urgo Grubs. B FS44 Urge Worms.B FS45 Urge Ant. B FS46 UrgeSlug.B FS47 Urge Crab. B FS48 Rats.B FS49 Sleeping Dog. B FS50 Dragon Eggs.B FS51 Urge Scorpion. B FS52 Urge Statue.I FS53 Dwarf Guardsman in Plate

Armour.B FS54 Dwarf Priest.B F$55 Little Old Man.B

FS56 Village Idiot. 3 FS57 Innkeeper.8 FS58 Innkeeper's Wife. B FS59 Serving Wench.B FS60 Villager.8 FS61 Villager's Wife.B FS62 Village Children.E

FS63 Store Keeper.B FS64 Money Lender.B

FS39 FS40

Page 8: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


Masterpieces in miniature. This range is acclaimed as the finest Quality range of fantasy figures yet produced. Each is superbly and accurately detailed. CS1 Wood Elf with Bow.B CS3 Wood Elf Firing Bow.B CS4 Wood Elf with Spear.B CS5 Wood Elf Cavalry with Spear .F CS6 Sea Elf Standing with Spear . .B CS7 Sea Elf Advancing with Spear .B CS8 Sea EH with Groat Sword . . .B CS9 Sea Elf Striking with Axe . .B CSIO High Elf with Sword.B CS11 High Elf Advancing with Sword. B CS12 High Elf with Spear.B CS14 High Elf Archer.B CS15 High Elf Cavalry with Great

Sword.F CS16 Elfin Cavalry with Bow.F CS19a E If Command GroupTrumpeterB CSl9bElf Command Group Standard

Bearer. . . .0 CSl9c EH Command Group Officer .8 CS21 Deep Elf Firing Bow.B CS23 Deep Elf with Halberd.B CS25 Deep Elf Armoured Cavalry . .G CS31 Dwarf Striking with Spear. . .B CS34 Dwarf with Two Handed Sword. B CS35 Dwarf Striking with Axe . . . .B CS36 Dwarf with Crossbow. . .B CS37 Dwarf Striking with Hammer .B CS38 Dwarf Striking with Mattock .B CS39a Dwarf Command Group

Drummer.B CS39b Dwarf Command Group Horn

Blower.B CS39c Dwarf Command Group

Stondard Boarcr.B CS39d Dwarf Command Group

Chieftain.B CS60 Hobgoblin with Scimitar. . . .B CS61 Hobgoblin with Morning Star ,B CS62 Cloaked Hobgoblin Archer. . .B CS63 Hobgoblin Archer Loading. . .B CS64 Hobgoblin Archer.B CS65 Hobgoblin with Falchion. . .B CS66 Hobgoblin with Two Handed

Axe.B CS67 Hobgoblin with Club.B C$68 Hobgoblin with Halberd . . . .B CS69a Hobgoblin Command Group

Drummer.B CS69b Hobgoblin Command Group

Horn Blower.B CS69c Hobgoblin Command Group

Standard Bearer.C CS69d Hobgoblin Command Group

Chieftain.B CS70 Giant Goblin Attacking with

Spear. . .C


Page 9: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive




CS72 Giant Goblin with Sword . CS73 Giant Goblin with Spear . . . CS75 Giant Goblin with Mace . . . CS79a Gi3nt Goblin Chieftain .... CS/9bGiant Goblm Morn Blowci. . CS79c Giant Gobhn Drummer. . . . CS79dGiant Goblm Standard 8carer CS90 Fantasy Wolf.






Page 10: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

A host o! fantasy characters

El 11 Half mg Esquires (2 figs). F El 12 Wizard with Staff. B £211 Wood Elf in Cloak firing Bow. B E212 Wood EM Receiving w»tnSpool B E213 Wood Ell in Reserve with Spear B

E215 Wood Elf Command Pack (3 figs) . H

E231 Sea Elf in Chainmail and Cloak B E232 Sea Elf in Chainmail and Cloak

attacking .. - B E311 Dwarf of the Anvil in Chainmail

Attacking with Matlock. B E312 Dwarf of the Anvil, in Chainmail

with Mattock . B E313 Dwar f of the Blue Mountains

Swinging an Axe. B E314 Dwarf of the Blue Mountains

with Axe. B E315 Dwarf Command Pack (3 hgs) H

E511 Guards of the Citadel . B E551 Southron Heavy Spearman ... B

E611 Goblins of the North. Advancing with Spear (3 figs) . H

E612 Goblins of the North. Swinging

Sp.K'd Club <3 f.gs) .H E613 Goblins of the North with Bow

(3 figs).H E621 Goblins of the Night. Advancing

with Scimitar |3 figs). H E622 Goblins of the Night. Advancing

with Axe (3 figs). H E623 Goblins of the Night with Bow

<3 figs) . H E625 Goblins of the Night Command

Pack 13 hgs) .H E631 Goblins of the South Swinging

Axe <3 figs I .H E632 Goblms o! the South with

Hollow Scimitar (3 figs) .H E633 Goblins of the South with

Spears (3 figs).H E651 Giant Goblin in Heavy Armour

with Sword. B £652 Giant Goblin in Heavy Armour

E691 Great Wolf of the Night

Mounted figures t S41 Lancer of the March, m Cham

mail. Swinging Sword.- ES42 Lancer of the March, in Cham

mail with Lance up. E591 Knight of the Dragon Lord E711 Scuzbek Heavy Cavalry 6641 WoH Rider of the Night, with

E642 Wolf Rider of the Night, with Spear and Shield .~.




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Fantasy Tribes


A new range of tribal creatures designed to bring realism to encounters with large numbers ol dungeon, village and wilderness inhabitants.

FTG1 Gnoll with Pole Arm . . FTG2 Gnoll Attockmg with Hand

Weapon. FTG3 Gnoll Standing with Hand

Weapons. FTG4 Gnoll Chieftain.

FTG5 Gnoll Standard Bearer . . FTG6 Great Gnoll Halbardier FTG7 Great Gnoll with Hand

Weapons. FTG8 Great Gnoll on Giant Boar FTG9 Gnoll on Giant Boar

FTG10 Two Drunken Gnolls FTG11 Female Gnoll . FTG12 Gnoll Children (2 figs)

FTD1 Dwarf with Spear and Sword.

FTD2 Dwarf with Light Crossbow and Sword.

FTD3 Dwarf with Sword and Pole Arm.

FTD4 Dwarf with Mace and Axe FT05 Dwarf with Axe and Heavy

Crossbow. FTD6 Dwarf with Axe and


FTD7 Dwarf with Hammer and Pick.

FTD8 Dwarf Standard Bearer with Axe.

FTD9 Dwarf Chieftain in Plate Mail with Sword.

FTD10 Dwarf Trumpeter with Sword.i

FTD11 Female Dwarf.i FTD12 Dwarf Children 12 figs) FTQ13 The Dwarf with No Name .



Page 12: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


The award winning range of fantastic

beasts and bold adventurers.

ESI Evil Wizard Costing Spell. . . .B ES2 SuperHero with Axe on Suoer

Heavy Horse.H ES3 Balrog Advancing with Sword

and Whip.N ES4 Cleric. Cloaked with Staff . . .8 ES5 Winged Gremlin.D ES6 Patriarch Casting Spell.B ES7 Serpent Creeper.B ESS Zaftig Maiden.B ES9 Barbarian Hero with Long &

Short Sword. .8 ES10 Large Hill Troll Attacking with

Club.D ES11 Vallor. Warrior of the Gods . .0 ESI2 Vallor Captain with Shield &

Standard.D ESI 3 Assassin with Cloak & Dagger B

ES14 Count Dracula.B ESI 5 Super Horo with Axe . . B ESI 6 Beowulf with Swordand Shield B ESI 7 Pegasus with Mounted Warrior

(4 pcs).K ESI8 Adventuress with Short Sword B ESI9 Angel of Death.H ES20 Mummy Advancing.B ES21 Elf Princess.B ES22 Elf Lord.B ES23 Shield Maiden Attacking with

Sword.B ES24 Foregum the Super Hero (new

model).B ES25 Super Hero in Plate Armour

on Super Heavy Horse.J ES26 Adventuress on Horseback. . .F ES27 Mounted Ranger.F ES2S Gremlin War Party (3 figs). . .K ES29 Sorceress Casting Spell.B ES30 Wraith.B ES32 Centaur Archer (new model) .1 ES33 Satyr (Pan) with Spear . .B ES34 Land Dragon with Mounted

Captain. .K ES35 Land Dragon with Mounted

Lancer.K ES36 W.tch.B ES37 Monk with Staff.B ES38 Sprite War Band (3 figs) . . . .H ES39 Imp War Party (3 figs) H ES40 Werebear Attacking.H ES41 Wind Lord with Spear.B ES42 Paladin (Dismounted).B ES43 Armoured Knight on Guard

with Sword.B ES44 Roomen War Party (3 figs). .H ES45 Earth Demon Hurling Rock . .K


Page 13: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


ES46 Skeletal Undead War 8snd 13 fig*).H

ES47 ArmouredCentaurfnewmodeDF ES48 Demon of Evil Law with

Morning Star.B ES49 Tree Man.H ES50 Enraged Wyvern.F ES51 Griffon. Rearing.H ES52 H.n Giant with Club.S ES52a Hill Giant Attacking with ClubS

ES53 Siren, Singing.B ES54 Ghouls Advancing with Swords

(3 figs).H ES55 Enchantress.B ES56 Enchanter, with Staff.B ES57 Frost Giant (70mm).S ES58 Bard Playing Harp.8 ES59 Fire Giant. .H ES61 Werewolf.B ES62 Armoured Trolls (2 figs) .K ES63 True Trolls (2 figs).K ES64 Air Elemental.H

ES65 Demons (2 figs).G ES66a Necromancer.B ES66b Sorcerer.B ES67 Armoured Giant.J ES68 Dragon.T ES69 Djinn (2 figs).S ES70a Dwarf Bard.A ES70b Dwarf Seer with Crystal Ball. .A ES70c Dwarf Thief.A ES70dFemaleDwarf.A ES71 Maiden Mounted on Unicorn . I ES72 White Dragon.U ES73a High Priest.B ES73bHigh Priest with Mace.B E$73c Cloakedand Hooded High Priest B ES74 Wraith Riding Winged Lizard .N ES75 Barbarian Heroes (4 pcs). . . .N ES76 Elven Personalities (4 pcs) . . .N ES77 Female Demons (3 pcs) . . . .K ES78a Caveman Advancing.E ES78b Caveman Attacking.E

ES79 Heroines (4 pcs).N ESSO Armoured Warrior on V.'ar Lizard I


MH2 Heavy Cavalry Horse

This range is suitable tor use *ith all

Fantasy role-playing games.

Page 14: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


A range ol travellers, traders, privateers, pirates and police ol the planets and star

lanes designed specifically lo» the new SPACEFARER rules.

51 Star Patrolman with Laser Pistol B 52 Star Patrolman on Jet Cycle.G 53 Star Marshal with Laser Rifle.. .. B 54 Star Ranger with Autolaser. B

55 Bounty Hunter with Bolt Rif It... B 56 Planetary Citizen. B 57 Female Planetary Citizen.. B 58 Adventurer with Machine Pistol

and Power Glove.. B 59 Adventurer with Autolascr and

Force Ssvord. B S10 Adventurer on Jet Cycle.G Sit Adventui ess with Laser Pistol .... B SI 2 Adventuress on Jet Cycle.G 513 Star Lane Pirate with Machine Pistol. B

514 Star Lane Pirate with Laser Pistol B 515 Star Lane Pirate with Bolt Gun... B 516 Star Lane Pirate on Jet Cycle.G SI 7 Star Lane Pirate Girl with Laser

Pistol... B 518 Star Lane Pirate Girl on Jet Cycle G 519 Street Rebel with Machine Pistol B 520 Street Rebel on Jet Cycle.G 521 Interplanetary Scout with Bolt Gun. B

522 Interplanetary Merchant. B

523 Supremo Lord of the Dark Disciples . B

524 Oark Disciple Advancing with

Machine Pistol . B 525 Dark Disciple Crouching with Bolt Rifle.B

526 Dark Disciple with Portable Missile Launcher. B

527 Dark Disciple in Power Armour with Heavy Bolt Rifle. . B

528 Dark Disciple Follower on Jump Scooter .G

529 Dark Disciple Monk with Bolt Gun.B

530 Fanatic Disciple with Bolt Gun and Powor Glove . B

531 Fanatic Disciple Priest with Bolt

Gun and Hand Flamer. B 532 Emperor of the Imperialists.B 533 Imperial Marine Advancing with

Laser Rifle . B 534 Imperial Marina Advancing with

Needle Rifle . B 535 Imperial Marine with Conversion

Beam Projector

Page 15: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

Imperial Marine in Power Armour with Autolasci.B

Imperial Marine on Jump Scooter.G Imperial Marine Officer with Laser Pistol.B Imperial Invincible Trooper Advancing with Autolaser . . .8 Imperial Invincible Captain with Needle Gun and Force Sword .B Robot Fighting Machino . . . .G Security Robot .G Battle Droid.G Giant Android Law Enforcer .E Cyborg Assassin.B Armoured Hovercar with CrewS Spaceforers" Jet Packs.B Spacefarers's Weapons.B

SPACEFARER SPECIALS 549 'Big Brother' Armoured Security

Vehicle with Crew.W 550 Six Gun Attack Droid.I S5t Street Rebel on 'Chopper' Jet

Cycle.I 552 Tracked Robo-reconnaissance

Droid.I 553 Giant Robot Sentinel.W

As well as being specifically designed to

complement the Spacefarers rules, this

range is also 'deal for use with other

Science Fiction table top rules and

Science Fiction role-play mg games.


Page 16: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

* m|

25mm Miniature■ Figures Space - the Final Frontier# These are the

voyages of the Starship Enterprise# whose five year mission can now be carried out in your

own homes avid clubs thanks to Citadel Miniatures# All your favourite personalities and aliens

from the new motion Picture are now available

Star Trek the Motion Picture figures are manufactured under licence from

Paramount Pictures Corporation#

(c) Paramount Pictures Corporation#

Page 17: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

Capiam Kirk. Mi Sf>ock. the Enterprise crew ami a range of new aliens from the

new motion picture. Each pack contains two different figures.

STl ST 2 ST3 ST-1 ST5

ST6 ST 7 ST8 ST9 ST 10

STl 1 ST 12 ST 13 ST 14

ST 15 ST 16 ST 17 ST 18 ST 19 ST20 ST21 ST22 ST 23 ST 24


Deltans. Klingons Aaama//arities

Karaites Betalgeusians Arcturians Zaranit^S

K'Normians Rigcllians.... Rhaandaritcs

Shamin Priests Megarites Saurians Andorians

ST 10

ST 13 ST14 This range is suitable for use with all

Science Fiction role-playing games and

also table top Science Fiction rules

STAR TREK The Motion Picture

figures are manufactured exclusively under Licence from Paramount Pictures Corporation the Trade Mark Owners.

11979 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved.

Page 18: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


A Science Fiction range of infantry and

alien* designed especially for uso with STRIKE TEAM ALPHA and other Science Fiction games.

GG1 Infantry Advancing with

Megawatt Laser. B

GG3 Infantry Prone with Semi-



Portable Laser GG5 Infantry with Automatic

Grenade Launcher . GG7 Infantry with Automatic

Missile Launcher . GG10 Power Armour Infantry with

Sun Gun.

GG11 Power Armour Infantry with Sun Gun Advancing Prone. ..

GG15 Crewman with Laser Pistol, Standing.

GG20 Mercenary with Assault Rifle. Standing .

GG23 Mercenary with Grenade Launchor Advancing.

GG30 Shoantra with Needle Gun, Standing .

GG40 T'Rana (Reptilian) Advancing

GG30 GG40


This range is suitable for use with all

Science Fiction role-playing games and

also table top Science Fiction rules.

Page 19: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


A new range of defenders of humanity and avengers of injustice suitable for foiling villain's plots in superhero role-


SHI Male Superheroes.G SH2 Cloaked Superheroes.G SH3 Superheroines.G SH4 Cloaked Suporhoroines.G SH5 Armoured Superheroes.G

SH6 Special Agents.G SH7 Adventurers.G

12 figs per pock)

Page 20: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

,►7*1. -


An innovative range of space vessels designed -specially for th* new STAR CRUISERS rules to enable players to boldly go where no players have been before!

PAN HUMAN ALLIANCE SCP1 Destroyer (General Type) . .8 SCP2 •'Warrior'' Class Pursuit

Cruiser.D SCP3 "Stateside" Class Scout

Cruiser.D SCP4 "Asimov" Class Escort

Cruiser. 0 SCP5 "John F. Kennedy" Class

Cruiser.D SCP6 "Sheridan” Class Battle

Cruiser.D SCP7 "Bismark” Class Fleet Battle

Cruiser. .G

THE LEAGUE SCLf "Birlad" Type Frigate

<2 figs).D SCL2 "Tirgovist*" Type Destroyer .0 SCL3 "Momesti" Type Light

"Sinca Veche” Type Light Cruiser . "Nyiregyha/a” Type Pursuit

SCLb "Rimnicu Villa" Typo Cruiser.

KJUNKLINGR SCK1 Kjunklingr War Vessel

Page 21: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

A range of mobsters, moll* and lawmen designed especially for use with GANGSTER!* the role-playing game of crime and crime prevention published by Fantasy Games Unlimited Inc. New York. USA.

G1 Al Capone at Oesk .H G? Bonnie & Clyde with C.W. Moss.. H G3 John Dillinger and Girlfriends .... H G4 Machine Gun Kelly, Baby Face

Nelson & Legs Diamond.H G5 Elliot Ness with Federal Agents.. H G6 G men (3 figs) ..H G7 State Troopers (3 figs) .H G8 Police Action Pack (3 figs).H G9 Uptown Dudes (3 figs) .H G10 Henchmen (3 figs) .H Gil Street Punks (3 figs).H G12 Racketeers (3 figs).H G30 Weapons Pack.D

© 1979 Fantasy Games Unlimited. All rights reserved

Page 22: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


A superb range of Dark Age figures with

innovative individualised figures The Arabs and Turkish cavalry have been specially prepared by a new method to have different faces, helmets and shields to provide individualised figures of the same kind. This gives 20* different Arab spearmen for example. Thus each pack of a figure is likely to be different providing you with forces with an auth entic individuality.

DA 12

DAI Arab Cavalry Spearman . . . .F DA2 Arab Cavalry Swordsman . . .F DA3 Arab Heavy Cavalry.F DA4 Arab Extra Heavy Covalry . . .F DA5 Arab Horse Archer.F DA6 Arab Spearmen <3 figs).H DA7 Arab Javelinmen (3 figs) . . . .H DA8 Arab Stingers (3 figs).H DA9 Arab Camel Archer.H DA10 Arab ’Ghazi' Fanatic Infantry

(3 figs).H DA 11 Pack Camel.H DAI2 8yzantine Heavy Cavalry. . . .H DAI3 8yzantine Heavy Cavalry

Bowman.F DAI4 Byzantine Extra Hoovy

Cavalry.F DAI5 Byzantine Extra Hoavy Cavalry

Bowman.F DA 16 Byzantine Cataphract.F DAI7 Trapezitae Light Cavalry. . . .F DAI8 Byzantine Heavy Infantry

(3 figs).H DA19 Byzantine Front Rank Heavy

Infantry (3 figs).H DA20 Archers (3 figs).H DA21 Crossbowmen (3 figs).H DA22 Javelinmen (3 figs).H DA23 Staff Slingers (3 figs).H DA24 Norman Heavy Cavalry.F DA25 Turkish Cavalry.F DA26 Petchneg Light Cavalry. . . . F DA27 Rus Heavy Infantry (3 figs) . .H DA28 Slav Infantry (3 figs).H DA29 Varangian Guardsman in Full

Armour (3 figs).H DA30 Arab Archer (3 figs).H DA31 Byzantine Heavy Infantry

Archer (3 fi<»s).H DA32 Byzantine Infantry Officers

<3 figs).H DA33 Byzantine Infantry Standard

Bearers (3 figs).H DA34 Byzantine Cavalry Officor . . .H DA35 Byzantine Cavalry Standard

Bcaror.F DA36 Byzantine General .H DA37 Arab Infantry Offers (3 figs). H

DA 13 DA 16

DA19 DA20 DA21

DA27 DA29


Page 23: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

DA38 Arab Infantry Standard Bearer (3 figs).H

DA40 Arab Cavalry Officer.F DA41 Arab Cavalry Standard Bearer .F DA42 Arab General.H DA43 Viking Chieftains (3 figs). . . .H DA44 Mounted Viking Chieftain . . H DA45 Berserkers with Axo(3 figs) . .H

DA46 Berserkers with Swords and Knives 13 figs). .H

DA47 Viking Heavy Infantry with Axes (3 figs).H

DA48 Viking Heavy Spearmen (3 figs).H

DA49 Viking Axemen (3 figs).H DA50 Viking Spearmen (3 figs). . . .H DA51 Viking Javelinmen (3 figs) .H DA52 Viking Archers (3 f»gs).H DA53 Viking Slingers (3 figs).H DA54 Viking Swordsmen Standing

(3 figs).H DA55 Viking Swordsmen Charging

(3 figs).H DA56 VikingStandardBearers(2 figs.H DA57 Viking Cavalryman.F DA58 Viking Looters with Captive

Girl.H DA59 Carolmgian Heavy Cavalry . .F DA60 Carolingian Guard Cavalry . . F DA61 Carolingian Medium Cavalry. .F DA62 Breton Light Cavalry.F DA63 Lombard Heavy Cavalry . . .F DA64 Lombard Medium Cavalry with

Kontos.F DA65 Lombard Medium Cavalry with

Javelins.F DA66 Magyar Light Cavalry with 8ow.

Javelin and Shield.F DA67 Carolingian Cavalry Officer . F DA68 Carolingian Cavalry Standard

Bearer.F DA69 Carolingian General.H DA70 Saxon Archer.H DA71 Staff Slinger.H DA72 Crossbowman.H DA73 Lombard Archer.H DA74 Carolmgian Heavy Infantry H DA75 Carolingian Medium Infantry .H DA76 Carolingian Infantry Officer .H DA77 Carolingian Infantry Standard

Bearer .H DA78 Dark Age Adventurers (asstd) .H DA79 Carolmgian Javelinmen (3 figs)H

DA77 (All infantry supplied 3 to a pack.)

Page 24: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive


A horde of tierce steppe tribesmen to strike fear into opponents' hearts.

A1 General

Standard Bearer .... Heavy Cavalry . Hun with Javelin .... Hun with Bow. Hun with Sword .... Hun Looter with Torch Hun Looter with Captive Girl. Gothic Noble Cavalry .

Page 25: Wargame Miniatures Catalogs - Archive

1200 A.D.

AD1111 AD1121

Medievals and Vikings.

A01101 Vikings. Swinging Axes <3 figs) H AD1106 Viking Archers (3 figs'.H ADI 107 Vikings. Swinging Swords

(3 figs) .H AD1108 Vikings. Striking with Axes

(3 figs) .H AD1111 Vikings. Striking with Two

handed Swords (3 figs) .H AD1121 English Longbowmon (3 figs).. H AD 1122 English Foot-Knights 13 figs).. H AD 1123 English Men-at'Arms (3 figs) .. H AD1125 English Knight, Mounted with

Horsecloth . F AD1142German Foot-Knights with

Morning Stars 13 figs). H AD 1152 French Men-at-Arms with

Swords (3 f.gs).H ADI 153 French Men-at-Arms with

Spears (3 figs).H A01155 French Knight. Mounted with

AD1122 AD1123

Horsecloth AD1160Spanish Armoured Infantry.

with Swords {3 figs).H AD1161 Spanish Armoured Infantry.

with Bastard Sword (3 figs) ... H ADI 165Catalian Archers (3 figs).H AD1166Spanish Cavalry, with Lance . F AD1168Spanish Cavalry, with Sword . F AD 1171 Moorish Archers <3 figs) .H AD 1172 Moors Advancing with Spears

and Shields (3 figs).H AD1173Moorish Archers. Kneeling.

Firing |3 figsl.H AD1175Moorish Cavalry, with Scimitar F AD1176 Moorish Cavalry, with Spear .. F

AD 1177 Moorish Horse Archer . F AD1181 Byzantine Infantrymen, with


AD1182 Varangian Guards, with Two- Handed Axes (3 figs).

AD 1200 Mongol Horse Archer. AD 1201 Mongol Medium Cavalry with

Spear - A . ADI 202 Mongol Medium Cavalry with

Spear - B . AD 1203 Mongol Medium Cavalry with

Spear - C . ADI204 Mongol Cavalry with Mace ... ADI205 Mongol Heavy Cavalry. AD 1206 Mongol Horse Archer . AQ1209 Mongol Auxiliary Archer

(3 figs). AD1216Sung Chinese Heavy Infantry

with Sword (2 figs) .

AD1202 AD1204

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A new range of fine figures of the Middle Ages. Suitable for table top wargamcs or role-playing games.

Ml Peasant Marching.H M2 Peasant Advancing.H M3 Light Swordsman .H M4 Light Infantry with PolearmsH M5 Swordsman in Aketon . . . .H M6 Infantry with Two Handed

Weapons in Gambeson . . . .H M7 Infantry in Aketon with

Hand Weapons..H M8 Armoured Infantry in Aketon

with Hand Weapons.H M9 Armoured Halberdier . . . .H M10 Armoured Swordsman . . . .H Ml 1 Knight with Sword.H Ml 2 Knight with Two-Handed

Weapons.H Ml 3 Knight with Hand Weapons H Ml 4 Longbowman.H M15 Armoured Handgunner . . .H Ml6 Crossbowman in Gambeson H Ml 7 Foot Officer .H M18 Foot Standard Bearers(2figs)H M19 Medieval Adventurers . . . ,H

Cavalry M101 14th Century Knight with

Sword.G Ml02 Ditto on Armoured Horse . .G M103 Ditto on Caparisoned Horse . I M104 14th Century Knight with

Hand Weapons.G Ml05 Ditto on Armoured Horse . .G M106 Ditto on Caparisoned Horse . I M107 14th Century Knight with

Lance.G MI08 Ditto on Armoured Horse . .G Ml09 Ditto on Caparisoned Horse . I Ml 10 14th Century Knight with

Couched Lance.G Ml 11 Ditto on Armoured Horse . .G Ml 12 Ditto on Caparisoned Horse . I Ml 13 Mounted Bowman.F Ml 14 Mounted Armoured Swords¬

man .G Ml 15 Mounted Armoured Spear¬

man .G Ml 16 Armoured Cavalry with Hand


(In tan try supplied 3 to a pack.)

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The pike-end-shot era comes alive again in bailies fought with theso superbly sculptured figures .. .

1500a Mounted Officer on Armoured Horse.I

1500b Provost.H

1500c Armoured Of ficor with Halberd H 1500d Officer with Axe.H

1501a Officer with Greatsword . . . .H 1501b Drummer.H 1501c Fifer.H 1501 d Standard Bearer (2 figs) .... I 1501e Standard Bearer Advancing

(2 figs).I 1504 Harquobusier Firing.H 1506 Harquebusier Loading.H 1509 Half Armoured Pikeman.

Levelled Pike.H 1513 Half Armoured Pikeman.

Raised Pike.H 1519 Swordsman Attacking with

Greatsword.H 1520 Ritter. F 1524 Gendarme.F 1528 Polish Winged Hussar.G

(Infantry supplied 3 to a Pack I


n 1501a 1500d

1501b 1501c 1501d


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A range of 15mm Napoteonics for the

discerning wargamer.

N125 FRANCE N102 Old Guard Attacking (10 figs). N111 Horse Artillery Crew (10 figs). N123 Lino Fusilier/Voltigcur

Advancing (10 figs) . N128 Lino Fusilier/Volligour on

Guard (10 figs). N161 Cuirassier Charging (5 figs). N163 Carabmier a-Cheval (1812)

Slashing (5 figs) . N171 Hussar Charging (5 figs). N180 Old Guard Command . N187 General and Aides on

Horseback (5 figs) .



ENGLAND N310 Foot Artillery Crow (10 figs).. N320 Line Infantry (1812-15)

Advancing (10 figs) . N323 Line Infantry (1812 15)

Firing (10 figs). N341 Lino Infantry 1808/Light

Infantry, Advancing (10 figs) . N343 Rifle Regiment Firing (10 figs) N351 Highlander Advancing (10 figs) N366 Scots Grey Advancing (5 figs) N371 Hussar in Busby Charging

(5 figs). N373 Light Dragoon in Shako

Charging (5 figs) . N380 Infantry Command.

N320 N310

ARTILLERY-ENGLAND N901 61b Gun (3 figs) . I N902 91b Gun (3 figs). I

N904 8" Howitzer (3 figs). I


N341 N343 N323


This range is suitable for use with oil

15mm Napoteonics rules.

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MINIATURES Newark Nottinghamshire

DARK AGES A range of personality figures designed by Michael and Alan Perry. Each figure is superbly sculpted with the accent on giving each piece plenty of traditional character.

DA5401 Rus Warrior.U DA5402 Varangian Guardsman

Sharpening Axe.U DA5403 Carolingian Officor .U DA5404 Mounted Avar.Y 5403 and 5404 are designed to be used together in dioramas.


SCIENCE FICTION AOVENTURERS A range of science fiction personalities from Acktand Miniatures, designed by Tony Ackland. SP1 Star Pirate Captain with Power

Claw and Spectral Eye.V SP2 Star Pirate with Micro-phase

Pistol.V SP3 Star Pirate Adventuress with

Electromag Bren.V


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A fine-sculpted range of personality fig¬

ures for dioramas and collectors.

ST5401 Captain Kirk Seated at Helm W ST5402 Mr.Spock.U ST5403 Ilia, in Deltan Leisure Dress. U ST5404 Klingon Raider w Laser Pistol .U

STAR TREK The Motion PictureTv

figures are manufactured exclusively under Licence from Paramount Pictures

Corporation the Trade Mark Owners.

cl979 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved.

ST5401 ST5402

Please note that the above photographs are of our designers' pre-production masters. The designers of these superb personality figures are Michael and Alan Perry.

ST5403 ST5404

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GAMES WORKSHOP Ipecialists in cience Fiction,

Fantasy _ &War Garnet

and the leading stockist of Citadel Miniatures. We have the entire Citadel range on display in both our London and Manchester shops, along with our vast range of games.

RETAIL SHOPS Games Workshop, 1 Dalling Road, London W6. (Tel: 01-741 3445)

Games Workshop, 6 St. James’s Square, (off John Dalton St.), Manchester M2. (Tel: 061-832 6863)

MAILORDER All our games (not figures) are available through our fast and efficient mail order service. For our new 56 page illustrated games catalogue describing over 300 games with over 130 illustrations plus introductory literature just send a large stamped (I6/2P) addressed envelope plus 30p in stamps to

Games Workshop, 17/18 Hythc Road, London NW10. (Tel: 01-960 4775) j

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