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waN-ifra iNdia 2015 New aNd emergiNg priNtiNg summit ... · PDF fileWAN-IFRA India 2015 Printing Summit 3 Conference Summary foreword The 23rd edition of the prestigious WAN-IFRA India

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Text of waN-ifra iNdia 2015 New aNd emergiNg priNtiNg summit ... · PDF fileWAN-IFRA India 2015...

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    waN-ifra iNdia 2015 priNtiNg summitConference Summary

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  • 3WAN-IFRA India 2015 Printing Summit Conference Summary


    The 23rd edition of the prestigious WAN-IFRA India Annual Conference was held in Mumbai from 2 to 4 September 2015. A meeting point of all South Asian publishers, the conference attracted about 600 del-egates. Three parallel conferences were held Print-ing Summit, Newsroom Summit and Cross-Media Advertising Summit.

    The Printing Summit, the largest print conference of WAN-IFRA, was attended by about 300 delegates. Speakers from many countries made presentations. The Conference was supported by WAN-IFRAs World Printers Forum, three members of the World Printers Forum Board presented on stage at the conference.

    The WAN-IFRA 2015 Conference focused on three key topics.

    1. Achieving efficiency, excellence and innova-tions in newspaper production

    This topic is important today because of the pressure to cut down operational cost, reduce waste, increase efficiency and revenue in all areas of newspaper pro-duction. The conference covered topics that focused on efficient use of energy and newsprint. A case study from Denmark on co-operation between publishers to procure raw materials at low cost, and a presenta-tion on the benefits of implementing an ISO-based integrated management system to manage plant operations were part of the agenda.

    2. Key trends in the industry that could affect how we operate today and how they can open doors to new businesses and efficient operations

    One major trend identified by WAN-IFRA was the

    increasing usage of 42 gsm newsprint in the Indian newspaper industry. Light-weight newsprint comes with several cost benefits but involves several produc-tion challenges too. The printing summit covered this trend in detail, with three speakers making presenta-tions on price forecast, properties of the lower gsm newsprint, production challenges and a step-by-step approach to standardise production.

    Other trends that were covered included technology advancements in digital inkjet newspaper printing. The conference also featured two case studies on investment decisions one revolved around a pub-lishers business case to buy a new press and another was about a publishers decision to do a press ret-rofit. Another key trend that was touched upon was environmental initiatives from publishers to reduce carbon footprint and pollution.

    3. Improving print quality and benchmarking it within the global newspaper community

    Considering that advertising revenue is declin-ing, one way to restore advertiser confidence is by printing high quality newspapers and sustaining the quality across all newspapers. Case studies focusing on print quality were part of the Printing Summit. A case study on using frequency modulated screen-ing (FM) in newspapers covered the challenges in standardising with FM and the quality improvements that can be achieved.

    Another case study by first-time winners of the In-ternational Color Quality Club competition set out a step-by-step approach to winning Club membership.

    At the printing summit, WAN-IFRA launched a new report on, New and emerging business models of newspaper printing companies. It showcases several emerging and tested business models followed by print-ing companies worldwide. It examines the main options chosen by newspaper printers in light of recent and on-going developments how the change benefitted pub-lishers and printers, the hurdles and pitfalls they had to contend with, and how they see the way forward. It presents a number of international cases that illustrate the development from different points of view.

    For those who could not attend the conference, we present a summary of the proceedings of WAN-IFRA India Annual Conference 2015.

    MaNfred werfel,deputy Ceo & exeCutive direCtor - global events, wan-ifra

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    WORLD pRinteRs FORum

    impriNtWAN-IFRA INdIA 2015 pRINtINg summIt coNFeReNce summARy

    publIshed by:wan-ifrarotfeder-ring 1160327 frankfurt, germany

    ceo: vincent peyrgne

    dIRectoR oF publIcAtIoNs: dean roper

    WoRld pRINteRs FoRum executIve dIRectoR:Manfred werfel

    AuthoRs:anand srinivasan & susan philip

    edItoR:susan philip



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    CoNteNt:FoReWoRd 3

    globAl medIA tReNds 8

    stAy togetheR, WIN togetheR 10

    optImIsINg pApeR ANd eNeRgy 12

    shIFt oF Focus: 45 gsm NeWspRINt vs. loWeR gsm NeWspRINt 14

    systemAtIc AppRoAch to pRoductIoN stANdARdIsAtIoN WIth loWeR gsm NeWspRINt 16

    beNchmARkINg pRINt quAlIty WIth INcqc competItIoN 18

    tIps FRom A WINNeR oN eARNINg INcqc membeRshIp 20

    systemAtIc AppRoAch to ImplemeNt Fm scReeNINg 22

    busINess cAse to INvest IN A compAct pRess 24

    pRess RetRoFIt - A cAse study FRom the stAR mAlAysIA 26

    NeWspRINt - tReNds ANd pRIce FoRecAst 28

    INtegRAted mANAgemeNt systems to ImpRove opeRAtIoNAl eFFIcIeNcy 30

    INkjet IN NeWspApeR pRINtINg 32

    usINg INNovAtIoNs to Woo AdveRtIseRs 34

    eNvIRoNmeNtAl INItIAtIves At lokmAt 36

    AdoptINg NeW techNologIes FoR sustAINAbIlIty 38

    NeW ANd emeRgINg busINess models oF NeWspApeR pRINtINg compANIes 40

    5WAN-IFRA India 2015 Printing SummitConference Summary

  • 6 WORLD pRinteRs FORum

    aBout the world priNters forumThe World Printers Forum within WAN-IFRA aims to be the central point of the international news media print community, including print-ers, materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the print production value chain from prepress to press and to product finishing and delivery.

    It addresses all print related questions. Its objective is to encourage innovation and productivity as well as product development that can be instrumental for publishers to exploit future oriented news media prod-ucts. It promotes the power of print and the sustain-ability of print production.

    The World Printers Forum has also launched an online forum, an exchange platform for discussing, informing and debating all topics related to newspaper produc-tion. The Forum is open to everyone and is free to use.

    The online forum is an ideal exchange platform for newspaper production experts to voice their opin-ion, share technical knowledge and learn from other experts.

    To join our network go to

    World Printers Forum Board Members

    Kasturi Balaji, Director, Kasturi & Sons (The Hindu), Chennai, India (Chair)

    Dr. Rick Stunt, Group Paper Director, Daily Mail Group Media, London, United Kingdom (Vice-Chair)

    Dieter Betzmeier, Member of the Executive Board, Manroland Web Systems, Augsburg, Germany

    Dr. Michael Hirthammer, General Manager, Di-rector Global Paste Technologies, Screen & Industrial, Sun Chemical, Karlstein am Main, Germany

    Thomas Isaksen, CEO, DDPFF Den Danske Press-es, Faellesindkbs-Forening, Kbenhavn, Denmark

    Herbert Kaiser, Project Manager & Senior Project Manager Engineering Newspaper Presses, Koenig & Bauer, Wrzburg, Germany

    Jan Kasten, Managing Director, CTO, ppi Media GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

    Graham Macfarlane, Board Member, Felix Bttch-er, Cologne, Germany

    Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Ali, Senior GM, Technical Services, Star Publications, Member of Asian Newspaper Printers, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Winfried Schaur, Senior Vice President, Newspaper Publishing, UPM, Augsburg, Germany

    Josef Schiel, Technical Director, Sddeutscher Verlag Zeitungsdruck, Munich, Germany

    Peder Schumacher, President V-TAB, Chairman Nordic Offset Printers Association, Gothenburg, Sweden


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  • 8 WORLD pRinteRs FORum

    global Media trends

    The pattern of disruption and what publishers can do about it was the focus of Thomas Jacobs presenta-tion at the WAN-IFRA Conference.

    The Chief Operating Officer of WAN-IFRA quoted statistics about advertising and circulation trends worldwide. Print circulation revenue stood at $89.9 bil-lion, up 0.4% in 2014 while print adver-tising declined 5.2% to $77 billion, he said, pointing out that the situation isnt as grim as it is projected to be. Global newspaper revenue amounted to around $179 billion one of the highest among other information and news industries. Digital circulation went up to $2.5 bil-lion, an increase of 45.3%, and digital ad-vertising rose 8.3% to reach $9.5 billion in the year under review.


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