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Walt Disney concert hall 1997 and 2003 -frank owen gehry

A PRESENTATION BY: Archana tayal

Architectural style His work falls within the style of Deconstructivism, also known as DeCon Architecture, i.e. its ability to go beyond current modalities of structural definition. Style seems unfinished or crude. use of inexpensive objects and nontraditional media such as clay to make serious art Doesn't reflect specific social or universal ideas

Angeles Philharmonic, In turn this is one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world, providing both visual and aural intimacy.


frank owen gehry Yasuhisa Toyota los angeles, carlofornia

framed structure HIGH TECH MODERN

Walt Disney concert hall The Concert Hall is situated on historic Bunker Hill at the intersection of First Street and Grand Avenue.


Los Angeles, Carlifornia

Concept the concept is of curved wooden pipe, like a logjam kind of thing. Its designed from the inside out. Its A place where the musicians could come on stage, feel at home, and hear each other the orchestra and the audience would have an intimate connection with each other.

PLAN Area: 3.6 acres. complex contains 293,000 square feet of Space Concert hall: 50.7m X 280m Concert Hall is located in the centre of the site.

West atrium

Dressing room Amphitheatre

Pre concert foyer

East atrium



Preconcert foyer Amphitheatres

Hotel accomodation

Underground parking

an underground parking garage, preconcert foyer, green room and support spaces, two outdoor amphitheatres, and state park on the site, control chaos and relate that to the urban world

exterior On the exterior Italian limestone and stainless steel gives a matte finish. The metal-clad faade, or surface skin, is composed of 6,400 stainless steel panels, spanning more than 160,000 square feet. the Founders Room and Children's Amphitheatre were designed with highly polished mirror-like panels.

Children's amphitheatre


Structural steel frame Skeleton with dual aluminium frame covered by stainless steel sheets

Structural steel frame Skeleton with dual aluminium frame covered by stainless steel sheets


The backstage door open to a semi-public garden and the largest rehearsal room is placed near this entry used for small scale public performances.


An extensive backstage technical area surrounds the Hall and opening onto a private garden for musicians.

Concert hall Amphitheatre


Underground parking



interiors The focus of the design is the 2,400-seat Concert Hall. Wooden seating blocks surround the orchestra platform together with the saillike wooden ceiling forms. The audience surrounds the stage, which is elevated slightly higher than the adjacent orchestra seats.

Drawback: A dropped program, a closing door, or a simple cough becomes part of the symphony.

The walls and ceiling of the hall are finished with Douglas fir while the floor is finished with oak. wood helps to achieve the sound reflection The reflective qualities of the surface were amplified by the concave sections of the Founders Room walls


Douglas fir

Escalators to the foyer

Entrance lobby The Numerous video screens and an overhead sound system connect the open lobby with the orchestra. Acting as the conduit between the city and the symphony, the entry lobby bustles with energy, day and night.


A pipe organ occupy a central position between the seating blocks at stage rear.

Skylights and a large window at the rear of the Hall allows natural light to enhance daytime concerts.

THANK YOUArchana tayal