Walking 30 min/day interviews

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<ul><li> 1. Walking 30 min/day 3 interviewshttp://www.slideshare.net/catherine_lu/walking-30-minday-interviews </li> <li> 2. Stanford student Has hated biking since arriving to Stanford Has been mainly walking everywhere since freshman year Last year tried biking once in the middle of the year and got into an accident; required crutches for 4 weeks Lives in Crothers but has classes in Knight and main quad, meetings in Old Union Has previously dropped organizations that meet at night because walking at night is cold and it takes too much time </li> <li> 3. Stanford student habit creation1. Arrived at Stanford2. Bought a bike3. Rode it a few times but didnt like how it interfered what clothes she could wear4. Got into a few low-impact accidents and near-misses5. Tries walking to classes, and finds it is possible6. Walks virtually everywhere on campus </li> <li> 4. Berkeley student Lives in an apartment off-campus which is ~15 minutes away from campus Could take the bus for part of the route, but taking the bus doesnt save time, walking is more reliable, and she doesnt mind Sometimes can be stressful if shes late Shes noticed that she generally walk very quickly now Views it as her daily exercise and enjoys it </li> <li> 5. Berkeley student habit creation1. Decides to live off-campus after freshman year and finds 3 other friends2. Together, they pick an apartment based on price, decent living conditions, and decent distance from campus3. Consciously realize that the apartment is a 15 minute walk from campus, which everyone is okay with4. Lease the apartment5. Begin walking to class every day </li> <li> 6. Mom After dinner every week day, takes 30 minute walk with dog and husband Good way to talk to husband about the day, get exercise, and exercise the dog Sometimes has to bring a flashlight if its dark outside; she prefers walking when its sunny but its harder due to work On weekends, she often takes even longer walks with the dog (30-1 hour walks), sometimes without her husband, during the afternoon </li> <li> 7. Mom habit creation1. Little brother asked for a dog last year after I left for college2. Family gets a dog to keep my brother company3. Little brother too tired or lazy to walk the dog after school4. Mom walks the dog </li> <li> 8. Davy the corgi! </li> </ul>


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