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  • 1. G lory, G od and G oldVoyages andAdventuresA merica 1500

2. Henr t Na igaory he v tTo bring Portugal moretrade and power andto spreadChristianity, thisprince sponsoredexpeditions beyondthe safety of theMediterranean.Glory, God or Gold? 3. Beyond DakestA ica r fr The Portuguese yearned to find a sea route to India to thwart Arab middlemen who controlled overland routes, keeping prices of pepper and other spices high by keeping supplies low.Glory, God or Gold? 4. Bat omeu DiarholsA fierce, 13 day stormblew his ship off courserounding the tip ofAfrica. He only realizedhow far he had gonewhen the skies cleared. Why do you think the cape he rounded (though he never saw it) was named The Cape of Good Hope? Glory, God or Gold? 5. V sco daG ma a aIn his first voyage, da Gamamanaged to reach Calicut inIndia (his goal) and sailhome.The ruler of Calicut,(Samuri) welcomed daGama: The devil take ye!and was scornful da Gamahad not brought valuablepresents. 6. DaG ma Second Tipa sr Da Gama left better prepared the second time, with 14 well armed ships instead of two. Priests and religious processions sent him off with blessings.But he didnt bring gifts:He demanded surrender of all valuables from aship filled with 380 Muslim pilgrims. Whenthey delayed he took the valuables22,000ducats worththen burned the ship andeveryone on it. At Calicut, he seized a fishermen and traders in the harbor, hanged them, cut up their bodies, and sent the hands, feet, and heads to the haughty Samuri. He left 5 ships of soldiers to secure the trading city.Glory, God or Gold? 7. Chr opherCol ist umbusStrengths: Belief in self and abilities Faith in his idea of reachingthe Indies and Chinaby sailing West Abilities as a sailor LuckWeaknesses: Belief in self and abilities made him arrogant and cruel to crew and natives Faith in his idea of reaching the Indies and China by sailing Westmade him foolhardy in holding to the idea hed reached the Indies. 8. F stV ge: Discov y ir oya er Crew: 87, 84 Andalucian Failures: didnt really findsailors. Only 4 criminals the Indies or China; didntseeking pardons find the riches expected Problems: superstitions of Successes: found new landscrew (sea monsters, fall offedge of world)Columbus for Spain, found western anddisciplined severely, eastern routes that took fullminimized distances (falsely) advantage of prevailingso they wouldnt know how currents and windsfar theyd gone. 9. Second V ge: W oya hoops!17 ships with 1200 men (6 300 died of disease. A hurricaneof them priests to convertdestroyed all of the ships. Patchingthe Indians) set out to together two ships from the scraps,find Indies spices and gold Columbus limped home in disgrace. 10. T d V ge: W 2hir oya hoops Natives turned unfriendly andWith 6 Ships, few volunteers forced them to leave. Shipsand many convicts, Columbuswormy and food rotten, butset out to redeem himself. colonists wouldnt help andFirst hopeNatives brought Indians refused them food. AfterColumbus and his crew gold word of Indian killings reachednuggets to trade at Hispaniola the monarchs, Columbus and his brother were brought back to Spain in chains. 11. F t V ge: Defeaourh oyatPrivately funded, not patroned Although he sailed alongby Ferdinand and Isabella, the coast of SouthColumbus was still Admiral,America, he found nobut had no governing powersriches, nor traces of theover colonists.Indies or China and returned to Spain defeated. Glory, God or Gold? 12. F dina M gelaer nd a l nInspired by a friend whowas both astrologer andcartographer, Magellandetermined he couldcircumnavigate the globe..Spurned by his nativePortugal, he gainedfunding and patronagefrom Spain.He set out to accomplishColumbus goal, to reachthe Indies and China bysailing West 13. M gela V ge a l ns oyaAlthough the voyage is attributed to Magellan, he did not succeed inthe circumnavigating globe. He was killed on the island of Mactan. 14. Obstacles & Problems Magellan and his crew suffered all of the following as he searched for a western sea passage around South America: Finding many places along Combating the mutiny ofthe coast that looked like seathree out of his five ships. Topassages that were just baysquell it, he had to kill theand inletscaptain of one of the ships, Running out of food and then block passage of thesupplies. He thought he had other for two years. His Meeting greedy natives whosuppliers in Spainswarmed over his ships andfraudulently gave him six took everything that wasntmonths worth. (He and the nailed down.crew ate fresh fish and game, Navigating through one of therats and wormy biscuits,most treacherous passages ofeven, oxhide bindings, androck-lined water in the world:drank water contaminated the strait named for him.with rat urine. 15. M gela Deaha l ns tOn an island in the Philippines, anative chieftain pretended to beChristian to enlist Magellans aidto fight a neighboring chieftain.Once on the island, Magellan was attacked by thechief and his men. He was repeatedly wounded bynatives armed with poisoned arrows, spears andscimitars. He could have retreated and saved himself,but covered his fleeing men, fighting while the restrowed back to the ships. 16. Concl t V ge uding he oya One by one the ships The total time of thefell was 12 days The Portuguese less than three years.imprisoned some of As penitence, the 18the men in islands survivors walkednear Spain barefoot carrying Only 18 of the 250 candles to the shrinemen landed back at of the Virgin Mary.Seville. Glory, God or Gold?