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Vontobel Portrait 2011, Theme Swiss made

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    Swiss made

    Portrait 2011

  • The Vontobel Group offers the unique combination of an independent

    Swiss private bank with the innovative strength of an active inter-

    national asset manager. Our integrated business model with the three busi-

    ness units Private Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management

    ensures close cooperation and allows us to successfully pool our exper-

    tise and resources for the benefit of our clients and business partners.

    Each day, around 1,400 Vontobel employees around the world create

    sustained added value for our clients: they diligently manage and moni-

    tor the client assets entrusted to us, while carefully tracking develop-

    ments in the financial markets and observing global events. Whether

    they are in the heart of Zurich, in New York, Hong Kong or Dubai em-

    ployees in 19 international locations identify trends and devise appropri-

    ate innovative investment strategies and products. We focus on areas of

    business of which we have an expert knowledge and we earn the trust

    of our clients by delivering on our promises.

    The stable shareholder structure of the Vontobel Group and the long-

    term focus and entrepreneurial philosophy of our major shareholders are

    the key to our solidity and reliability. The Vontobel families hold a majority

    of around 52% of votes and capital. In addition, Vontobels strategic

    partner, Raiffeisen, holds a stake of 12.5% in the company.

    The rating agencies Standard & Poors and Moodys have analyzed and

    rated Bank Vontobel AG and Vontobel Holding AG. The ratings (as of

    31.12. 2010) confirm the recognized financial strength and solidity of

    the Vontobel Group:

    The Vontobel Group

    Standard & Poors: Vontobel Holding AG A

    Bank Vontobel AG A+

    Moodys: Vontobel Holding AG A2

    Bank Vontobel AG A1

    Legal information

    The Vontobel Portrait 2011 is intended solely for information purposes. The information and views contained in it do

    not constitute a request, offer or recommendation to use a service, to buy or sell investment instruments or to conduct

    other transactions. In addition, there is a risk that forecasts, predictions, projections and results described or implied

    in future-oriented statements may not prove correct. Information and statements concerning audited financial results

    and corporate governance should only be taken from the Vontobel Holding AG Annual Report 2010. It is available at

    www.vontobel.com or can be obtained by post upon request.

  • 1Vontobel Portrait 2011

    Swiss made is a promise of quality and performance. It is used in reference to Switzerlands

    financial and industrial centres, which are among the most attractive in the world and have,

    for years, been drawing in high levels of investment and welcoming global companies and

    skilled professionals. The Swiss financial and banking sectors have overcome the impacts of

    the financial crisis far more effectively than other international centres and continue to enjoy

    a very high level of demand for their products and services globally. Against this back-

    drop, we are convinced that Switzerland will successfully master the challenges resulting

    from the growing international pressure on leading financial sectors and that it will emerge

    from this period of change even stronger than before based on its positioning as a centre of

    excellence for high-quality financial services.

    Swiss made is a pledge that is founded on core Swiss values such as solidity, trust-

    worthiness, quality and precision. These values form the cornerstones of the Swiss brand.

    Combined with a willingness to embrace change, they will guarantee the continuation of

    Switz erlands success story. These are the beliefs and values that have also long been the

    hallmarks of Vontobel.

    Our relationship with our clients is built on a combination of trust and performance. This

    is one of the reasons why clients select us as their financial partner and why many of these

    relationships continue from one generation to the next. We want to impress our clients with

    our services by focusing on value enhancement, risk awareness and innovation. One ex-

    ample is Vontobel Global Change Investing. Based on this approach, we enable sophisti-

    cated investors to benefit from sustainable investment opportunities resulting from the pro-

    cess of global change.

    If we consider our 2010 financial results and view them in the context of the continued

    challenging operating environment, it is clear that Vontobel has delivered a solid and

    successful performance. Our substantial net inflow of new money in the amount of

    CHF 5.5 billion demonstrates the high level of trust that our clients and partners continue to

    place in Vontobel. The basis for our banks future growth thus remains intact.

    Vontobel has a strong and successful brand like Switzerland itself. This was confirmed

    by the most recent brand rankings published by the business magazine Bilanz, in which

    Vontobel achieved fifth place among the Swiss banks. Its good name, strong traditions and

    experience, and its commitment to upholding Swiss values are proving successful, was the

    explanation for this excellent ranking.

    The Portrait 2011 examines the theme Swiss made from various perspectives and pres-

    ents the views of both external and internal specialists on this topic. They all share the belief

    that the Swiss brand provides a decisive advantage in the international competitive arena

    especially for the Swiss financial centre and represents a special pledge of quality.

    Dear reader

    Dr. Urs Widmer

    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Herbert J. Scheidt

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak __ Professor of Business Management and Marketing

    Director of the Center for Customer Insight and the Center

    for Innovation of the University of St. Gallen

    Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak

    No other mark of origin evokes such unique and positive associations around the world as

    the Swiss cross. What is more: the Swiss brand entails significant goodwill that can be used

    in almost any product category or industry.

    Products and services that radiate Swissness project an image of top international

    quality, reliability and trust or exclusivity and luxury. This reputation has been built up

    over a very long period and can be traced back to the 16th century.

    Entrepreneurs such as Abraham-Louis Breguet were the first to establish

    the image of Swiss reliability. During the period of industrialization,

    this image was cultivated by leading figures such as Henri Nestl, Fran-

    ois-Louis Geigy and Hans Caspar Escher. The tradition has been

    maintained today by typically Swiss companies such as Schindler,

    Lindt and Kambly that operate successfully in the international mar-

    kets. However, it is the watch-making and banking industries that have shaped the image

    of Swiss business more than any other sectors.

    To explain the true value of the Swiss brand image, it is necessary to look beyond purely

    economic aspects: this image has also been formed as a result of the country and its people,

    as well as by academic and political factors. The magnificence of Switzerlands mountain

    landscape, its multicultural population, Roger Federer, the construction of the longest rail

    tunnel globally, the worlds largest research centre CERN in Geneva, the countrys policy

    of neutrality and the robust state of its economy and public finances are all factors that have

    significantly influenced the way in which Switzerland is perceived beyond its borders.

    Switzerlands brand is a meta brand whose positive image has fortunately remained

    very stable, even during the financial crisis. This reflects the fact that Swissness is now

    firmly established as a result of the countrys many recognized strengths and qualities, which

    have existed for years and provide a strong and sustainable basis with which to meet future


    One of Switzerlands key advantages in the competition between international centres is

    undoubtedly its globally renowned education system. Together with Switzerlands reputa-

    tion for open-mindedness which enhances its relationship with other countries its educa-

    tion system and academic and scientific achievements are of decisive importance for its

    image and prosperity.

    The Swiss brand has developed over a number of centuries. The contribution that it

    makes to Switzerlands prosperity is not to be underestimated. The same applies to invest-

    ments in the countrys state-of-the-art infrastructure, which projects a positive image of

    Switzerland to the rest of the world and earns it international respect. The Swiss road and

    The Swiss brand has developed over a number of centuries. The contribution that it makes to Switzerlands prosperity is not to be under estimated.

    Swissness a strong brand

    2 Vontobel Portrait 2011

    University of St. Gallen HSG

    /Hannes Th


  • rail network is just one example. The federalist structures within Switzerlands political sys-

    tem which is founded on the principle of consensus and a clear commitment to democ-

    racy also underpin Switzerlands positive image. The