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Cinder ConesCinder cones are the most common type of volcanoes. They are circular cones made up of fragments of lava from a single vent that have been blown into the air, and cooled around the vent.

Composite VolcanoesComposite Volcanoes are steed sided structures made up of many layers of volcanic rock, usually made by very thick lava, ash, and debris. Due to the multiple layers, these volcanoes can erupt for an extended amount of time.

Shield VolcanoesShield Volcanoes are large volcanoes composed of mainly fluid lava flows. These volcanoes have very broad sides and often look like large shields. Shield Volcanoes may be the product of hot spots which are far away from the edges of tectonic plates. They can also be found along mid-ocean ridges.

Examples of Cinder ConesA good example of a Cinder Cone is Paracutin in Mexico.

ParacutinParacutin EruptingVolcanoes review questionMt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier are both famous examples in America of what type of volcano?

Cinder ConesComposite VolcanoesShield Volcanoes

Examples of Composite VolcanoesTwo famous examples of composite volcanoes are Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, both found in Washington State.

Mount RainierMount St. HelensExamples of Shield VolcanoesAn example of a Shield Volcano is the island of Hawaii. The big island is made of five different volcanoes, and the smaller islands are made up of their own volcanoes as well.

Kilauea, Hawaii

Mauna Loa, HawaiiLava VolcanoesAlso known as lava domes, lava volcanoes are formed when erupting lava is too thick to flow and creates a steep mound as it piles up near the volcanic vent. The eruption of Mt. St. Helens was partially caused by a lava dome shifting to allow explosive gas out of the mountain.

Examples of Lava VolcanoesA few examples of lava volcanoes can be located in North America. First, there is Lassen Peak, California. Next, there is a lava volcano located in Alaska, called Novarupta.

Lassen Peak, CANovarupta, AK