VNAB Pricing Recommendation

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This was the final deliverable for my B2B class. I was responsible for slides 9~13, along with the appendix which I felt would answer questions about where our pricing equation was being rooted from. Unfortunately, I have not personally followed-up on the implementation of our team\'s recommendations.

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2. Founded in 1886, largest VNA in the country. The WellnessProgram is a non-profit enterprise with 1 full time employee Provides health related programs and screenings aimed to help clients keep their employees healthyCorporate CommunityProfits fund free community clinicsWellness Outreach 3. Corporate Wellness: Community Outreach:Health Screening, Free clinics for the Immunization and community; no revenue Educational Presentations 71% volume of spending isOver 300 clients on Community Outreach97% of revenue from Flu Is funded by profits from ClinicsCorporate WellnessNew screening technologies for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol 4. Health ScreeningsEducational Presentations $500/hr Blood Pressure Work/Life Issues$75/hr. 2 hr min Ergonomics Blood Glucose Seasonal Wellness$125/hr + $5/person. 2 hr min. Nutrition Cholesterol Alternative Healing Techniques$125/hr + $5/person. 2 hr min. Immunizations Body Mass Index (BMI) Influenza (Flu)$75/hr. 2 hr min $25/shot. $625 min. Tuberculosis Testing (TB) H1N1$125/hr + $5/person. Pneumococcal Hand Washing Demonstrations Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Shingles Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) Meningococcal 5. Direct Mail to managersThank youMonthly E-cardsNewsletter Initiatives Tele- Clinic Sign market to Ups Emailpast clientsBlast 6. Health care bill MA insurance companies required to 2015give complementary preventative care Convenient to individuals and cost Minute Clinicseffective for employers CVS, Walgreens, Rite AidLarge InsurancePurchase in bulk and offer a wider arrayCompanies:of servicesTighter Budgets: Not re-booking health services 7. Customers not aware of value offered by VNAB CommunicateIdentify ValueValuePersonnel andIncentivesVNAB Success 8. Identify Value Communicating ValuePersonnel and Incentives 9. On average, $3.27-4.50 savings onmedical insurance per dollar spent onwellness The lower the risk, the lower theinsurance premium Shifting down the risk groups decreasesoverall insurance cost 94% of companies with wellness programsreported medical cost savings*supported by exhibitIdentifying Value 10. Graph from VNAB Internal ReportIdentifying Value 11. $2.73 savings fromabsenteeism per dollarspent on wellness Healthier employees aremore productive than sickones Retention = Lower the costto replace an absentworkerIdentifying Value 12. Time is money. Save time. Save money. Save time for the commute to hospitals, testing,and waiting for test results. Have a comprehensive set of results from onereliable source. Minimum work disruptionIdentifying Value 13. Problem: Extensive variety of customers Heterogeneous customers Blue Man Group, Bank of America, Harpoon Brewery No customer criteriaSolution:Now: Customer Ideal: Products fitfit VNAB productscustomersCommunicatingValue 14. EducationalScreeningsImmunizations SeminarsCurrent State Products sold separatelyIdeal State Bundle and customize packagesBundleCommunicatingValue 15. Problem: Website: Informative,but not sales oriented Pamphlet notcongruent withwebsite information Lack of advertisementstargeting buying centerSolution: Need aligned marketingstrategyCommunicatingValue 16. Ineffective Marketing Initiatives Direct mail, TelemarketingPart time nurses distributing pamphlets Diminished Awareness of ValueValue Proposition of complete product suite un-communicatedPoor sales performance Volatile sales distributionPersonnelAnd Incentives 17. $11,286 Flu Clinics Other Coporate Wellness Revenue$370,784PersonnelAnd Incentives 18. Promote entire product suite Spread sales beyond flu shot packages Competitive frame of reference improved vs.Insurance companiesPersonnelAnd Incentives 19. Albert, Steven M., and Richard Schulz. Working Caregivers and Employer Health Care Costs.Rep. MetLife Mature Market Institute, Feb. 2010. Web. 24 Apr. 2011.. Baicker, Katherine, David Cutler, and Zirui Song. "Workplace Wellness Programs Can GenerateSavings." Health Affairs 29.2 (2010): 1-8. Kibble & Prentice. The People-to-People HealthFoundation, Inc., Feb. 2010. Web. 24 Apr. 2011.. Loeppke, Ronald, Dee W. Edington, and Sami Beg. "Impact of the Prevention Plan on EmployeeHealth Risk Reduction." Population Health Management 14.5 (2010): 275-83. US PreventativeMedicine. 2010. Web. 24 Apr. 2011. . "How Does Health Care Reform Affect You?" Mass.Gov. Executive Office of Health and HumanServices, 2011. Web. 23 Apr. 2011. . "CVS Minute Clinic." 2011. Web. 23 Apr. 2011 "How Will the 300 Minute Clinics in 2007 Impact Current Medical Practice?" OnThePharm.Web. 26 Apr. 2011. . Shimp, Bradford |. "Small Business Healthcare: Dont Give Up Your Plan Just Yet." Blog | AllBusiness Answers. 23 Mar. 2010. Web. 26 Apr. 2011. .VNAB. Visiting Nurses Association of Boston 2009 Wellness Overview. Internal Report. 2011.Print. VNAB. Visiting Nurses Association of Boston 2011 Wellness Plan. Internal Report. 2011. Print.