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  • 1. Introduction There are more than just visual learners. Wecan find visual, auditory and kynestheticlearners. While it is true that each student learns ineach of these ways, there is one particularstyle that the student is stronger. Here we are going to talk about the visualstyle.

2. Introduction to Visual Learners Visual learners are able to memoriseinformation through the sense of sight. Weare more likely to learn information when weuse images, pictures with a great variety ofcolours, maps and interactive activities. In our mind we can visualize objects, wordsand plans. 3. Characteristics1. Visual learners pick up written information quickly.2. Visual Learners love to read 4. Characteristics3. Visual learners are quite fast reading as long as they know all or most of the vocabulary written. For example, they can locate words quickly in thedictionary if they know the spelling. 5. Characteristics4. Frequently visualstudents appear todaydream. often have a blankexpression duringlectures or classdiscussion. 6. Characteristics5. They prefer to show ordemonstrate rather than totell or explain. 6. This students often speak very loudly. In the other hand they may be able to sit in a noisy area without being distracted. 7. Characteristics7. Visual learners are a very observer people sothey are better learning through images andgraphics but they find it really hard when theylisten at lectures or class discussions. They seeto understand. 8. Characteristics8. When visual learners plan weekends,holidays, birthday parties or normal days wetend to make written lists to organizeourselves. 9. Characteristics9. 10. Characteristics10. The appropriate materials for a visuallearner are movies, flash cards, graphs,charts, tables, rebus stories or graphicorganizers; because these materials areimmediately eye-catching. We see tounderstand. 11. Characteristics11. We usually have problems distinguishingsimilar spokenwords likeaccess/excess,allude/elude orcompliment/complement. 12. Characteristics12. When doingdifficult activitieslike cooking or fixingelectric applianceswe need to followwritten instructions. 13. In conclusion, visual learners will have ahigher level of the knowledge retention ifwe study through visual methods.We need stimulation to put more effortin our learning.