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    UUUTTTeeeaaaccchhhAAArrrttt Undergraduate Handbook Revised 08/2019

    Visual Art Studies

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    Table of Contents

    Welcome to UTeach Art/Visual Art Studies 3 UTeach Art/VAS 3 year sequence of classes 4 UTeach Art/VAS 2 year sequence of classes 5 Undergraduate VAS Course Descriptions 6-7 Professional Development Sequence Application 7-8 Setting up a TEAL and ECOS account 8-10 Satisfactory Progress in UTeach Art/VAS Program 11 Professionalism 12 Field Experience 12 Student Teaching 13 Helpful Links 13 SBEC Code of Teacher Ethics 13 VAS Degree Guidelines/2018-2020 14-15 VAS Degree Sample Plan/2018-2020 16-17 VAS Degree Guideline/2016-2018 18-19 VAS Degree Sample Plan/2016-2018 20-21 VAS Degree Guideline/2014-2016 22-23 VAS Degree Sample Plan/2014-2016 24-25 Scholarships and Grants 26 State Certification Checklist 27 TEXES Test Information 28 Important Websites 29 VAS Faculty and Staff Information 30

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    Welcome to UTeach Art/Visual Art Studies! Do you have a passion for art and a desire to share this passion through teaching? Today’s art educators apply their skills and knowledge with diverse populations in a wide variety of settings: schools, community-based programs, and museums. Where are recent graduates of our program working? -The Kimbell Art Museum -Mexic-Arte Museum -The El Paso Museum of Art -After School Programs/Boys and Girls Clubs -Austin ISD -Pflugerville ISD -Leander ISD -Houston ISD -Goose Creek ISD -Clear Creek ISD -Dallas ISD -Richardson ISD -Plano ISD -Northeast ISD -Pharr Alamo San Juan ISD -Santa Maria ISD -and many other public, private, charter and international schools Teacher preparation in the College of Fine Arts was renamed UTeach Fine Arts in fall 2017. In the UTeach Art program, you will earn a BFA degree in Visual Art Studies. Most students elect to complete requirements to obtain P-12 Texas Art certification, required for teaching art in Texas public schools. This handbook provides information which will help guide you through the UTeach Art/Visual Art Studies program which features coursework in studio, art history, and visual art studies (art education). Gain hands on art teaching experience with many age groups through multiple field placements as part of your Visual Art Studies courses. What starts here changes the world. Hook ‘em!

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    UTeach Art/Visual Art Studies Program - 2 or 3 Year Sequence

    The VAS coursework is structured in a way that maximizes learning opportunities for each student. Since each VAS and EDC course is only offered once a year, it is important to follow one of the following plans. It is recommended that VAS students complete ART Core (studio foundations) coursework during their freshman year. If you begin UTeach Art/VAS courses as a sophomore, follow this 3 year sequence:

    3 Year Sequence of Courses

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    UTeach Art – 2 Year Sequence However, if you enter the UTeach Art/Visual Art Studies courses as a Junior, follow this 2 year sequence:

    2 Year Sequence of Courses

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    Undergraduate VAS and Related Course Descriptions VAS 330 - W Introduction to Visual Art Studies An introduction to the field of art education: philosophy, current trends, instructional methods, advocacy, and careers in schools, museums, and community settings. Preservice students observe in pre-school classrooms to take note of children’s artistic and social development. This course carries a Writing Flag. VAS 341D Learners and Instructional Sites for Visual Art Studies An introduction to alternative instructional sites where teaching and learning in the arts take place. Methodologies, practices, and institutional dynamics are examined as they relate to planning, organizing, and implementing programs for individuals and communities. Must apply to College of Education for Professional Development Sequence (minor) during enrollment in this course. VAS 351D Art Materials, Techniques, and Processes Exploration of basic materials, techniques, and processes of art production in elementary through high school classrooms and alternative settings in the community. Preservice students will learn how to guide pupils through meaningful art production in diverse learning environments. VAS 361D Criticism and Conversation about Art Through dialogic and questioning strategies, preservice students will explore diverse artworlds (including contemporary Western and non-Western) and their guiding theories and aesthetic philosophies. In addition, students will conduct field observation of site- specific art for purposes of contextual understanding of artwork. EDC 331S School Organization and Classroom Management in Secondary Schools Preservice students learn about philosophies and strategies for organizing and managing an art classroom. Field experience is required to observe elementary art classrooms to take note of class management techniques employed by experienced art educators. This course carries the Ethics and Leadership Flag. EDC 332S Designs for Instruction – Art Pre-service teachers build on foundational knowledge and skills gained in previous courses to construct quality arts curriculum focused on secondary learning environments. Instructional practices, learners and their learning environments, content knowledge, and professional responsibilities are expanded, including teaching exceptional students, using assessment, and utilizing technology specific to teaching.

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    EDC 370S Secondary School Subjects: Art This course is taken concurrently with EDC 350E and EDC 351S during the student teaching semester. The purpose of this course is to build a community of support and to prepare for entry into the profession. Students discuss planning, instructing, and assessing; interpersonal relations; professional concerns and standards; evaluation procedures; teaching portfolios, certification procedures; interviewing; and a range of related topics. EDC 350E Elementary Teaching Practicum Preservice students teach for half a semester in an elementary art classroom. Cooperating teachers and university supervisors evaluate preservice students on their lesson planning, instructional techniques, assessment procedures, interpersonal skills, community building, and professionalism. EDC 351S Secondary Teaching Practicum- Art Preservice students teach for half a semester in a middle or high school art classroom. Cooperating teachers and university supervisors evaluate students on their lesson planning, instructional techniques, assessment procedures, interpersonal skills, community building, and professionalism.

    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Application While enrolled in VAS 341, UTeach Art/VAS majors MUST apply to the College of Education for the Professional Development Sequence (PDS) in order to move forward in the program. If accepted in PDS by the COE, students may move forward to the next VAS and EDC courses. If accepted conditionally they must meet specific criteria in order to continue moving forward in the program. In some cases, students will not be accepted in the PDS sequence which means they may not move forward in the program. PDS Admission requirements include:

    • A passing score or exemption on the THEA (formally TASP) exam. • Completion of sixty (60) semester hours of college coursework with an acceptable

    grade point average of at least 3.0. • Completion of VAS 330 with a grade of B or above. • Acquisition and class use of a laptop computer. See LIFE (Laptop Initiative for


    • Receive the approval of the VAS faculty in their assessment of the candidate’s qualifications to enter the teaching profession in seeking a Texas teaching certificate for All- level Art.

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    UTeach Art/VAS majors are required to remain in good standing in the program upon acceptance into the PDS sequence. Since state certification requirements are continually changing, new requirements are frequently integrated into the UTeach Art program. Specific requirements are announced in VAS or EDC courses, ie. Mental Health module, ELL training, substance abuse training module, Dyslexia training, etc…

    TEAL and ECOS Instruction Before applying to PDS, UTeach Art/VAS majors must first create a TEAL (TEA login) account with the Texas Education Agency. Be sure to record your TEA number and password in a safe place because you will need this information throughout your career in order to access your teacher certification records on the ECOS (Educator Certification Online System) at the Texas Education Agency. Go to: and select ECOS for Educators at top of page. On next screen, click Create new TEAL account.

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    Satisfactory Progress in UTeach Art/VAS The following conditions must be met and maintained in order to remain in satisfactory standing in the UTeachArt/VAS program:

    • Student must receive a B or above in all VAS and EDC courses. (If they earn a B- or below they may be required to retake the course.)

    • Student must attain and maintain a 3.0 GPA in all upper-division studio art, art history, visual art studies and education courses.

    • Students must