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  • Virtual Design Engineering Consultants






  • Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Our mission at Virtual Design Engineering is to deliver outstanding service in BIM Modelling. We strive to provide best services

    value engineering, Modular concept coordination (for off-site engineering or MSD shops) that are innovative, efficient,

    practical, and on time. Our team of caring, talented and dedicated professionals serves with integrity and pride to create

    mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with our clients. Mohammed Nadeem Khan and Mohammed Abu baker Siddiq

    founded Virtual Engineering in August 2014 as a BIM Services business based in India.

    Virtual Design Engineering provides architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and technology

    engineering modelling services. Along with modelling services, Virtual Design Engineering offers energy efficient modelling for

    housing/mixed use, healthcare facilities, corporate office buildings, schools, retail, restaurants, government and Airport

    projects. The firm offers services to these markets with unique skills.

    Virtual Design Engineering also provides services to designing firms and contractors internationally. Virtual Design Engineering

    functions as the project representative and bring years of experience and expertise with an emphasis on BIM Modelling &

    Energy efficient modelling

    Executive Statement

    Mohammed Nadeem Khan

    Chief Executive Officer Virtual Design Engineering

    Mr. Khan co-founded Virtual Design Engineering Consultants in 2014. Mr. Khan has over 17 years of

    experience in design, quality control, and project management MEP/FP. His area of specialty is the design

    of HVAC systems
  • Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Corporate Overview

    Virtual Design Engineering Consultants was founded in 2014 to provide CAD Design, Modeling and Drafting solutions. It has a big

    team of engineers, BIM Engineers and CAD professionals with a thorough understanding of international Codes, construction

    standards and practices.

    The ultimate aim for us is to cater our clients with the utmost care and precision. Clients receive the benefits of the latest

    technology, skilled human resources and a responsive feedback team.

    Our Vision

    Creati g alue for the usto ers y pro idi g i o ati e solutio s Our Mission

    E po eri g usto ers through i o atio y utilizi g the latest te h ology Production Center

    Our production center houses the latest technological devices available on the market. The latest hardware releases and software

    updates are promptly incorporated in our list of production tools. Data security is of high importance to us so we have installed a

    secure firewall to protect our network from external threats.

    Software Platforms

    We work on a wide range of popular software platforms. These include Revit MEP, Fabrication, Navis works, CADPIPE, CADDuct,

    Pro-E, Bentley and more.

    Data Security

    VDEC knows the importance of data security and does everything in our power to secure every bit of information provided by our

    clients. VDEC is equipped with access advanced control system that monitors the computer work stations, for unauthorized


    Client Support

    Once the project is completed and delivered, our technical support team remains available to our clients. Our project managers

    communicate directly with clients through different communication channels FTP for file transfer, emails, messaging, video or teleconferencing, etc.

  • Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Mohammed Abubacker Siddiq

    Founder/Advisor Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Mr. Siddiq co-founded Virtual Design Engineering consultants in 2014. Mr. Siddiq has experience

    in designing electrical power, lighting, communication, and fire alarm systems for all types of applications.


    General Manager Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Mr. Basheer is responsible for all business operations, corporate governance and outreach at

    Virtual Design Engineering Consultants.

    Kasim Vali

    Project Manager Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Mr. Kasim has 14 years of experience in MEP Design, BIM Engineering Services & Project Management

    for buildings and presently working as a Project Manager with Virtual Design Engineering Consultants.

    Satendra Chaudhary

    QC Manager Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Mr. Satendra is responsible for the quality controls, he has 8 years of experience in MEP design,

    quality control and project management in building MEP/FP.
  • Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Virtual Design Engineering offers a variety of Services to encompass Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Fire Protection,

    Architectural & Structural Services. In addition to our expertise in MEPF, VDE has cultivated extensive knowledge and expertise

    in energy efficient modeling. With our dedication to exemplary work, Virtual Design Engineering is able to provide services for

    designing firm & contractors needs.

    Virtual Design Engineering Specializes of 3D BIM models using a range of inputs including contract drawings, specification,

    design documents, equipment submittals and relevant codes, such as ASHRAE, SMACNA, DW144, UA/EU or the country/state

    codes, UPC, NFPA, local Civil defense codes and BS1192.

    We provide the shop drawings with full details as such they are sufficient for installation & workshop fabrication and these

    drawings are generated from fully coordinated model.

    Mechanical Engineering Services Plumbing Engineering Services

    HVAC (Air-conditioning, Ventilation) Chilled Water Piping

    Sanitary & Storm System Design Natural & Propane Gas Distribution Domestic Water Systems

    Piping Layout Flow & Pressure Calculation Fire Suppression Systems Design

    Electrical Engineering Services Lighting System Electrical Power Distribution Telecom & IT System Fire Alarm Systems Security Systems(CCTV/Access Control) Structured Cabling Systems Audio Visual System

    Duct banks & Conduiting Parking Management System Nurse Call System Public Address System Audio-Visual Systems

    Our Services Offered

  • Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Architectural & Structural Engineering Services

    Architectural items / elements / objects that will be modeled: Exterior and Interior walls, ceiling, soft, exterior finishes, louvers

    & vents, stairs, furniture, casework, cabinets, floor, wall & ceiling finishes, doors & windows, fixtures and fittings.

    Structural items/elements/objects that will be modeled: Beams, columns, structural slab, metal deck, stairs (concrete and or steel),

    bracings, retaining walls, pile, pile cap, trusses, joists, Foundation and footings.

    Civil/Site items/elements/objects that will be modeled: Top surface grading, roads, pavements, site lighting, parking strips, planters,

    site boundary.

    Reinforcement: We provide three types of services, for reinforcement. Below is the brief description of the same:

    3D Model + BBS/Quantity: A rebar 3D model will be prepared level wise based on input received. Any clashes between rebar or other trade (like MEP services) can be identified through it and rectified in rebar drawings.

    2 rebar drawings with BBS sheet: A detail rebar shop drawing will be generating based on the basic input of rebar information with standard. An automated BBS sheet will also entitles used on Rebar-cad software.

    Only BBS sheet (excel and pdf format): BBS chart will be prepared by manual calculation in excel and pdf format.

    Value Engineering

    Value Engineering is an integral part of BIM and Virtual Design Engineering has got an expertise in this point. A few of the things are

    VDE highlights the design discrepancies. Reduced the number of unnecessary fittings (offsets, elbows etc.) Helps to resize ducts, thereby solving spacing issues. Foresees if all the elements/items/objects are accessible or not.

  • Virtual Design Engineering Consultants

    Clash Coordination

    The 3D BIM Models created by Virtual Design Engineering will be combined, coordinated and checked for interference and conflicts.

    Detailed clash reports will be generated on a regular basis and submitted to the client with proposed solutions. The model(s) will be

    Updated as suggested by the client to resolve the clashes. This process will continue until a clash free coordinated model is achieved.

    The software used will be Autodesk Navis work Manage.

    4D Simulation The Sequence/schedule provided by the client will be linked to the Clash Free Coordinated Architectural and Structural BIM Model.

    A real time simulation of the construction sequence will be shown in an animation video format. The software used will be

    3D Max/Navis works. Progress review support: During the entire duration of the project, the planned vs. actual construction schedule

    will be compared and shown. When the project plan is established in Visual Simulation, users can vis