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How to download a video form youtube.

Is there a video resource on the internet, eg YouTube, that you are going to want to use again and again??? If so you might want to download it and save to your laptop. ** Because . . .

The Internet may not be working during your lesson. The video website, such as Vimeo, may be blocked in school. The website, eg YouTube, may not be working. The hyperlink to the video does not work, eg the video has been moved, renamed or deleted. The video keeps on buffering. You have to watch annoying adverts before the video will play. Links to inappropriate videos may be shown on the YouTube page. Vimeo Metacafe

Other video websites are available.

** If the file is very large its better NOT to store on your Z Drive. See Annex 1 at the end of this presentation for further information.There are many free websites and programs that let you download videos {or just audio} from tinterweb.Run this PowerPoint and click on one of the links below.

Above: Link to clipnabber, may well be blocked by LCC, but will work at home.

Above: If you are working in school, this above link to clipnabber avoids the LCC block.Copy and paste the URL * from address bar of the Video website and paste into the URL box on the clipnabber screen and then click nab.See the next slide for an example using YouTube.* uniform resource locator

Example of a URL copied from the YouTube address bar.

Tick the accept box and click Run.

Your downloaded video files{s} will be stored in your downloads folder. For eg, see below.

Here you can rename them and / or copy to a folder on your desktop. See Annex 1 for more information re: video {v} drive.

You could also use Windows Movie Maker to edit the video{s}, but thats not covered in this presentation.

Annex 1 . Storing Videos on the {V} Drive.The Link station is set as read only.

Put your videos in the Y: Drive and ask ICT Support to move them to the v: drive for you. Specify Destination folder.

As you know, its important that you do not save very large files, such as videos to your Z drive, as videos take up too much space and your laptop would take much much longer to synchronise.

You could keep a back up of your videos on your desktop, as your desk top is not synchronised. Also this way your videos will always run, without buffering, especially important / relevant for high resolution / definition videos.

Annex 2.

Click on the hyper-link below to run the Fairy-tale of New York by Kirsty McColl * & the Pogues.

This video was downloaded from Youtube, so it will run from the V drive, {see annex 1} as opposed to from internet.

You could even use Windows Media Player and make a playlist of your favourite Christmas Music videos to play when you are offline.

V:\technology\xmas music videos\The_Pogues__Kirsty_McColl_Fairytale_Of_New_York.avi

* Christmas starts when Kirsty sings.

Now that the Webshots website has closed and Window 7 does not have a screensaver / desktop changer , you could use the program on the link below to liven up your desktop. Happy Xmas

The End

Press escape to cancel re-start.

A PmW Production. December 2012