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VIBRATOR MUSEUMThese pictures are of vibrators of old. Researching these has been amazing! Toys really have been around sinceforever!!

Steel hand crank vibrator dating to early 1900s. Missing is a rubber ball that would be placed in the cup. Made from J.E. Garratt, New York. Can you imagine?!

1900s vibrator with attachments, in a wooden box. Advertised as a pleasure vibration device.

1900s vibrator with a felt-lined wooden casecheck out the power plug!

1900s Premier vibrator in a felt-lined wooden case with attachments. Did these toys plug into light sockets??

Standard Electric Company, dated 1902, with a power cord to plug into some sort of power supply. Looks like jumper cables!

Star Electric Vibrator from Fitzgerald Manufacturing Company, dated 1920s.

1920s vibrator from Fitzgerald Manufacturing Company.

1920s Star Electric Vibrator from Fitzgerald Manufacturing Company, with attachments and instructions!

1920s Polar Cub vibrators with attachments. Check out the flapper on the cover!

Hamilton Beach Vibrator dated 1927 with attachments

Kwik-Way 1930s electric vibrator

Hand strap Stim-U-Lax vibrator, dated from around 1933-1940. These types of vibrators would strap to your hand.

Drake Vibrator with attachments, purple satin lined box, dated from 1940s.

1940s STAR-Rite Electric Vibrator with attachments from the Fitzgerald Manufacturing Company in Torrington, CT. The instructions sheet that claims to treat such medical ailments as: Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Nervousness, Indigestion, Constipation, Headache, Insomnia, Obesity, Complexion, Double Chin, Wrinkles, Crows Feet, Development of Chest, Reducing Hips, and Sore Muscles.

4 in 1 WAHL vibrator with 4 attachments. Dated 1950s

1950s Eskimo brand vibrator. Box states "A powerful vibrator used wherever massage is desired. Used by athletic coaches and trainers and by beauty operators."

1950s Andis Vibrator with 6 attachments, advertised for massaging, circulation and stimulation on scalp, face, body and feet.

Wahl Body Massager / Vibrator, dating from 1957, Wahl Manufacturing Company, Toronto, Canada. This is another hand strap vibrator.

1950s advertisement in a Womens Magazine

1950s Handy Hannah with original box and attachments.

1960s vibrator with 3 attachments

1960s Oster vibrator with 4 attachments. "Two Speeds Low intensity for scalp and facial, High intensity for body massage."

1960 Magic Fingers Bed Massager. This was placed in the middle of the box spring to make the bed vibrate!

1960s Niagra Cyclo-Massage vibrator with attachments with speeds from 0-100! Shaped like todays silver bullets!

1960s Massage-O-Matic electric vibrating chin/neck massager with 2 speeds and heat, made by Songrand Corp. in Kansas City, MO.

1970s Sears Vibra-Heat Model Vibrator with 6 attachments, featuring an on/off and heat switch!

1970s Vibro battery massager/vibrator with 3 attachments for face, scalp and body. Uses 2 C batteries.


8 natural jade antique sex toy dated from around 1700.

19th century handcrafted ivory Chinese sculptures. Each man and woman are individual sculptures that you can separate ~ the y are not stuck together so you can animate movements.

Antique Chinese Jewelry Box. Whats so special about these? Well, in China looooong ago their pornography was cleverly hidden in typical items around the house. Open this delicate jewelry box and you will find (next pageI have enlarged the pictures so you can see the details)

Under the cover. (I enlarged this picture to enhance the artwork.)

Under the base. (I enlarged this picture to enhance the artwork.)