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Supporting material for our publication: Verge.

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  • Verge.Media Pack

  • Verge..MagazineThank you for checking out Verge: a new magazine cel-ebrating the very best emerging talent in the music and film industry.

    Designed for curious minds, Verge has a fresh approach to looking at new music and film; presenting playful playlists, and must-see movies alongside in-depth, in-formed editorial, that engages readers without over-whelming them with industry jargon.

    We utilise social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook to find the topics people are talking about and see what excites our readers. Then we seek out new artists, album releases, short films, events and unknown directors to review and profile in our monthly print magazine. Great ed-itorial is supplemented with beautiful photography and illustrations pro-duced by our editorial team and freelancers.

    Verge is designed to look fresh and modern, with content that is succinct and to the point; we know our readers have busy lives so we present our content in easily ac-cessible, concise articles. Consider it an entertain-ing resource of all things excellent and (as of yet) unheard - though you might well find the next big thing among our pages.

    Join the fun:

  • Reader demographic

    Verge readers are UK based (at present, Verge is only distributed in the United King-dom) male and females aged 18-26. As youll see from our distribution figures, most read-ers are city centric and ABC1. Our readers are curious, and keen to keep up with new developments in music and film, usually being the first to introduce their peers to exciting new material. Verge equips them with everything they need to stay informed and ahead of the game, fre-quently presenting them with artists and ideas they may not be aware of. Theyre creative and appreciative of minimalist, modern design and quality im-agery and the design of Verge reflects that. Most are city based, young professionals or students with a busy lifestyle. They want something light hearted to engage with on the go, which Verge provides with its easily digestible content. We also offer them the opportunity to engage with us via social me-dia and we have a steadily growing commu-nity on Facebook and Twitter. While their disposable income is rel-atively small theyre consumers of an abun-dance of music and film material, (including DVDs, CDs, online downloads, MP3 and Ap-ple products) as well as regular attendees of the cinema, gigs and club nights. This makes Verge the perfect place to advertise an array of film and music products, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, or check out our rates in the media pack.

    Readership:Male: 60% : Female: 40%

  • UKDistribution

    The map shows the key cities nationwide that Verge is distributed in. We are keen to extend this over the coming years and have ambitious plans to distribute in a new city with the launch of each new issue, before encompassing large towns. We want Verge to be accessible for everyone and offer a subscription which is delivered direct, with a subscribers cover, each month at a competitive price.

    Our key stockists include:WH SmithWaterstonesUrban OutfittersPicture House (16 nationwide)SainsburysTrain Station Newsstands across Lon-don, Manchester, EdinburghBarbicanElectric CinemaEveryman Cinema (6 nationwide)

    Distribution: 16 000Net Circulation: 30 000

    Sale Price: 4Subscription Price (12 issues): 36(three free issues)

  • Schedule and Mechanicals

    Verge. is on sale the first Friday of each month and we ask that any copy is submitted at least three weeks prior to this.

    (Please note the earlier submission date for the January 2014 issue).

    Please contact us directly to obtain a style guide, which all submitted copy must adhere to. Please provide a CD or email all creative content you wish to be featured in the magazine by the dates specified below.

    Want to contribute or advertise in Verge? Issue #2June 2013Copy deadline: 24//05/13 On sale: 07/06/13

    Issue #3 - Summer Special (bumper issue)July 2013Copy deadline: 21/06/13On sale: 05/07/13

    Issue #4August 2013Copy deadline: 19/07/13On sale: 02/08/13

    Issue #5September 2013Copy deadline: 23/09/13On sale: 06/09/13Issue #6October 2013Copy deadline: 20/09/13On sale: 04/10/13

    Issue #7November 2013Copy deadline: 18/10/13On sale: 1/11/13

    Issue #8December 2013Copy deadline: 06/12/13On sale: 22/11/13

    Issue #9 - NY Special (bumper issue)January 2014Copy deadline: 13/01/13On sale: 03/01/14(retailing at a promotional discounted rate)

    Files must be supplied as Hi-res PDFs or TIFFs.

  • Social MediaFollowing us on Twitter and Facebook is a must for anyone with a penchant for discovering the newest

    and the best in music and film.

  • We use social media to attract new readers and keep our established followers interested. The pages have become a com-munity where like-minded people can share ideas, which helps us understand what our readers want to see in Verge. We also use it as a means of promoting new material, so if youre a musician, artist, actor or producer, get in touch as we are always scouting out new talent.


  • If you want to pop in and chat, our offices are based on Carlton Road, Southampton. Alternately, email us at:

    Tel: 02380 241813

    EditorsAndrew Haywood, Emily Black, Rachel Kennedy

    Verge MagazinePrinted by Mixam

    01923 693 747

    Distributed by Comag01895 433600