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Venus Project. Brief Description. What It Do. What. Where. Single stations Internet Gates Special Devices Web servers Separate Security Servers. Monitor Log Analyze Block Narrow Report Search. “At Once” structure. Architecture. Sensors for gathering data - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Venus ProjectBrief Description

What It DoWhatMonitorLogAnalyzeBlockNarrowReportSearch

WhereSingle stationsInternet GatesSpecial DevicesWeb serversSeparate Security Servers

At Once structure

ArchitectureSensors for gathering data Agents for traffic control (narrowing or blocking)Core Server (Venus Server) (Analysis, Log Storing, Report Builder, Control Modules, AI)

Example 1. Spam narrowing

FunctionsDistributed Intrusion Detection System (dIDP)Distributed Intrusion Prevention SystemDistributed User Network Activity MonitorDistributed Traffic ControlDistributed Firewall

What we will use ?We plan to use open source software

What we want to achieveMost comprehensive threat detection by using distributed systemSuper speed enquiry and response. (We want to identify and lock attacker, before it harm and that should be done really fast)Clever Approach to detectionBroaden detection approach and include piracy, illegal matter, piracy, etc.