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Velo Mag #3

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Photography magazine by Marcos Rodríguez Velo

Text of Velo Mag #3

  • VELO MAGthe peaks of warsaw

    issue #3

  • I. The Peaks of Warsaw

  • Architecture is frozen music. Arthur Schopenhauer

    It has probably happened to every one of us in our lives, to get lost in an unknown city, or even in our hometown.In those moments we get nervous, spinning around, looking for a point of reference that helps us reveal our position. And its then when we see that tall building, standing above all the others, like it was put there on purpose to help the distracted wanderers.A good city always has a building like this. Theres one in Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science. And I must admit that it has helped me to get home

    in some ocassions.But the Palace is not unique. Warsaw is not a city that has grown in height, and thats why, if you look up, you can find here and there many of these referring points that help us not to get lost.This issue of Velo Mag focuses on the urban beacons of Warsaw. They are mostly churches, but you will find also palaces, chimneys, and some other modern guest. Of course, in Warsaw you will find many more, but the ones photographed in here are the ones that helped me the most.

  • The Peaks of Warsaw

  • All photos and text by: Marcos Rodrguez Velo More @