VBS: ThE hEArT of GoD - Clover VBS: ThE hEArT of GoD ADUlT ClASSES 7:00 - 9:00 pm mIDDlE SChool ClASS

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Text of VBS: ThE hEArT of GoD - Clover VBS: ThE hEArT of GoD ADUlT ClASSES 7:00 - 9:00 pm mIDDlE SChool...


    “The Visitor” (USPS 961-400) is published weekly, except Christmas,

    Thanksgiving, New Years, Spring Break week & 4th of July by the Church

    of Christ, 801 S. Bryant, Edmond, OK 73034. Periodicals postage paid

    at Edmond, Oklahoma 73034. POSTMASTER: send address changes to

    “The Visitor”, 801 S. Bryant Ave., Edmond, OK 73034.

    SUNDAY EVENING: July 15, 2012

    Watch SEARCH each Sunday on: KSBI-TV Channel 52 Oklahoma City 7:30 am

    July 15 “Sin Destroys A People”

    VBS: ThE hEArT of GoD ADUlT ClASSES 7:00 - 9:00 pm

    mIDDlE SChool ClASS in room 220.

    ADUlT ClASS in chapel after the drama presentation. SUNDAY: “Listening to the Voice of God” TEAChEr: Brent Keck SoNG lEADEr: Matt Batchelder

    moNDAY: “Seeking the Glory of God as a Child of God” TEAChEr: Cedric Hawley SoNG lEADEr: Dan Sorrells

    TUESDAY: “Living the Family of God as Husband and Father” TEAChEr: Paul Howard SoNG lEADEr: David Burch

    WEDNESDAY: “Following the Lead of God as a Leader” TEAChEr: Neil Ferguson SoNG lEADEr: Keith Harper

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    Sunday BIBLE SCHOOL 9:30 am WORSHIp 8:15 am & 10:40 am, 5 pm

    TuESday LaDIES CLaSS (Sept.-May) 9:30 am

    WEdnESday MID-WEEk CLaSSES 5 & 7 pm

    FOREIGN MISSIONaRIES Jose Guido nicaragua dave & debbie Hogan Singapore Reuben & Maureen Kapaale Zambia Juan Pablo & Fatima Perez nicaragua Gabriel & Cruz Rivera nicaragua Roger & diane Saumur Montreal ubaldo Camacho Mexico

    LOCaL MISSIONaRIES Humberto & Irene Hernandez Mcallen, TX John & Jill Schadegg Logan, uT Mack Lyon Search Phil Sanders Search Tony Sepulveda Spanish Ministry

    MINISTRY STaFF Evan Burkett Brenda Gordon Rob Long alan Martin Kevin Rayner

    Kent Risley Jeremy Robertson Randy Roper Kelly Tomasi

    ELDERS Richard Blankenship Louis Boyce Mark Coleman Ron Goodnight Sylvan Gordon Lyle Kelsey dale Lollar Jack Lowry

    dave Miller Larry Miller dean niles Lendon Shotts Bob Smith John Trotter Bob Whiddon Jeff Whitehead


    “David: Little People Doing Big Things for God” is the theme for the 2012 Vacation Bible School. Tonight at 7:00 p.m. the drama begins the story of David. Preschool classes, Marketplace experience, and adult classes will begin at 7:30.

    Children 3 years old (by July 8th) to 5 years old (have not attended Kindergarten) will stay with their parents during the drama and then will be checked in at the Activities Center for snacks, Bible stories, and crafts. Some of the exciting things they will make are a tool belt, harps, crowns, sheep, and a Goliath. (Please be safe crossing the street to the Activities Center.)

    Children that have just finished Kindergarten through 5th grade will be meeting first in the auditorium. Then, they will go with tribal leaders to Angel Park. There, they will have the opportunity to make jewelry, taste different foods, hear a harp, and have many other Marketplace experiences.

    Each night begins with an amazing drama about David. Then the children are dismissed to their groups to experience hands-on projects during the time of David. The adults also have the chance to hear four great speakers in the chapel.

    This is a great opportunity to invite our community and their children to experience a Bible times marketplace and learn about our Almighty Father.

    If you have not registered your child, you will need to register tonight before the drama in the fellowship hall.

    Am Worship Total 1109 pm Worship 543 Bible School 895 Preschool 83 Grades K-6 106 Grades 7-12 95 College 25 Pathfinders 28 LIGHT 12 YMCA 34 Sojourners 31 Young Families 57 Transformers 61 Sowers 33

    VIP 87 Upwards 44 Primetime 65 39ers 47 Community 30 Builders 23 In Depth Bible Study 14 Spanish 20

    mINISTrY plAN rEporT Weekly Plan $35,513.00 Offering $33.259.79

    ATTENDANCE rEporT: July 8, 2012


  • edmondchurchofChr is t THE VISITOR

    (405) 341-3353 July 15, 2012Volume 50, No. 26

    Little people doing

    BIG things for God.

    7-9 PM Each EvEning 3 yEars through 5th gradE

    if you havE not coMPlEtEd onlinE rEgistration, PlEasE go to thE fEllowshiP hall

    to rEgistEr by 7 PM. t-shirts will bE on salE in thE foyEr.

    Kids shirts arE $7, and adult shirts arE $10.

    VBS 2012 July 15-18



    lArrY mIllEr will be in the library Wednesday for anyone with spiritual concerns. fooD pANTrY ITEmS: pancake mix & syrup, cereal, complete meals, canned ravioli moNDAY for ThE mASTEr will take a break until the fall. JUlY NUrSErY WorkErS: VIP ITEmS NEEDED for ChIlDrEN’S mINISTrY: solid or striped sheets (new or gently used). rEmINDEr that there are no pets allowed in the VBS Marketplace. lIGhT BUlB ChANGEr polES have been borrowed and need to be returned. WomEN’S mINISTrY: Ladies Workshop September 28-29 “Reflecting God through...” BABY BoY ShoWEr for Lindsey Sayre on July 22 from 2-4 pm in the parlor. She is registered at Amazon.com and Babies r Us. 50Th ANNIVErSArY CElEBrATIoN for Wayne & rosa Manhalter on July 22 at 2 pm in the Bible hour room. NEWBorN mINISTrY has been moved to July 22 in the parlor. VolUNTEErS NEEDED for VBS drama make-up. Contact Stephanie Howell if you are interested. 50Th ANNIVErSArY CElEBrATIoN for Paul and Jeanette Eubanks today from 2-4 pm at the Fire Union Hall on 157 NW 6th St. BABY GIrl ShoWEr for Laura Turman on July 21 at 2 pm at the home of Jamie Fraser. She is registered at Babies r Us.


    plACING mEmBErShIp

    ToNY & lACI pErEz (BETSY)

    2005 Hasley Dr. OKC, OK 73120 (405) 833-3076

    lANEETA mAloNE 304 Cedar Crest

    Edmond, OK 73003 (405) 348-2464

    rEGINA DEEDS 2200 Whispering

    Creek, Edmond, OK 73013

    hoSpITAlIzED BrADforD VIllAGE: James Wallace mErCY hEArT hoSpITAl: Beth Self SpECIAlTY: Athan Mayhugh CoNTINUED prAYErS Priscilla Alley, Valorie Noe, Brenda risley’s mother, Kathy Smith, Linda McAdams, Karen Driskill’s sister, David Jones, Montana Pickens, John Bridwell, Connie Mashburn, Stephanie Howell’s father, John & Mary Harris, Mary Lou Daniel, Stacy Slaton, Joruth Fuller, Jesse & Shannon DeGeare, Alex Young, randy Williams, Julie White’s mother, Barbara Sipes, Lorrie renfro, Clara Mae Bryan, Jason Smith’s grandfather, Jennifer Kessler, Judson Copeland’s father, Mary Land, Myra McCloud, Frances King, Jack & Carole Whitehead, Jerry Scott, Joan renfro, Dusty Austin, Danny Gonzales, Susan Hufstedler’s cousin, Vera Blackburn’s brother, Mary Lou Gonzales, raymon Huston, Olivia Woods. ThoSE IN ThE mIlITArY Chris Gehri, Doug Dedon, Joe Sanders, Elaine Noe, Casey Woods, Bradley Martin, Jonathan Ball, Andrew Krebs, Cassie Essary, Glen Lollar SYmpAThY IS ExTENDED To DAVID DUNCAN AND hIS fAmIlY in the loss of his mother. roN & mArIlYN NorrIS in the loss of their son, Kent. SUzANNE hIll AND hEr fAmIlY in the loss of her father. CoNGrATUlATIoNS to Traci King and David Griggs who were married July 14.


    DANIEl EllISrYlEIGh Cho



    ChIlDrEN’S mINISTrY JUlY 22: Kindergarten Graduation in the fellowship hall. YoUTh mINISTrY JUlY 16: Middle School Monday JUlY 20-27: Poncha Springs Mission Trip

    SENIor mINISTrY AUG 2: Ponca City Day Trip from 8 am-5:30 pm

    Evan Stagner 15 Emma Stagner 15 Wyatt Hood 15 Drew Laxton 15 ron Powell 15 Kara Shough 15 Zachary Cutshall 15 Ashley Gonzalez 16 Barbara Goodnight 16 Nash Manhalter 16 Martin Abela 16 Donna Gleason 16 Jim Elkins 17 Michelle Cecil 17 Michelle Mallett 18 Blaine Allenbach 18

    Tim Smith 18 Jim Hardin 18 Lexi Lane 19 Mary Smith 19 Bert Hernandez 19 Noah Powers 19 Brett Hawley 20 Judson Copeland 20 Jessica Hartman 20 Meagan Bobo 20 Daniel Garcia 21 Tom Draper 21 Cohen Copeland 21 Kale Johnson 21 Allen Wiederstein 21

    BIrThDAYS Bob & Judy Andreas 15 Kevin & Katie rayner 16 Eric & Lauren Boggs 16 Patrick & Daniella rayner 16 Eric & Cady Jackson 16 Dub & Barbara Erwin 17 Joe & Denise Sullivan 17 Larry & Charlene Miller 17 raymon & Melissa Huston 18



    8Am-NooN A day of service to spruce things up in your Bible class and around the building.

    sunday Morning sErMon sEriEs JunE 24-august 26

    Practical inSightS for how to liVe the life of JeSuS

    sEr Mo

    n o n t

    hE Mo

    un t MatthEw 5-7

    OU Family Night

    Friday, july 27 tickets are limited sign up on Brenda’s door

    free 7:05 PM

    red hawks



    A QUIET PLACE is available in the chapel during the second morning and evening services for anyone who

    needs a quiet place to worship.

    AttendAnce cARdS: Please take a minute to fill out an attendance card: white card for members and green card for visitors.

    SUNDAY morNING: July 15, 2012

    SErmoN “lUST, lIES, AND loVE”

    matthew 5:27-30

    fIrST SErVI